Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How can all of this be happening at the same time?
Dead Birds and Fish Phenomena in Arkansas, Sweden, New Zealand and Brazil
6 DECEMBER, 2011: Dead Birds in Sweden, more dead fish in Maryland, New Zealand and Brazil are now added to the phenomenon of dead birds and dead fish reported yesterday in three US states. Dead birds fell from the skies over Arizona, Louisiana, and Kentucky in the last few days. This, coupled with the thousands of dead fish in the Arkansas river is a growing mystery that can be described as somewhat eerie, reported and published on it's website.

According to the Huffington Post, an estimated 2 million fish are dead and floating in the Chesapeake Bay. Hundreds of tons of fish have washed ashore in Brazil since last Thursday. Fish found washed ashore in New Zealand had many that were missing their eyes, according to the Huffington Post. While each countries agricultural spokesman have theories as to why this is happening, the fact that is happening all over the world at the same time has not been explained.

Dead Fish in ArkansasDead Fish in Arkansas

The dead bird and fish phenomenon on such a large reported scale is a bit different than the commonly reported isolated incidences of fish or birds found dead somewhere in the world.

Birds falling dead in mid flight and fish without eyes are the stuff horror movies are made of. Fireworks and “startled” birds just does not seem to carry too much weight on such a large scale. The fish in Chesapeake Bay are said to have died from “cold water stress,”  with smaller incidents reported in past decades.

As the morning moves on it appears more and more reports of dead birds and fish are reported through out the world.

Connecticut had a dead fish occurrence over a century ago that made the news in New York. In 1895, the New York Post reported a dead fish phenomenon in Connecticut. “The old fishermen called this fish cholera, according to this article. Fish were floating to the shores of some of Connecticut’s lakes and without the sanitation departments that are in place today, the fish rotted with their pieces and carcasses polluting the waters in those lakes, according to the article.

This Connecticut incident happened over a century ago, before modern technology had a chance to pollute the waters with radiation along with chemicals used today that might kill the fish. This was most likely a natural occurrence, but without the testing that is available today, the Connecticut officials could just guess at the cause. They called it a “fish cholera outbreak.”

Fish and birds have been found dead in large masses throughout the years, all over the world. The occurrences in so many locations in such a short span of time is what is unusual. Even the great scientific minds of today have to be considering a correlation of some type between all these reports world wide.

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