Thursday, May 19, 2011

BREAKING: Comet Elenin Coming Early. Rapture On May 21, 2011

There is breaking news that Comet Elenin has an earlier expected arrival date than last reported.  Of course, this will be no surprise to those who are awaiting the Rapture. 

Comet Elenin, once thought to be coming close to the planet this Fall, has actually picked up speed and is now making a swing close to Earth on Saturday, May 21, 2011 at 16:00 hours.  Is this just a coincidence? 

The Rapture is to be here on the same day and time as the comet.  So, there must be a connection.

My sources tell me that the connection is real.  It is as real as the Rapture on May 21st, 2011.  

There have been numerous rumors that behind Comet Elenin are a fleet of UFOs that have been traveling a long distance to get to Earth.  Why travel behind the Comet?  You may think that it is to hide their existence.  But, my sources say that it is likely that "they" are using Comet Elenin to pull their space vehicles at a faster pace while using less fuel, much like the car behind the big rig on the highway.  They are using the Comet to get here in time for the Rapture.

You may ask why the UFOs are trying to get here in time for the Rapture.  The answer is that, in 1945 a messenger UFO was sent to Earth for one of their leaders to speak with the leaders on Earth about timing for "taking" certain choice members of Earth to a new land (planet) to procreate and to develop this new land, this new planet to inter-bread with their kind (who are not unlike our kind) to strengthen them as a last hope for the human race and their race to continue.  

Since that time, my sources tell me that discoveries have been made that show proof that in October of 2011 our Earth will experience an implosion, getting sucked into a black hole and that the "Rapture" is a way of saving those people who "believe" to be part of a larger role in the Universe.  

These choice people who have this strong belief in the Rapture have been conditioned by the government through certain waves and frequencies from a device that my sources are not able to disclose.  They are the chosen few of the Earth who have been waiting the change, although it is not quite the change they think they have been waiting for.  How they will take the news when they are "abducted" by these UFOs on Saturday is probably nothing we will ever really know.

What can we expect as the remaining humans on Earth?  Life will go on as usual.  Most will not even ever know that this "Rapture" took place.  The end?  Well, the implosion is said to be so fast that Earthlings will not even know it happened. 

As far as those of you who have been chosen for the "Rapture", good luck and thank you for your leadership in continuing our human race.  

Story: By Natasha Call
BTW-I am getting a lot of people on Twitter asking me if this is serious and if I am a nut job...those kinda things.  Read it again and then ask yourself if I am serious.  Really?


Anonymous said...

LOL! This is hilarious comedy! Love the last part, no one will know the rapture convenient which made a cool dig at conspiracy sites!

Anonymous said...

LOL! This is hilarious comedy! Love the last part, no one will know the rapture convenient which made a cool dig at conspiracy sites!

Natasha Call said...

Thanks! The funny thing is that I have people on Twitter asking me if I am serious and how I know this information so I had to add a disclaimer at the bottom of the post. HELLO!!!! Wow! What a world we live in!