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Human Mind Control. Are You Being Controlled?

Did Russia Just Announce A Pain/Mind Control Zombie Making Ray Weapon?

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Not sure if this is real or not. Worrying if real though. According to the Herald SunVladimir Putin announced that Russia has been testing mind-bending psychotronic guns that more or less turn people into zombies:
WHILE many believed it to be an April Fool’s Day joke, Vladimir Putin has confirmed Russia has been testing mind-bending psychotronic guns that can effectively turn people into zombies.

The futuristic weapons – which attack their victims’ central nervous system – are being developed by scientists and could be used against Russia’s enemies and even its own dissidents by the end of the decade.

Mr Putin has described the guns, which use electromagnetic radiation like that found in microwave ovens, as entirely new instruments for achieving political and strategic goals.
Plans to introduce the super-weapons were announced by Russian defence minister Anatoly Serdyukov.

While the technology has been around for some time, MrTsyganok said the guns were recently tested for crowd control purposes.

“When it was used for dispersing a crowd and it was focused on a man, his body temperature went up immediately as if he was thrown into a hot frying pan,” Mr Tsyganok said.
“Still, we know very little about this weapon and even special forces guys can hardly cope with it,” he said.

Research into electromagnetic weapons has been carried out in the US and Russia since the ’50s but it appears Putin has stolen a march on the US.
Precise details have not been revealed but previous research has shown that low-frequency waves or beams can affect brain cells, alter psychological states and make it possible to transmit suggestions and commands directly into someone’s thoughts.

Mr Putin said the technology is comparable in effect to nuclear weapons but “more acceptable in terms of political and military ideology”.
Mr Serdyukov said the weaponry based on new physics principles – direct-energy weapons, geophysical weapons, wave-energy weapons, genetic weapons and psychotronic weapons – were part of the state arms procurement program for 2011-2020.

Maybe there will be a reason to purchase that zombie safe house, after all.

Last year TexanAustin Fleming’s created the Vagabond Mobile Safe House Device, which incorporates potable water filtration, tracking devices and photovoltaic cells into a handy and stylish leather backpack.

The whole things flips out armadillo-style in under three minutes and is covered in reflective coating to confuse drooling marauders.
The design won the 2011 Architects Southwest Zombie Safe House competition.

Psychotronic Weapons Letter To Senate Committee

(The following letter is alarming and vital to the understanding of how far the issue of psychotronic weapons and projects aimed at controlling American citizens and people everywhere has progressed. This letter is dated February 9, 1994. The organization involved is no longer available at this address below. Ms. McKinney is said to be occupying a much lower profile these days. Nevertheless, this is an important document to consider)

Association of National Security Alumni Electronic
Surveillance Project P. O. Box 13625
Silver Spring, MD 20911-3625 

February 9, 1994 

Chairman John Glenn
Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs
340 Dirkson Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510 

Attention: Mr. Chris Kline

Subject: Involuntary Human Experimentation with Non-Ionizing Radiation 

Dear Mr. Kline: 

Senator Glenn's publicly-expressed outrage that this government has (once again) been found to be engaging in brutal forms of involuntary human experimentation, and his demand, in effect, that any and all forms of this type of experimentation be exposed was heartening. 

A large and growing number of people in this country hope that the Senator's expressed outrage was sincere, and that your Committee's investigations are not simply a means of diverting attention from complaints centering on this government's long-term role in involuntary human experiments with non-ionizing forms of radiation.

Now that the Departments of Defense, Energy and Justice have openly admitted that directed-energy weapons systems do indeed exist, complaints of experimentation with these systems can no longer be ignored. 

As stated to you during our telephone conversation last week, this Project is focused on complaints concerning experiments with non-ionizing, so-called "non-lethal," directed-energy weapons, surveillance and psychotronics systems. In bringing this to your attention, I am representing the interests, currently, of some 100 U.S. citizens, who are the subjects of both vicious forms of overt harassment and concurrent directed-energy harassment. 

The enclosed copy of Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation is a preliminary investigative finding, only. The accompanying Supplement furnishes an update on the current status of this Project. 

I am also enclosing copies of letters exchanged with, and directed to the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, and the Food & Drug Administration, which are self-explanatory. I am also enclosing copies of two articles concerning John Alexander, of the Los Alamos National Laboratory's Nonlethal Weapons Division, which I will address below. Also enclosed is a letter to a woman in contact with this Project which addresses some of the effects of long-term exposure to these so-called "non-lethal" systems. Just as a matter of interest--DoD-sponsored "hy'e" in the media to the contrary notwithstanding--non-lethal weapons systems can be incredibly lethal.

They are not gentle systems, as this government would like for the public to believe. Questions which need to be asked by the Committee on Government Affairs, as a preliminary, are as follows: 

1. By what formal means are U.S. Government agencies, to include the
Department of Defense, prevented from testing "non-lethal", directed-energy weapons, surveillance and psychotronics systems on U.S. citizens under involuntary circumstances?

2. By what formal means are U.S. Government contractors and sub-contractors prevented from testing "non-lethal", directed-energy weapons, surveillance and psychotronics systems on U.S. citizens under involuntary circumstances? 

3. Why does the Energy Policy Act of 1992 fail to prohibit involuntary human experimentation with non-ionizing forms of radiation? 

4. How many members of Congress and of the Administration have investments in firms which are engaged in the development and testing of directed-energy systems? 

5. Why is Los Alamos National Laboratory, a Department of Energy agency, engaged in the development of "non-lethal", directed-energy systems? 

6. Why is John Alexander--a 30-year US Army Special Forces veteran with a long-term interest in the "psychotronics" (mind-control) aspects of directed-energy systems--regarded as being particularly qualified to direct the Non-Lethal Systems Division of Los Alamos National Laboratory?

7. Why is the Department of Energy (and John Alexander in particular) in the business of promoting "non-lethal" systems as tools for law enforcement, and as weapons systems for the military? 

8. Why are these "non-lethal" systems being kept classified? 

9. Where is the test data on the efficacy of these directed-energy weapons, surveillance and psychotronics systems being obtained, and who in Congress, specifically, is overseeing those experiments? 

10. Why is the Department of Defense pushing for an increase in the numbers of Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) towers in this country? 

11. How many satellites launched under the auspices of DoD, the National Reconnaissance Office, and the Central Intelligence Agency are engaged in the surveillance of U.S. citizens" And how many of those satellites qualify as directed-energy emitters; i.e., as "amplified communications" satellites? 

12. What federal constraints have been placed on the construction of microwave towers and other antennae arrays in this country; and what assurances do U.S. citizens have that emissions from those towers and antennae arrays are not being used for involuntary human experimental purposes? 

14. Who in Congress is overseeing the construction and use of microwave towers and antennae arrays in this country?

15. Why is it that complaints by U.S. citizens concerning directed-energy harassment and experimentation are being ignored? 

16. Since Ms. .Susan Patrick Ford, of the Department of Defense, appears to be unable to answer the questions posed in my letter to her dated November 18, 1993, can you answer these questions? 

In sum, Mr. Kline, this is a problem which Congress can ill afford to ignore. There are many angry people in this country who are fed up with these experiments. (Not all experimentees are kept effectively isolated.) A number of experimentees recognize the rapidly burgeoning numbers of microwave towers and antennae arrays in this country are a part of the problem--a level of recognition which, indeed, may have prompted the destruction of two major "communications towers" in Chiapas, Mexico, shortly prior to that government's decision to close the borders to that state. 

A lawless government spawns a lawlessness, generally. It is apparent to me that this country is merely "testing its wings", so to speak, where lawlessness and chaos, at this stage, is concerned. Creating more prisons and hiring more police is not the solution. 

The U.S. Congress--and Senator Glenn's Committee, in particular,--is in a position to ensure that no government agency, surrogate or otherwise, has a license to run rampant over the human and civil rights of citizens of this country, and that this government, once again, learns to adhere to the principles which were the basis for this country's creation. 

Please do let me hear from you concerning the foregoing. 

Director, Electronic Surveillance Project



Electronic Mind Control 
Alex Jones Show
March 8 2011
Dr. Nick Begich interviewed by Alex Jones Alex Jones:
Dr. Nick Begich a few months ago said Alex, you are focusing so much on Fluoride which lowers IQ and causes degeneration of the bones, sure that is important.

You are focusing on lead and things like that. What I see the Globalists most interest is in psychotronic, electronic, wave lengths, light.

Since I have had him on I've seen all these main-stream news articles about U.S. Patent 65061 for a nervous system manipulation by electromatic fields for monitors. We know there is the propaganda on TV.

We know there is the flicker rate that puts you in a dream highly suggestible state. But this is more than that. Literally hundreds of patents dealing with this.

DARPA is the mainstream news, in the Baltimore Sun, saying 'Oh! We're testing towers to calm you during emergencies.' Ceiling lights that send encoded data.

Flicker rates where your eyes are just like an infrared collector picking up part of that spectrum - programming part of your brain.

The data down power lines which they admit can control your thermostat, your refrigerator. There are invading through everything. They are years ahead of us technologically.

Reading these patents it says they can physiologically change you, including hurting you, potentially triggering heart attacks, you name it, through the television.


....The constant wars, conflicts, terrorist outrages, financial worries and the countless other negative events engineered by the Brotherhood have been designed overwhelmingly to maintain humanity in a state of fear, therefore limited and disconnected from its true self. The encouragement of hatred, resentment, revenge, and condemnation (all manifestations of fear) have not only added to this, they have ensured the conditions for further conflict and fear.

Still more fear, in unimaginable amounts, has been stimulated by religion. The fear of God (fear of self) and the fear of death and ‘his’ judgment. It is the same with ‘science’ and the fear of dying and going to oblivion. Humanity is consumed and overwhelmed by fear and its multifaceted expressions and that’s why we are delinked from who we are.

The Babylonian Brotherhood has made sure we have remained ignorant of this by controlling what is taught in schools and universities, the institutions of ‘science’ and, therefore, what the media considers possible and credible in its arrogant and pathetic dismissal of anything which challenges the ‘norm. Humanity spends its life watching a movie screen believing it to be reality while the world as it really is remains hidden from view. Journalists are not reporting what is going on in the world, they are reporting the story line in the movie. I call CNN the movie channel. There is an added bonus for the manipulators of fear. 

Whenever anyone is in fear they give their power away to anyone they believe will protect them. The technique I call problem-reaction-solution is the manipulation of fear. It is fear, and its offshoots like resentment, which stimulates the calls for “Something must be done” after wars and other outrages which then leads to the Brotherhood frontmen offering their solutions.

What we are talking about here is mass mind and emotional control. If you take the definition of mind control to be manipulating a person’s mind so they think and act in ways that you want, how many people on Planet Earth today are not mind controlled? The deaths of President Kennedy and Princess Diana were part of this. Whatever people say about the true character of JFK, the perception was that he represented a new hope for the future.

Whether he did or not doesn’t matter. People thought he did and so that is what he represented to them. As many Americans have told me over the years, something died in the American psyche when he was murdered. Call it hope, innocence, whatever you like. Something deep in the spirit of America died with him. The underlying feeling was that the good die young and evil always seems to win. It was the same with Diana, the lady associated, quite rightly in this case, with the genuine expression of love.

When she died that wave of emotion which followed was not so much for her, the human being, it was for her, the symbol of love. The mass outpouring of grief was, if you look below the surface, the grief that something else had died with her. Love had died. Goodness had died. The good die young and evil always wins.

These are just two global examples of the mass psyche being manipulated into a sense of powerlessness and despair by the mind doctors of the Brotherhood at places like the Tavistock network in London. People in a state of fear, powerlessness and despair eventually switch off and become the sheep they are encouraged to be, drifting through their lives in numb subservience.

But the manipulation of the human mind and emotions, and the disconnection from the infinite ocean, goes much, much, deeper than this. Remember that while the reptilians of the lower fourth dimension are spiritually and emotionally unplugged, they are very mentally sharp and come from a high level of intellectual knowledge.

This knowledge has been hoarded in the Brotherhood secret society network since the ancient world while being sucked out of the public domain by the destruction of native cultures, the horrors of the Inquisition, and the burning of great esoteric libraries like the one in Alexandria.
Balance = harmony. Imbalance = disharmony.
If you want disharmony you need imbalance. It is a simple fact and this has played a fundamental part in the Brotherhood’s techniques.

The balanced female energy is the energy of intuition and reconnection. This is where the idea of a ‘woman’s intuition’ comes from. A female body is far more likely to manifest female energy in abundance and so most of the oracles, channellers and psychics in the ancient and modern world have tended to be women. But they don’t have to be. Men are just as capable of accessing their female polarity and using this creative force to connect with higher, intuitive levels of themselves.

But such a reconnection is not what the Brotherhood has wanted to see. They want humanity to stay in the consciousness prison. So they have done all they can to suppress the use of the balanced female energy. They used religion to make women servile to men with no opportunity to express themselves in their full glory.

At the same time they suppressed the female polarity in the male by creating the blueprint for what a man should be. Macho and aggressive is what we call a ‘real’ man (a lost and frightened little boy, in truth). These ‘real’ men were and are so delinked from their female energy that their intuition and connection with their higher selves is all but extinguished.

Meanwhile the Brotherhood initiates have been using the negative frequencies of the female energy (Hecate) to connect with their reptilian masters on the lower fourth dimension and to manipulate the world secretly from behind the movie screen. The suppression and perversion of sexual energy, the creative force, is another fundamental means of limiting human potential to manifest their infinite power for creativity and self-determination.

Interconnected with the manipulation of the female energy is the manipulation of time. This is another aspect of the symbolism in the Pont de L'Alma Tunnel. The Brotherhood has tuned the human consciousness into a false perspective of time and in doing so they have disconnected humanity from the rest of creation which operates on a different version of time. Thus humanity is living its life out of sync with the universe. No wonder there’s so much imbalance.

In truth there is no time. Everything just is and past, present and future are happening at once. It is only our perception of time that make events appear to be happening in a linear time line. But even in linear time, we have been unplugged from the natural flow. Nature is tuned to Moon time, the 28-day 13 cycles of the Moon. The woman’s menstrual cycle is tuned to the Moon and, appropriately, it is the Moon which takes the male solar energy and reflects it back at the Earth in a female form. The Satanists have their rituals and sacrifices every month under the full Moon when that female energy is at the peak of its power. They take this energy and manifest its negative polarityHecate.

The more negative female (intuitive) energy they can focus, the more powerful their connection with the ‘demons’ they seek to access and communicate with on other dimensions. This is why they programme sensitive psychics like Arizona Wilder to conduct their rituals. The native peoples of the world who still live by Moon time are far more in tune with nature because they are operating on the same time-energy flow as nature. They are in sync with it.

But in 1572 Pope Gregory announced that a new calendar was to be introduced, the Gregorian Calendar, and it was implemented in October 1582. It was another Brotherhood scam and the Gregorian Calendar became the fixed standard time for the planet. This means that the human mind is tuned to this manufactured flow of ‘time’ when we look at a clock, a watch, or plan the future with a diary. And where is the centre of this time system, the zero point from which all the world’s people tune their timepieces?

Why, it’s only Greenwich in London, across the River Thames from the City of London financial district, the Brotherhood’s operational heartland! And what was the inspiration for the Gregorian Calendar? The one used in...Babylon. The ancient Greek name for the Watchers or sons of the gods who interbred with the daughters of men was Grigori.2 It is the calendar of the Grigorithe reptilians.

It was the reptile-Brotherhood priests of Babylon who played the same game with time all those thousands of years ago. The Gregorian Calendar is a farce. It is the time equivalent of throwing all your clothes in a wardrobe and leaning against the door to stop it flinging open. The clothes may just about fit in the space if you push them in hard enough, but what a mess. Here we have a 12 month year of 60 minute hours and 24 hour days with the months so ill-fitting that some are 30 days, others 31, another 28, or 29 every four years. Yes, fits like a glove. But a sensible measurement of time was not the motivation. Disconnecting human consciousness from Moon time was the idea and the Gregorian Calendar removed the 13th Moon.

There should be 13 Moon-cycle months of 28 days, but instead we have 12 months and 12 Moon cycles. The Brotherhood hierarchy still operate their calendars to Moon time - another reason for their obsession with 13. Crashing the car of Diana (the Moon Goddess) into the 13th pillar was also symbolic of this removal of the 13th Moon from the human perception of time. And when you disconnect people from the natural flow of time, you are disconnecting them from all that operates in that flow of time. Thus the Western (and increasingly global) ‘civilisation’ has lost its rapport with the natural world and is out of sync with its environment.

The Millennium is a manufactured point in time. The moment at which the Millennium is crossed to the year 2000 only exists because of the Gregorian Calendar, but as the human psyche is tuned to that, the Brotherhood is again planning to manipulate time across the Millennium. As the Millennium approached, the tallest building in Europe was built across the River Thames from the Greenwich Observatory in London, the zero point of so-called Greenwich Mean Time.

This building, named Canary Wharf, was built by a consortium of Brotherhood business interests and it is an enormous glass obelisk. Later the British Government decided to spend the best part of a billion, yes a billion, pounds to build a vast dome, the Millennium Dome, which will be the focus of official celebration at the time of the Millennium. This dome is beside the River Thames and on the opposite side, close to the global zero time line, is the Canary Wharf obelisk (see picture section).

The obelisk and the dome are both premier Brotherhood geometric symbols which draw in solar and cosmic energy. The man in charge of the Millennium Dome project was Peter Mandelson, the man dubbed ‘the Prince of Darkness’ who was forced to resign after revelations about his personal finances. It was Mandelson who was the Labour Party’s chief spin doctor when they introduced the red rose as the party symbol.

I am sure that in some way the Brotherhood plan to ‘flick’ time at this zero point at Greenwich to further scramble human consciousness and stimulate still more imbalance and conflict. The symbol for the Millennium Dome is a naked, long-legged woman reaching for the Sun as dawn breaks over the Greenwich Meridian. It has been dubbed ‘New Britannia’ and is said to represent ‘female icons from prehistory to the present day’. Icons or one icon, Queen Semiramis, under different names? The artist was paid £90,000 from the National Lottery fund for his efforts.

Playing with time is a major Brotherhood weapon against human consciousness. I am sure there were also originally 13 astrological signs too, and that the 13th was represented by the spider. This sign, I feel, was one which encompassed all the others - weaving together their various energies and I always see it as located in the centre of the astrological circle. 


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