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Mind Control. It IS Real. Part Two.

part two...

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Ewen Cameron and The Allan Memorial Psychiatric Institute: A Study in Research and Treatment Ethics
by Michael Charron, Simon Fraser University
(Posted here by Wes Penre: Apr 05, 2006)

"Psychic driving is a potent procedure - it invariably produces responses in the patient, and often intense responses" (Cameron, 1956, p. 508)

....Dr. Cameron performed brainwashing experiments that were funded by the American CIA...

...Dr. Ewen Cameron was a very well known psychiatrist who worked for 21 years at the Allan Memorial Psychiatric Institute in Montreal, Quebec...

...Cameron, then, was very humane in his treatment of patients - at least early on ...

...Cameron was an ambitious man. As Collins (1988) points out, he saw what was going on with the soldiers who were returning from the Second World War, and he wanted to be able to ease the stress and anxiety from which they were suffering. A loftier goal of Cameron’s was to conquer the process of aging. In time, he set up different research programs at the Allan Memorial. Of special interest to Cameron was the idea of sleep teaching. He had been in correspondence with Max Sherover, an American who had conquered his patients nail-biting habits by continuously playing a tape recording to them while they slept (Collins, 1988). Cameron began to experiment with the idea himself. He would, during a normal therapy session, record what he thought was a key statement that one of his patients had made (Gillmor, 1987). Later, Cameron would replay the statement repeatedly to the patient, in an attempt to break down the patient’s defense mechanisms and reach deeper material. Over time, Cameron developed this technique into a therapy that he called psychic driving. He introduced his form of therapy in a paper published in the American Journal of Psychiatry in January, 1956. As he explained it, psychic driving allowed for "the penetration of defenses, the elicitation of hitherto inaccessible material, and setting up of a dynamic implant" (Cameron, 1956, p. 503) or recurring thought that influenced the patient’s behaviour even after playback of the key statement had been stopped for some time. Cameron also reported that at times, the patient resisted listening to the repetition of the statement; this was handled by administering sodium amytal, a disinhibitant or "truth drug" (Collins, 1988), or by exposing the patient to the repetition during a period of prolonged sleep (Cameron, 1956). In his article, Cameron also admits to using stimulant drugs and LSD - without the patients’ consent - to disorganize the patient and thus allow the driving technique full access to the patient’s psyche. Collins (1988) explains that Cameron, keeping with the climate of the day, referred to his treatment as brainwashing; this term was en vogue in the 1950s, with the Cold War and Korean War fresh in everyone’s minds...


Nano Implants, microchip Devices
Get ready. A new science is developing that victimizes countless individuals and promotes bigotry and inhumane practices on an inconceivable scale. That science involves the use of involuntarily implanted microchips in humans. A new form of torture and mind control from traditional methods, the science is little understood and little accepted in the scientific community. Psychiatrists and other doctors treating victims of microchip implants normally mis-diagnose their symptoms as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Miracle technology could allow people to transmit their brainwaves and speak to each other mind-to-mind. Scientists are working to create computers that read thoughts to find terrorists, and machines to scan our minds like thumbprints–causing some to wonder if “thought theft” could become the crime of the future.

First, let me say a word about microchip devices. Microchips are tiny instruments that drive various functions of computers and other electronic equipment. They are about the size on, however, they are getting increasingly smaller. Veterinarians started implanting them in dogs, cattle, and horses fifteen to twenty years ago to allow the owners to track their animals and prove ownership. Today’s microchips are almost microscopic and represent state-of-the-art technology. Manufactured from silicone, they are virtually impossible to detect once they are implanted

Knowing the value of documentation, I began keeping a journal of those unusual happenings. I not only studied my notes for clues about who was involved and how they conducted their handiwork but I also performed research on microchip implants and their use in electronic torture and mind control over the internet. The result of that research revealed that other people who claimed that they hosted microchip implants had suffered similar experiences. Many of their symptoms paralleled mine. In addition to those firsthand accounts, I found other data on the internet using the keywords “microchips, microchip implants, electronic torture, and mind control.” Although most of the articles took a particular slant on the topics, e.g. “the säpo sweden”,CIA, government control, etc., they all contained useful information.

Knowledge about my harassers and their modus operandi evolved slowly. More than six months went by before I knew the extent of their capability. Finally, however, I found out from experience that through the microchip implant and the computer program that operated with it, my torturers were able to perform the following actions:
(1) Monitor my movements.start

(2) Hear and record my conversations along with those with whom I talked. The harassers occasionally played back to me through the inner ear excerpts of some of those conversations.

(3) See my body during those movements and also when I was immobile (especially when I slept) in 3-D. They can zoom in on any part of the body and see that part much like a cat scan views the body. I do not yet know whether they view my body in true color or black and white. Nor do I know whether the device allows them to see my front and back simultaneously.
(4) Apply a variety of torture techniques to my body. Those include: (a) sending pain and a sensation of pin pricks in my shoulders, face, elbows, and other areas, (b) bombarding my body with electrical jolts and tremors, (c) zapping my brain with laser-like rays that make a clicking/crackling sound, attempting to destroy brain cells (d) causing severe cramping, mainly in my legs, and numbness in my limbs from the base of the spinal column to my toes, (e) making me cough through pinpricking the inside of my throat and causing a partial erection by touching the inside of the urethra, and (f) causing headaches, stomach aches, and dizziness.
(5) Transmit voices either into my brain or into my inner ear and also project voices and other sounds through objects near me, i.e., the TV, a PC, and other electrical devices and even into the open air near me. Sounds may take the form of knocking on your door (when there is nobody there), dogs barking (when there are no dogs around), and birds cooing or singing (when there are no birds).
(6) READ MY THOUGHTS. Several manufacturers have developed microchip programs with that capability. At first, the program picked up only a few one and two syllable words. Now, however, those thoughts appear on their computer monitor in their entirety, probably somewhat like automated, computerized captions for the hearing impaired on TV. I know this because I often heard the terrorists repeating my thoughts, almost as fast as I developed them. They often used to repeat my silent prayers, with the reader’s voice only a word or so behind my words.

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