Monday, August 13, 2012

Mind Control. It IS Real. Part Six.

Part six...

A real life Inception: Mind control is closer than you think

Sweden - A Swedish based bioengineering company has developed a new method for advertising: direct control. The company recently tested an electroencephalogram audio device that has proven beneficial for some local vendors.
The EEG based audio device was hidden outside of window shops in the Stockholm area. When in use, the benefited store boasted a 50% increase in purchases. The researchers found a stark contrast to turning the device off and a subsequent decrease in sales.
The findings were not isolated either, the same experiment was successfully repeated in other Stockholm stores. While the company will not give the exact details of the device, head researchers allowed some description of its methods. Dr. Halsten, the pioneer of the technology reports "We are essentially using an acclimating or evolving reverse-EEG. Audio signals are sent out from the device and subtly altered, much like basic radar technology. Once the altered signal is relayed, the device adjusts accordingly." Dr. Halsten says the relayed signal correlates with the subjects temporal lobe brain-wave frequencies at the time of the signal.
After doing so, a small adjustment in the devices frequency can freeze conscious brain activity for roughly a millisecond. "Its not much, but it's enough to place our message".
Dr. Halsten defers further details. "It's can be a dangerous tool, you could control armies with this device."
Dr. Halsten reports that he has already been contacted by Swedish officials and they have restricted any further use.
The researcher hopes to further develop the device possibly for humanitarian purposes.
"I would regret use of this device in the wrong hands; my greatest fear is to have an eventual Oppenheimer-like regret by inventing something that could destroy."

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