Friday, January 7, 2011

Nostradamus Predictions In Play?

Dead birds and dead fish: Nostradamus predictions in play?

  • January 7th, 2011 7:59 am ET
Dead birds and dead fish, and now dead crabs have been found dead in masses around the globe. People are looking for answers, and many are looking to the predictions of Nostradamus to see if this is a warning of some kind.  Dead birds are dropping from the sky in mid flight and dead fish, some missing their eyes, have washed up on the shores of rivers, lakes, and the oceans of the world. 15 reports of global incidents of dead fish have been reported in the last few days, with thousands of dead doves in Italy and thousands of dead fish in South Carolina, being the newest events. Does Nostradamus have anything in his writings that might refer to this?
Nostradamus talks about the year 2012 often throughout his writings, but before volcanoes and horrific storms rule the earth, Nostradamus predicts extra solar activity will shift the earths poles, according to the Nostradamus 2012History Channel documentary -End of the World Predictions. Nostradamus predicts to the reversal of the magnetic poles and predicts havoc and  blackouts.
According to Nova on, scientists say that the poles have shifted before and do so once every 250,000 years. Some scientists believe we are in the middle of this transition right now, due to the weakening of the earth‘s magnetic field. The solar system’s orbit in the galaxy right now is weakening the earth’s magnetic field, which is discussed in  the History Channel’s, Nostradamus 2012. Could the shifting of the poles be something that is causing the dead birds and dead fish around the globe?
Can the fish be swimming into water that is too shallow due to their instincts being thrown off from the weakening of the magnetic fields. Is the same thing happening to the birds, have their internal compasses gone amuck due to the possibilities of the poles shifting? Did the shifting of the poles already start? Granted, this is a far fetched theory, for one reason if the dead birds and dead fish all lost their direction because of a shift starting in the poles, why are we not seeing more of these unexplained deaths? Or will we?

The year 2012 is not only a bad year on the Mayan calendar, but it is also a year to be reckoned with according to Nostradamus. Nostradamus’s writings call for extreme weather, solar storms, earthquakes, and volcanoes for the year 2012. In the scope of things, we could be in the year 2012 that Nostradamus writes about. To give or take a year from his predictions would still be within a real close approximation of his time line considering how long ago Nostradamus walked the earth.
No rational scientific reason has been found for the dead birds and the dead fish occurrences in the last few days. Scientists have offered theories that the birds were startled by fireworks, the fish are cold, and along with a few other mundane, but completely plausible theories. The problem being that there are too many global events of dead fish and dead birds for just any one theory to encompass them all.
Connecticut residents have a hot line of sorts to call with any dead bird findings in the Nutmeg State. This highly publicized reporting center was originally set up for residents to report dead bunches of birds around the state to help the officials monitor the bird flu. Although this site was set up a few years back for that reason, if any birds were found in Connecticut, it is most likely the officials would hear about it fairly quickly on this hot line.
Reference: Nostradamus 2010 History Channel documentary, Nova, State of Connecticut


Anonymous said...

you write about his perdictions being about 2012 but he never gave a date to any of his perdictions. all your "facts" if you can call them that are based on outlandish claims. take this garbage down.

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