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Update 1/29/2012: Pole Shift Causing Sky Quakes Which Explain The Strange Trumpet and Humming Noises People Are Hearing Around The Globe

Update: 1-29-2012

Don't forget when this happened it was in real time and the announcers were talking about it in real time.

Update 1-27-2012:

SKY QUAKES: Natural or government related Occurrence. Real or misidentify.

Definition (An attempt to define)
You be the judge. Sky quakes are best defined as a possible atmospheric disturbance that is described to be a loud and long bang sound (Usually a duration of 10 to 45 seconds) which causes rattling of loose objects and trembles the air (Feeling the shock waves hit you in constantly).It gives the appearances similar to respects of an earthquake but with the air trembling with no distinct double bang as a sonic boom, no seismic activity can be recorded due to it not being a disturbance in the ground and thus being unable to be recorded to an extent that seismotectonics and other geographical area of science will not be able to recognize it due to it not being able to be recorded, verified by instruments, and no confirmed source of a epicenter. It is severe enough to light up government and media switchboards but no know major damage. It usually seen near military installations, but not always near or in the same geographic area of a military installation. No known confirmed sources of explosion or fast moving objects picked up on radar or ground seismic instruments.

What would causes a phenomenon like this?

Possible identification of a cause of it is only in theory. Roughly it is thought that a object in the atmosphere or wind atmospheric pressure at altitudes of over 5,000ft moving (possibly object) or shifting (atmospheric pressure) at a speed of mach 5 (3691.05mph) or great. Which in itself will ripple the troposphere.

Reports of Occurrences

No official report or official agency of a acceptable reputation is around to record such incidents due to the Sky Quake being unable to be verified as a real occurrence but one of only in theory. How ever there are sites and independent sites and agencies that are nonofficial that due take the report of occurrences. So far the independent reports are many just statements around the world and nothing else. is one where you can read the reports and such submit one. it is a good read.

Possible Natural Occurrence
Thoughts of possible space debris or rocks from the solar system may of been traveling at a high speed and skipped through the atmosphere much like skipping a rock at a lake. Impacts of meteoroids on earth have been classified recently in the United States in early 2009. The United States is the one who generally disseminates the information to other astrological agencies throughout the world.

Possible Weaponization of Nature.
The ability to use natural occurrences as a weapons is a possibility and it is either confirmed to an extent or denied by many governments. Use of using sounds and shockwaves have been record in times of the Bible and as recently by Nazi Germany in World War 2 and current.

Possible Military Project of NATO.
Before we go off saying that all conspiracies are those of a single government (United States). Be advise that there are such things as joint conspiracies. When I was in the military, in order to be loaned out from the ARMY to Nato control for a a certain time you need a Top Secret Clearance and the ability to keep your mouth shut. There is only one official project name that is officially know but no details are officially released on it. In the military, the only thing that can be mentioned about something that is confidential, secret, top secret or sci is the project or operation name. The name is of the project or the operation is ALWAYS unclassified. So what project am I referring to that has a connection to this? It will be Project Aurora.

Tell me more of Project Aurora?

It is said to be in existence since 1970's. It is described to be triangular shaped planes that may have actually been in service since 1989. In fact, there is believed to be a small squadron operating out of Beale AFB, in California. Some believe that the aircraft is able to cruise at altitudes of above 180,000 feet and travel at a speed of Mach 8. At 5,280 mph, this is more than 2 times the official world record. It’s been reported that Aurora operates mainly at night and incorporates the latest radar-evading "stealth" advancements. An aircraft traveling at Mach-8 could reach any point on the globe in less than three hours. In early 1992 it was reported that...  


Skyquakes: Warnings From Earth’s Destabilizing Core
By Terrence Aym
Ominous booms thunder across the sky. These ‘skyquakes’ are abruptly erupting all over the world. Hundreds of thousands wonder in fear about the bizarre hums, explosive booms, and howling moans. From Russia, to Australia, from Chile to the Eastern Coast of the U.S., the sky is exploding. As the frequency and intensity increase people are asking: ‘Is Doomsday approaching?’ Some researchers fear that may be exactly what’s coming…
Hyperborean vibrations from the Earth’s destabilized core
AUDIO: Harmonics over Czech Republic – January 2012
NEW! Earth harmonics heard in Manitoba…animal reacts…eerie. Earth core mutation twisting subterranean rock. Keep eye on sky where you are for earth lights day or night.
Harmonics may signal massive Earth core slippage
Millions of years ago the seas suddenly rose, islands disappeared, continents flooded, and mighty mountain ranges like the Andes rocketed from the depths of the ocean reaching many thousands of feet into the air within a matter of hours.
Today fossils of bottom dwelling sea creatureseven actual parts of seashellscan still be found near the South American range’s jagged mountain peaks.
Despite the fact that a few believe the Earth may flip on its axis, that’s not very likely to happen.
Is the sky falling? No, the Earth’s core is slipping…
read more here CLICK HERE
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You have to watch this video prior to the reading of the rest of the blog. It is extremely interesting as it explains what is going on with the weird noises all around the globe and the changes in the weather.

Here is the screenshot from my article 2 weeks ago — proving the north pole has shifted towards Russia:

This “new pattern” of severe weather, mild winter, and earthquake unrest will continue as long as the magnetic Poles are in a large state of Flux.

FINALLY ! It all ties together.
Strange animal deaths starting last year…. global uptick in earthquakes…. weather patterns shifting / changing noticeably …. compasses showing variances …. airports changing their runway alignment …. sun rising early in Greenland …. record snow over Russia/Alaska ….  north pole shifting …. gravity and moon anomalies…
And now this latest story — the USDA confirms that indeed WARM LATITUDES have shifted north — what once was the climate of New Orleans Louisiana to North Florida is now the Climate of South Missouri to North Carolina !!!  Plants will be able to live in these warmer new climates developing… thus some tropical species will thrive in temperate zones.

This is HUGE news!!!

In my opinion — this all can now be put together into one narrative — THE EARTHS MAGNETIC POLES HAVE SHIFTED .. this is not wild conspiracy talk .. it is now being confirmed by stories like this USDA announcement.

To read more click here

USDA releases new planting zone map

Janice Lloyd, USA TODAY Staff

Camelias, a New Orleans trademark, staking out in North Carolina and higher latitudes?

It's true, gardening experts say, and expect similar oddities to represent the new norm.

It is now safe to plant new species in many parts of the nation, according to a new government map released Wednesday showing new growing guidelines for the first time in decades. A gradual northward warming trend makes it possible to plant trees and other perennials that would have perished in colder zones.

The "hardiness" zones, the gospel to the the nation's 82 million gardeners that are printed on the back of seed packs and catalogs, are based on average minimum temperatures.

"It is a good thing the government has updated the map," says Woodrow Nelson, director of marketing communications for the Arbor Day Foundation. "Our members have been noticing these climate changes for years and have been successfully growing new kinds of trees in places they wouldn't grow before."

For example, Pennsylvania's growing zone was considered risky for Southern Magnolias, according to the old government map dating to 1990. But the new map, based on updated weather statistics from 1996 to 2005, puts Pennsylvania, like much of the Northeast, in a warmer growing zone.

read more here CLICK HERE

HERE IS THE MAP - click here



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