Friday, January 14, 2011

Flooding in Sri Lanka, Death Toll Rising

Flooding Death Toll Still Rising In Sri Lanka
Nearly 30 have died in flooding and mudslides in Sri Lanka.
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COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (January 14, 2011)—Officials in Sri Lanka say four more people have died in floods and mudslides and 11 more have disappeared after days of heavy rain that has wreaked havoc on the island country, mainly in Eastern Province.
The Disaster Management Center said the new deaths, reported Friday, raised the total death toll to 27.
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The number of people reported missing stands at 12.
The floods and mudslides have affected more than a million people, including 363,000 who have been forced from their homes.
Concerns about the spread of disease, including typhoid, are also growing as the floods caused sewage lines to overflow.

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