Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NAU. NAFTA Super Highway. No Approval from Congress...Sound Familiar?

Breaking:  North American Union

Remember when watching this video that President Obama has not asked Congress before getting involved in much of the Middle Eastern issues as of late.  He has not gone through the steps that should be taken prior to obligating our troops and our money to issues that are not ours.  I would say that, yes, he is a conqueror of sorts.

While you watch this video, listen as they point to the fact that President Obama is supporting the creation of the North American Union and the NAFTA Super Highway without the approval of the American Congress or of the American people.  Doesn't that sound a bit familiar.  He is negotiation and promising things to other countries and keeping those promises while not keeping promises he made to the United States of America, where he is supposed to be President.

What about our failed trade policy?  Is he going to fix our own trade policy before creating the NAU, before his world domination?  What about his pledges to the American Trade Policy and our economic status?  Isn't the economy something that President Obama should be focusing on?  What about the American Dream?  The American dream is being sent abroad.  Jobs are disappearing and other countries are thriving from America's generosity.  His term is not yet over, so be prepared for things to get worse.  That means, emergency preparedness in your own homes and places of business as well as preparing mentally and financially.

What's next?  The American people need a president that will represent the American people.  We don't need a president that will be in the job as a celebrity, to live in luxury on our dollars and etc.  Who will step up to the plate and lead this country right?

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