Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bilderberg Group Meeting, Comet Elenin, The Rapture, UFOs, Harold Camping. What Do All Of These Have In Common?

As you may already know the very exclusive, secretive, group, called the Bilderberg Group, will be meeting June 9-11 of this year in Switzerland (which I think is amazingly convenient for them, being that they'll be able to check on all of their bank accounts in person).  What will they be discussing?  I'm sure there will be many topics such as the United Nations Charter, the Constitution of the United States, and other documents that they feel are now only historical.  My sources tell me that they will be discussing other important issues that may be surprising for some of you to read about.

One of the issues that they will surely be discussing is the late arrival of the "Rapture".  Along those lines (and please bear with me as I piece this together for you), last night, Georgia was privileged to witness "comet fragments" that were hurled through our atmosphere (ref. creating a giant "fireball".  This event was very bright and very fast!

What do comet fragments have to do with the Bilderbergs?  If they were actually comet fragments, they likely would not have anything to do with the Bilderberg Group and their upcoming meeting.  NASA says that it belonged to the Halley family of comets, but they didn't actually know that it was coming until it came through the atmosphere.  Do you know why (have you read my recent posts on Comet Elenin?)?  This was the arrival one of those I have mentioned in my past posts that have negotiated with world leaders on previous occasions.  They are a very special guest at this upcoming Bilderberg Group meeting in Switzerland at the beginning of June.  My Sources tell me that "They" look just like you or me, like Bill & Hillary Clinton or even Obama.  However, if you knew where they came from, you might call them aliens.

During this meeting of the Bilderbergs, they will discuss the late arrival of the Rapture, or in other words, Comet Elenin and the UFO fleet coming behind it.  They will also be discussing the chosen ones that are to be Raptured (taken) at the coming of Elenin.  Each member of the Bilderberg Group is believed to be part of this chosen group to leave this Earth to start a new life on a new planet.  Their "ticket" to a new life is the fact that they are part of the Bilderberg Group, "born leaders".

One of the containment issues to be discussed is that of those who were given the frequency treatments in preparation for the 1994 Rapture.  As I have discussed in past posts, these treatments are now stopped and there will be a considerable withdrawl as the brain chemistry has been changed due to these treatments.  Therefore, the CDC has provided preparation tools in the case of, what they call, a "Zombie Apocalypse" (see  The Bilderbergs are discussing a Martial Law option should the symptoms occur.  Again, you can count on there being some changes as I have written above as much as you can count on the Rapture happening with Comet Elenin.  Stay tuned for more information on the Zombie Apocalypse

Additionally to be discussed at the Bilderberg Meeting in June will be the implosion of planet Earth in October of 2011.  This is the actual doomsday that Harold Camping really meant to refer to, with the Rapture happening just prior to this.  Since the rate of Comet Elenin changed, the Rapture will take place at the end of September and the implosion of Earth happening at the beginning of October.

Again, as I stated in my previous posts, we who are not chosen for the Rapture will not notice anything different.  As my sources continue to tell me that the same thing goes for the implosion of Earth.  We will not even know it has happened.

You can count on all of the things above, just as you can count on the predictions of Harold Camping.  Pay attention.  I will continue to advise you on further developments.

Note: This is all fiction.  I'm just having a good time with all of the conspiracy theories and recent news events.  This is entertainment only. Maybe this is because I typically put REAL news on my blog. If you can believe it, I actually have had people ask if what I have been writing is truth and how I know these things.  All I can say to that is...duhhh.  If you believe this mess of a story that I have been making continued posts about, you need counseling in a big offense.  FICTION.

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