Friday, February 24, 2012

Censored Earthquake Activity?...Or Skyquakes Being Taken Off The Earthquake Sites Not To Confuse The Two?

How and why would the government censor a massive amount of seismic activity from the USGS system?

Did you feel some earthquake or hear some strong skyquake activity over the past couple of days while living in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginias, Texas, etc., etc.?

Well, that was real, but the government doesn't want you to think so. Watch this...

Here is what I show for the United States on the USGS site.

So, if the USGS is censoring possible seismic activity, and let's say it's being censored because there was some other phenomenon that caused the activity and they didn't want it to be mistaken for earthquake activity. If this is the case, watch this next video and then think about whether this could be a possibility...

Or could the seismic activity be from the following...

Eerie Sounds and Lights in Florida, Feb 16th
Posted by Jay Man on February 20, 2012
Posted in: Humming Sounds, Sounds in North America. Tagged: humming sounds, roaring sky, rumbling sounds, sky noises, strange sounds, ufo, unexplained sounds, weird sky noise, weird sounds. 9 comments

Filmed in Tampa, probably on the 16th, this pitch black video above has some eerie background noise. The description just says “I didn’t think these noises were real till I heard them myself. Strap up people.” To me it sounds a lot like wind and yet it doesn’t. The witness says there are no interstates or traffic around him. At one point it sounds like he’s urinating in a bucket.

The first thing I do when I find a video that may or may not be real is to look for a matching video from the same time and area. And voila, a match appeared.

This one below was filmed in Hollywood, Florida which is around 260 miles away. The thing the two have in common is the date. This video was recorded in a park behind a railroad station. The witness was waiting for a train and says no one was around. He says it was a clear day and sounded like thunder. I’m not sure if this is a match to the one above or not. I’m not even sure it’s real. It’s included because of the date and location (state) matching with the other.
Source: StrangeSoundsInTheSky

What do you think?

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