Monday, August 13, 2012

Mind Control. It IS Real. Part One.

Since the shootings in that Colorado theater and the temple in Wisconsin I have been doing a lot of research on mind control. In this post I will let you know some of the ways people get caught in the web of mind control.

Ways you can get caught in the web...

Many go back generations.

You can be born into it, i.e., those who are born into elite families. Not every. Just many.

Your family can be part of a cult, i.e., the Vatican Cult. The children of people who belong to these cults will have to participate in rituals that can be quite traumatic. There were children that were brought in and sacrificed.

You can be sold into a mind control program, even by your unsuspecting parents and you would participate in "parties" and the parents don't actually know that these "parties" are mind control programs.

Many of these experiments went ary, with those who were subjected killing themselves. They were subjected to things like isolation chambers and other forms of torture.

Many recruits are from foster care programs and orphanages because they could not easily be traced.

James Holmes' father was in the military and the Wisconsin shooter was in the military.

You can actually get abducted into a mind control program. Some think that they have been abducted by aliens. The military simulates alien abductions to cover for the mind control programs.

The following video has the same synopsis as what I have put in writing (rather, typing:) above.

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Runaway said...

So, I agree with you, but I'm saddened by no linkage? I haven't watched the video, but are there any sources you've deemed credible that you would suggest to others? I found Svali to be not only informative, but highly encouraging to read as a survivor of SRA/trauma-based mind control. A lot of people tout Springmeier (and I don't discount him entirely), though it seems he was a pretty shady individual...

Anyway, I'm just curious about what you've found.