Thursday, January 6, 2011

Java Sinking

Many evidences that Indonesia is Crumbling and Sinking

READ FULL ARTICLE ON December 2010: Central Java. Hill in Purbalingga Collapsed.
29 December 2010: Central Java. Landslides in Banyumas, Banjarnegara, and Purbalingga.
29 December 2010: Central Java. Cave Maria, Banyu Urip Village of Tuntang, Semarang, collapsed.
29 December 2010: Central Java.A Dike of 32 metre long in Bedana Village of Kalibening, Banjarnegara collapsed.
29 December 2010: Jakarta. Pengapuran Raya Street, Tambora, West Jakarta was broken. The broken concrete slabs were due to heavy traffic, it was thought.
28 December 2010: Central Java. Cliff collapsed (50 m high) onto Main Northern Road(Pantura) from B….
28 December 2010: Central Java. Bumiayu-Brebes Ring Road was closed due to partly collapsed bridge (sinkhole underneath).
27 December 2010: West Java. The concrete body joining Balubur St. and Pasteur St. on Pasopati Flyover, Bandung, shifted, leaving a 10-cm gap. Rapid sinking has been happening all over Bandung.

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