Tuesday, April 17, 2012

M.S., Parkinson's, or Simply Lyme Disease?

Have you been experiencing symptoms of illness, knowing that something is wrong but the doctors cannot seem to find the answer and have begun looking at you as a psycho case?

The symptoms constantly change and migrate. They may begin as nagging nausea or swollen lymph nodes for long periods of time, but then you find that you're used to the doctors saying they can't find anything wrong and you get settled into your life again.

Of course, once your able to get along with the nausea and swollen lymph nodes (or whatever symptoms you begin with), along come migraines, unbelievable fatigue, stiff joints, loss of memory, speech impairment, tremor, and seizures. This becomes the process of your life...if you can call it living.

This is exactly what I've experienced over the past (at least) 8 years, although they say I most likely have had Lyme for up to 20 years. During my series of ill years I experienced five bouts of mono, was misdiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, told I had Lymphoma, misdiagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, experienced depression, anxiety, misdiagnosed with plausible Multiple Sclerosis, and more.

I wouldn't take PLAUSIBLE as the diagnosis.

What was the final diagnosis?

Through a string of events, including physical, mental and spiritual, I was able to visit a doctor who ran some tests (ELISA and the Western Blot) that showed positive for Lyme Disease.

Why didn't I get tested for Lyme Disease earlier in this series of illnesses? Well, on a follow-up with one of my other physicians, I found that he actually tested me with the ELISA test and it came back negative, which is very common as testing for Lyme is not completely accurate.

Click Here For Statistics By The CDC
note:  The CDC acknowledges that their statistics are not necessarily accurate.  In fact, the numbers from independent sources tell us that Lyme disease numbers are higher than AIDS.

Based on where I live, the doctors were not likely to test me. However, when I look at those statistics and look at my resulting diagnosis, I take other statistics into perspective, which make me exclaim about why there is not an alert for doctors to perform the simple blood test for Lyme Disease.

Take, for example, the fact that Lyme Disease mimics symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

MS World Map Link

"Multiple sclerosis (ms) is the most common, disabling, neurological condition, to affect young adults in the world today."

If you have a patient who you suspect has MS and have prescribed a lumbar puncture that does not come back as positive for anything abnormal, even with brain lesions (which can occur with Lyme Disease), wouldn't you test the patient for Lyme Disease before stating that they must have PLAUSIBLE MS and prescribing injections that may cost them thousands of dollars per month (not to mention lasting side-effects)?

What about Alzheimer's? Tremor and memory problems along with similar symptoms that may cause a doctor to diagnose someone with Alzheimer's can occur with Chronic Lyme Disease (being infected with Lyme Disease for a length of time).

Alzheimer's Site Link

"Every 72 seconds someone in America develops Alzheimer’s"

Parkinson's Disease is the same as the above diseases. This is a disease that is very hard to diagnose and there is actually not a very firm procedure of diagnoses. Wouldn't doctors be wise to perform a simple blood test to verify that the symptoms are not Lyme Disease?

Parkinson's Disease Link

"How is Parkinson disease diagnosed?
The process of making a Parkinson disease diagnosis can be difficult. There is no X-ray or blood test that can confirm Parkinson disease. A physician arrives at the diagnosis only after a thorough examination. Blood tests and brain scans known as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may be performed to rule out other conditions that have similar symptoms. People suspected of having Parkinson disease should consider seeking the care of a neurologist who specializes in Parkinson disease."

Fibromyalgia is another mysterious diagnosis, and a growing number of people are being diagnosed and treated with medication on a daily basis.

Fibromylagia Statistics Link

"Prevalence Rate (Fibromyalgia): approx 1 in 73 or 1.36% or 3.7 million people in USA"

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is another mysterious illness, yet I found a quote regarding Lyme Disease under "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" on the following link.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Link

"Lyme disease and related tick-borne infections. Lyme disease does not always present acutely with a rash, and less than half of sufferers recall a tick bite (the nymphal deer tick is the size of a poppy seed, and secretes an anesthetic to prevent the host from feeling its bite). Furthermore, the characteristic joint pain is not always present. For these reasons Lyme can be difficult to diagnose, particularly in its later stages, at which point symptoms are virtually identical to those of CFS.[118] The accuracy of blood tests for Lyme remains highly controversial, especially since they depend on an effective immune system response, which many researchers believe is compromised by the disease. As a result, some clinicians believe Lyme is under-diagnosed."

If you know anyone with symptoms as I have listed above, please have them tested for Lyme Disease. Finding you have Lyme disease can relieve a lot of stress from yourself (a loved one) and your family. The treatments may take time to work, however, just think of the consequences of continuing down the road of a diagnoses of Parkinson's or Alzheimer's instead of a simple diagnoses with an actual treatment and hope for the future.

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Anonymous said...

It's amazing reading this article, because this exact same series of events happened to both myself and my brother. Though we both love in Australia where we were told that Lyme Disease doesn't exist. This began back in 1992 when my brother fell ill first, and then me a year later. It took 8 years before we were on the road to recovery after our diagnosis.

We were both diagnosed and tested for everything but Lyme Disease, and eventually told we had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Knowing something else was up, we did our own research and pushed our doctor for the LD test for the final 2 years of being sick before he finally relented. When it came back positive, he was very red-faced indeed.

nypedro said...

I am currently suffering of a long bought of Lyme from age 13 til 29(now). I have had most of these symptoms described above MINUS the rash. Many doctors dismiss patients if a rash does not present itself. The Lyme has now affected my central nervous system, causing moderate epilepsy at the age of 21, with tremors acompanying it, and memory issues.

I am unable to work, to much strain & fatigue causes convulsions. As i write this,I am no longer able to support myself, and am prepairing to move back in with my parents. Some people dismiss this as a simple infection, yet there is little research being done

Unknown said...

I eagerly await your post about testing for lyme. I believe that the standard tests offered today may be inaccurate. That being said, if you are someone who thinks they have lyme, but test negative, then you have an undiagnosed food intolerance. Another condition that is also *never* diagnosed by a doctor. The symptoms are very similar to lyme, as they both directly affect the immune system. Also, it is statistically more likely that you will have a food inolerance.

Our medical profession is letting us down in a *huge* way concerning these disorders.

Tuur Demeester said...

Read this book and learn to conquer (heal, eliminate) chronic dis-eases:

This diet completely changed my health! I was always very sceptical towards alternative health approaches, now regret I haven't been more proactive in searching well-researched, solid explenations for our welfare illnesses.

If you're sceptic too, just give it a try and look at the results one month later! You can always go back to how the things are now (but my bet is ... :-)

greetings from Belgium

Anonymous said...

This is what i have been researching for the past month or so. Lyme is such a sneaky disease. Some people may even have it and not know. Some people get sent home by the the Dr. and are told to stop worrying. It is the most frustrating illness. There are many alternative protocols that are supposed to work compared to the standard antibiotic treatment if you can eventually get it. I have some links and videos with a lot of useful info on my site about this disease.

nypedro said...

Hey Phill !

I am wondering what food intolerance has to do with testing negative, are you pushing a holistic approach/explanation/opinion/treatment?

I have worked with Chinese medicine in conjunction with 'regular' medicine, and it has worked well. I just need to work on my diet a lot. A candida infection has destroyed my nails that are falling off.

I am the 'celtic myth' guy fr above.

CallCreative said...

To Celtic Myth...

Have you tested low on Vitamin D? Vitamin D will do wonders for rebuilding your nails and damaged hair and is something that is a major issue with those of us who have Lyme Disease, as well as most Americans because they don't get enough sun light.

nypedro said...

ok I'm now NYPEDRO, I don't know where Celtic myth came from but I changed my nickname.

I have been thinking about vitamin D. I just recently caught a glimpse of an interview with Dr. Andrew Wyle (spelling?), and he was talking about his 20 or 30 years of taughting vitamin C, and is no longer recommending it, saying that he finds vitamin D far more effective. I guess he decided to move up the alphabet!

Anitra Freeman said...

Thank you for making positive use of your terrible experience, to help others. Write On!

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JasonMChicago said...

I agree 100% with your article. There seems to be too many unknown (no cause, no cure, no treatment) disease like MS, Firbo, CFS, ALS, etc. I believe nearly ALL OF THESE are Lyme. I would say 95-100% of these are really Lyme. A little muscle pain can be described as Fibro - okay. BUT if you have muscle pain, joint pain, anxiety, sleep problems, etc. then you have LYME. My symptoms were varied but eventually it was EVERYTHING! Muscle, joint, anxiety, sleep, nerve, it was crazy. I literally thought I was going crazy. I got a diagnosis 1.5 years into and I've been treating it and have gotten some results :) First thing to go away was the anxiety... which let me think straight to make good decisions on next treatments etc. Muscle/Joint issues still there. Sleep's gotten a lot better.

Katie said...

I have been sick since July 2005, lost a great paying job, lost a house, went homeless for 4 months with my family. Have had on-going migraines since 2005, had numerous MRI's, spinal taps, and physical therapy sessions, been on meds for MS and numerous meds for migraines. Now my new doc tested me for Lyme disease and it came back inconclusive so instead of testing me again due to cost he decided to treat me with antibiotics for 2 weeks and thinks all my problems for the last 7 years will be gone in 2 weeks. I am soooo skeptical. I have never been bitten by a tick, never been out to be bitten by a tick back in 2005. Why not test again instead of putting me on antibiotics that could be unnecessary plus the side effects of it are awful and cause headaches too. The physical therapist I saw in 2005 and 2006 seemed to think I would eventually be diagnosed with MS, due to her work with other people over the years, she said it is hard sometimes to pinpoint the disease for years.
Has anyone else had these issues?

charlieoliver said...

The process of making a Parkinson disease diagnosis can be difficult. Lyme disease is an infection that is spread by ticks.These are very nice information explain about the Parkinson disease and Lyme disease.

Lyme disease

Anonymous said...

I was recently tested for Lyme's & my first test (EIA) came back positive, but my second test (western blot) came back negative. Should I be worried or get a second opinion? I have all the symptoms, so something has to be going on with me. I'm just not sure what steps I need to take next?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting thing your blog. I know I had Lyme in november 2010. Different problems for some months, only thing left, either because of Lyme or because of the antibiotic, only sure problem now is some ringing in my ears. Not too hard to live with.
I just read today that US scientists probably soon have a test ready: it will be possible for a machine listening to your voice to tell whether you have a beginning Parkinson or not... I have had the feeling lately: some difference while talking, sore throat. Do you have a email address so that I could write to you? I did find the English text so here it is:
Best regards
PS new book in French by Judith Albertat "maladie de Lyme..." VERY interesting

CallCreative said...

Thank you for your response. You are welcome to interact on my Facebook page for Lyme at

Looking forward to more interactions!


Leona said...

I found a great deal of helpful info here!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Sounds like we have a lot in common. Feel free to consider the treatment of my son at Ours too is an unfolding story, but one I hope we have turned the corner on. Would love to have you comment on your treatment and whether you think it is effective or not.My son is on three different antibiotics in order to kill the different forms of Borrelia burgdorferi. I believe he has been misdiagnosed as having bipolar disorder.