Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sunspot Genesis. Solar Flare Forecast.

SUNSPOT GENESIS: The solar disk is peppered with sunspots and at least three of them are crackling with C-class solar flares. Make that four. A new sunspot, AR1465, has just broken through the stellar surface to join the action. Cai-Uso Wohler photographed the emergence from his backyard observatory in Bispingen, Germany:
NOAA forecasters estimate a 30% chance of an M-class flare during the next 24 hours. As the youngest and least stable of the sunspots, AR1465 is the most likely source. Stay tuned for solar activity. Solar flare alerts: textvoice.
more images: from the Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project of Washington, DC;from Jim Werle of Henderson, Nevada; from Alan Friedman of Buffalo, NY; from Jett Aguilar of Quezon City, Philippines

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