Friday, November 6, 2015

Solar Flare - Significant Delays In Sweden Airports

In keeping with the topic of interest, a recent solar flare caused significant delay in Sweden airports STORY FOUND HERE

The Sun stripped away the atmosphere of Mars' atmosphere, causing catastrophic climate change. This happened because of solar wind being spewed from eruptions from Sun spots, much like what happens when we have solar flare eruptions that face Earth. MORE ON THIS STORY HERE

The graphic above is located HERE

NASA revealed beautiful 4K footage of the Sun shown below.

Coronal holes are very common and so are solar flares.  However, many solar flares don't get directed straight towards Earth.  If a large X-Class flare erupts from a Sun spot (Coronal Hole), shooting a coronal mass ejection (CME) straight towards Earth, air traffic can be disrupted, electrical grids can be damaged and beautiful aurora lights can be seen.  MORE ON CORONAL HOLES HERE

CLICK HERE for more on space weather.

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