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Housing. Is it really that bad?

Just take a look at this video and then ask yourself if what is being asked from the U.S. Government is reasonable. Is it really that bad?

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Is Socialism the last stage of human social development?

You must pay attention specifically to the last few seconds of this video...

"Reformism is the current in the workers' movement which aims to bring about change, in particular to advance the interests of the oppressed people, without threatening the state and the vital class interests of the ruling class, but by the gradual accumulation of small changes. Trade and Labour unions are examples of reformist organisations in favor of improving the conditions of the working class without challenging the dominance of the capitalist system itself.

Most Socialists and Communists (with the exception of ultra-leftists), while not reformist, involve themselves with reforms as one transitionary form of the struggle for the revolutionary emancipation of the working class. One example of this is involvement with labour unions, to advance revolutionary aims (whether through increased working class organization, international workers solidarity, education, etc.), from which reforms will inevitably be a by-product. Revolution only comes about when the possibility for reforms is exhausted, but revolution is only possible if the working class is sufficiently well-organised and educated to overthrow the bourgeois and take intellectual and practical leadership of the whole of society." --

"“The need of a constantly expanding market for its products chases the bourgeoisie over the entire surface of the globe. It must nestle everywhere, settle everywhere, establish connections everywhere.

“The bourgeoisie has, through its exploitation of the world market, given a cosmopolitan character to production and consumption in every country. To the great chagrin of reactionaries, it has drawn from under the feet of industry the national ground on which it stood. All old-established national industries have been destroyed or are daily being destroyed. They are dislodged by new industries, whose introduction becomes a life and death question for all civilised nations, by industries that no longer work up indigenous raw material, but raw material drawn from the remotest zones; industries whose products are consumed, not only at home, but in every quarter of the globe. In place of the old wants, satisfied by the production of the country, we find new wants, requiring for their satisfaction the products of distant lands and climes. In place of the old local and national seclusion and self-sufficiency, we have intercourse in every direction, universal inter-dependence of nations. And as in material, so also in intellectual production. The intellectual creations of individual nations become common property. National one-sidedness and narrow-mindedness become more and more impossible, and from the numerous national and local literatures, there arises a world literature.” [Communist Manifesto, Chapter 1]
" --

The Marxist movement is happening all over the world...

"A war that is engaged or justified as in defence of a newly formed revolutionary government (revolutionary).

"The class conscious proletariat can give its consent to a revolutionary war, which would really justify revolutionary defencism, only on condition: (a) that the power pass to the proletariat and the poorest sections of the peasants aligned with the proletariat; (b) that all annexations be renounced in deed and not in word; (c) that a complete break be effected in actual fact with all capitalist interests." --

Marxism seems to preach hate and spew complaints...


Those who amplify the differences and conflicts caused by technological advances in society. Revolutionaries provoke differences and violently ram together contradictions within a society, overthrowing the government through the rising to power of the class they represent. After destructing the old order, revolutionaries help build a new government that adheres to the emerging social relationships that have been made possible by the advanced productive forces. A real revolutionary has three traits in abundance: patience, an open mind, and "Let me say, with the risk of appearing ridiculous, that the true revolutionary is guided by strong feelings of love." — Che Guevara; Man and Socialism in Cuba" --

Socialism/Marxism is now present in America...

"Frank Marshall Davis (December 31, 1905, Arkansas City, Kansas; July 26, 1987, Honolulu, Hawaii) was an American journalist, poet and political and labor movement activist. In 1950 he was investigated by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) for comments he made in columns written for the newspaper Honolulu Record, as well as other activities that the HUAC alleged were connected to the Communist Party USA." -- Wikipedia

"Alinsky is often credited with laying the foundation for the grassroots political organizing that dominated the 1960s.[5] Later in his life he encouraged stockholders in public corporations to lend their votes to "proxies", who would vote at annual stockholders meetings in favor of social justice. While his grassroots style took hold in American activism, his call to stockholders to share their power with disenfranchised working poor only began to take hold in U.S. progressive (social liberalism) circles in the 1990s, when shareholder actions were organized against American corporations." -- Wikipedia

What can we do to salvage our country and keep our freedoms?

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Health care for all? Higher taxes for all (for those who actually pay taxes)!

The debate has re-emerged across the country regarding universal health care, dividing those who have immersed themselves in history education and current events from those who continue about their lives relying on mainstream media and their government for vital information.

Warning! If you don't want more information that may sway your opinion from that of the mainstream media and your government, don't read further.

First, what is the cost of universal health care? In the '90s, the cost was estimated to start at about $30-60 billion. "The fiscal 2010 budget sets aside a "reserve fund" of $634 billion as a "down payment" on the costs of universal health care coverage over 10 years." ( Fox)

Where does this money come from? Undoubtedly, the source of the funds will be the and I. To understand this, you need to know the definition of universal health care.

"Universal health care is health care coverage that is extended to all eligible residents of a governmental region and often covers medical, dental, and mental health care.

Typically, most costs are met via single-payer health care system or national health insurance.

The common denominator for all such programs is some form of government action aimed at extending access to health care as widely as possible.

Most countries implement universal health care through legislation, regulation and taxation.

Legislation and regulation direct what care must be provided, to whom, and on what basis.

Usually some costs are borne by the patient at the time of consumption but the bulk of costs come from a combination of compulsory insurance and tax revenues.

Some programs are paid for entirely out of tax revenues.

In some cases, government involvement also includes directly managing the health care system." -- Wikipedia

We all heard the promises in Obama's campaign. Here is exactly what is on his website -- Barack Obama Campaign Site
1. Barack Obama will make health insurance affordable and accessible to all:
The Obama-Biden plan provides affordable, accessible health care for all Americans, builds on the existing health care system, and uses existing providers, doctors and plans to implement the plan.

2. Obama will lower health care costs:
The Obama plan will lower health care costs by $2,500 for a typical family by investing in health information technology, prevention and care coordination.

3. Promote public health:
Obama and Biden will require coverage of preventive services, including cancer screenings, and will increase state and local preparedness for terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

In an article published in 2007 on a website called Renew America, I found some interesting information regarding the cost of Universal Healthcare.

"While a recent New York Times/CBS News Poll finds a majority of Americans now say the federal government should provide health insurance to every American, there are strong indications that many who declare their support for government-funded universal heath care fail to understand what it would entail. The poll found "[s]ixty percent, including 62 percent of independents and 46 percent of Republicans, said they would be willing to pay more in taxes .... Half said they would be willing to pay as much as $500 a year more." But even if every person currently paying taxes were willing to pay an extra $500 a year, that wouldn't begin to cover the great costs involved in such a program.

Sven Larson, a policy analyst for the John William Pope Civitas Institute, notes all the ways these negatives would play out in a government-funded universal health care system, which is simply a form of socialized medicine.

It would outlaw private health insurance and give government bureaucrats the exclusive right to set reimbursement rates for physicians, clinics and hospitals. This would not only create supply shortages, but would also likely produce a black market health-care system.

It would transform the state into the sole purchaser of medical drugs and equipment, hampering cost containment and inviting corruption.

It would destroy professional freedom for medical professionals. The government would be the sole determiner of the number of medical professionals that could work.

It would of necessity cap health spending. According to data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, American health providers increase medical technology by 7 percent per year. Such increases are necessary if new technology is to make its way into hospitals and clinics. If the cap for a government-funded universal health-care system like the one proposed in California had been enacted nationwide in 1960, the cumulative effect would have been to lower current technological standards in hospitals to 1982 levels."

Another component to the equation is worded really well by the L.A. Times in 2007.

"Simply saying that people have health insurance is meaningless. Many countries provide universal insurance but deny critical procedures to patients who need them. Britain's Department of Health reported in 2006 that at any given time, nearly 900,000 Britons are waiting for admission to National Health Service hospitals, and shortages force the cancellation of more than 50,000 operations each year. In Sweden, the wait for heart surgery can be as long as 25 weeks, and the average wait for hip replacement surgery is more than a year. Many of these individuals suffer chronic pain, and judging by the numbers, some will probably die awaiting treatment. In a 2005 ruling of the Canadian Supreme Court, Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin wrote that "access to a waiting list is not access to healthcare."

Essentially, universal health care is socialized medicine, or an outreaching program of socialism. While I could probably summarize the definition of socialism Wikipedia does it best.

"Socialism refers to a broad set of economic theories of social organization advocating public or state ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and a society characterized by equal opportunities for all individuals, with a fair or egalitarian method of compensation.[1][2] Modern socialism originated in the late 19th-century intellectual and working class political movement that criticized the effects of industrialization and private ownership on society. Karl Marx posited that socialism would be achieved via class struggle and a proletarian revolution, and would represent a transitional stage between capitalism and communism."

That definition spells out what Obama is doing with our money. He is redistributing the wealth, turning our country into a welfare state.

Do you wonder what the Socialist Party officially states regarding universal health care? I was very curious, so I looked into it and found a page on the Socialist Party USA website.

"In order to promote a vision of, and program for, free and comprehensive health care for all, the National Committee of the Socialist Party USA has initiated a national campaign for socialized health care.

The Socialist Party stands for a socialized health care system based on universal coverage, salaried doctors and health care workers, and revenue derived from a steeply graduated income tax.

A national health care program with:

Comprehensive standard and alternative medical, dental, vision, and mental health coverage for all.
Publicly funded through progressive taxation
Controlled by democratically elected assemblies of health care workers and patients.
We call for a health care system that:

Emphasizes preventive care.

Respects patients’ privacy and gives special attention to the needs of people with physical or mental disabilities.

Conducts treatment and research unimpaired by sexism, racism, or homophobia.
We call for:

Full funding for AIDS research, prevention, and treatment.

Public ownership and worker and community control of the pharmaceutical industry.

Educational programs to help prevent drug addiction and for voluntary treatment programs for addicts and alcoholics and for the availability of free, sterile needles for those still using IV drugs.

Reinstatement of funding to community mental health services so that low-cost and no-cost treatment is available on a voluntary basis, with clients’ rights respected. (We oppose involuntary incarceration for treatment without due process)."

If you are still unconvinced that socialized medicine or universal health care is unacceptable, you need to take a look at the two sides (pros and cons) on Balanced Policics.Org. If that is no persuasive, you need to talk to someone in a country who has been living with universal health care, such as Canada. Find out how long they have to wait to get something done, how much it costs, how high their taxes are.

Say NO to universal health care!

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Pork In Washington...Big Surprise?

February 25, 2009 - 12:00 ET - Glenn Beck

1,000-plus-page spending bill includes hundreds of pages of earmarks - pet spending projects inserted by lawmakers, ranging from:

$185,000 for coral reef research and preservation in Maui County, Hawaii

$55,000 in meteorological equipment for Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Calif.

$9.9 million for science enhancement at historically black colleges in South Carolina.

In addition to the basic operations of government, the new budget includes 775 pages of earmarks, funding programs that include local museums, colleges and infrastructure projects.

Among the earmarked projects in the bill are $764,000 for the Lake George Watershed Protection Initiative in New York, requested by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, New York

$9.9 million for South Carolina's historically black colleges and universities, requested by House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn, South Carolina Democrat;

$1.1 million requested by Senate Republican Conference Chairman Lamar Alexander and Sen. Bob Corker, both of Tennessee, for water treatment plant improvements in Tennessee's Unicoi County, as well as $300,000 for a sewer extension project in another county.
Lakeside Collection pink logo and tag line # 46

Examples of Earmarks in the Omnibus

$713,625 Woody Biomass at SUNY-ESF. Walsh and Schumer sponsors

$951,500 Sustainable Las Vegas. Berkeley and Reid sponsors.

$24,000 A+ for Abstinence. Specter is sponsor.

$300,000 Montana World Trade Center. Rehberg sponsor.

$950,000 Myrtle Beach International Trade and Convention Center. Graham sponsor.

$200,000 Oil Region Alliance. Peterson sponsor.

$190,000 Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, WY for digitizing and editing the Cody collection. Barbara Cubin is the sponsor

$143,000 Las Vegas Natural History Museum, Las Vegas, NV, to expand natural history education programs. Sponsored by Harry Reid

$238,000 for the Polynesian Voyaging Society, Honolulu, HI, for educational programs. Sen. Daniel Inouye is the sponsor.

$381,000 for Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York, NY for music education programs. Jerrold Nadler is the sponsor.

Rep. Jerry Lewis of California, the top Republican on the House Appropriations Committee, would spend $3.8 million on a Needles, Calif., highway.

Sen. Thad Cochran of Mississippi, the top Republican on Senate Appropriations, backs earmarks including a $950,000 nature education center in Moss Point, Miss. He defends earmarks.

Glenn Beck

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Bilderbergs and Skull & Bones Society.

Recession Proof Jobs

"FBI Seeks More Geeks
January 9, 2009: The U.S. FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is on another hiring binge. With 30,200 employees (40 percent of them "special agents"), the FBI is looking for another 850 special agents, and 2,100 other specialists with scarce skills. With a recession going on, this is a good time to be recruiting computer specialists, although Arab linguists are still hard to find. But even the recession is even putting a few Arabic translators out of a job.
All this is in support of the war on terror, and also to replace the growing number of baby boomers who are retiring. The FBI is eager to increase the proportion of agents and support personnel possessing more foreign language and computer skills. This is critical as the FBI stations more personnel overseas. For nearly 70 years, the FBI has had a presence overseas. While the CIA was created half a century ago to specialize in collecting intelligence overseas (and is forbidden by law from doing that in the United States), the FBI always maintained some presence abroad. Even before September 11, 2001, the FBI was sending more agents overseas as part of domestic counter-terror operations. Currently, there are over 200 FBI personnel stationed overseas, in nearly fifty countries. The FBI usually operates out of the local U.S. embassy.

Back home, the FBI is responsible for detecting and defeating large scale computer crime operations. This is becoming a larger and larger responsibility, and the Bureau wants more people qualified to hunt down the cyber criminals, and build a criminal case against them." -- Strategy Page

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"Liberty, according to my a self-determining power in an intellectual agent. It implies thought and choice and power." -- John Adams

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nearly 5 million are getting unemployment benefits

Associated Press

WASHINGTON – The number of laid-off workers receiving unemployment benefits has jumped to an all-time high near 5 million while new jobless claims remain well above 600,000. Both figures were worse than expected and new projections from the Federal Reserve show unemployment rising for the rest of this year.

The Labor Department reported Thursday that the number of people receiving regular unemployment benefits rose 170,000 to 4.99 million for the week ending Feb. 7, marking the fourth straight week those receiving benefits have been at a record level on data going back to 1967.

The continuing claims figure also was significantly above the year-ago level of 2.77 million and underscored the difficulty people are having in this recession finding another job once they are laid off.

An additional 1.5 million people are receiving benefits under an extended unemployment compensation program approved by Congress last year, bringing the total number of people receiving unemployment benefits to 6.54 million for the week ending Feb. 7.

"The labor market is in disarray," said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's It's possible that job losses for all of February could total between 700,000 and 750,000 based on what weekly claims have done so far this month, he added.

Employers slashed a net total of 598,000 jobs in January, the most since 1974.

In other economic news, wholesale inflation surged unexpectedly in January, according to the Labor Department. Wholesale prices jumped 0.8 percent last month, the biggest gain since July and well above the 0.2 percent increase that economists expected.

The acceleration was led by a 3.7 percent surge in energy prices with gasoline prices jumping 15 percent, the biggest gain in 14 months. Even outside the volatile food and energy sectors, wholesale prices showed a bigger-than-expected increase, rising by 0.4 percent.

The New York-based Conference Board said its January index of leading economic indicators rose 0.4 percent, the second straight monthly gain. Economists expected no change in the index, which forecasts economic activity for the next three to six months based on 10 economic components, including stock prices, building permits and initial claims for unemployment benefits.

The Conference Board said the single biggest boost to the index was the real money supply. The government's effort to address the credit crisis has put more money in circulation. Other positive factors were the interest rate spread, an index of consumer expectations, and manufacturing orders for non-defense and consumer goods. Unemployment claims and building permits were among the biggest drags.

On Wall Street, stocks fell in afternoon trading. The Dow Jones industrial average lost more than 30 points, and broader indicators also slid.

New applications for unemployment benefits totaled 627,000 last week, the same as the previous week, according to the department. But that was still more than the 620,000 claims economists expected.

It also remained near the 631,000 claims filed three weeks ago, which was the highest tally since October 1982, when the economy was emerging from a steep recession, though the labor force has grown by about half since then. A year ago, initial claims stood at 342,000.

The four-week average for claims rose to 619,000 last week, up from 608,500 the previous week which was the first time the figure had topped 600,000 during the economic downturn.

By MARTIN CRUTSINGER, AP Economics Writer Martin Crutsinger, Ap Economics Writer – 56 mins ago
The cascade of layoff notices in recent weeks has heightened concerns about the current recession, already the longest in a quarter-century.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., said Wednesday it will cut nearly 5,000 jobs, or almost 7 percent of the biggest U.S. tire maker's work force, this year after it posted a fourth-quarter loss and revenue sank 21 percent. The cuts follow the elimination of about 4,000 jobs in the second half of last year.

General Motors Corp. and Chrysler on Tuesday filed plans with the government more than doubling their request for aid to a total of $39 billion and announced plans for thousands more job cuts. GM alone said it would cut 47,000 jobs globally by the end of the year — 19 percent of its work force, and Chrysler said it will cut 3,000 more jobs.

The Fed released a new economic forecast on Wednesday that reduced its growth forecast for 2009 and increased its unemployment rate projections. The new forecast predicts that unemployment will hit between 8.5 and 8.8 percent this year, up from the current level of 7.6 percent.

"The economy faces obstacles that are likely to work against a strong rebound of growth over the next several quarters," Dennis Lockhart, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and a voting member of the Fed's policymaking arm, said Thursday.

"Those obstacles include credit markets not yet returned to healthy functioning, a housing market still weighed down by an excess supply of homes for sale and low business and household confidence," he said in a speech in Alabama. "None of these is likely to turn around quickly."

President Barack Obama pointed to the deteriorating economy to win quick passage of an $787 billion economic stimulus program which he signed into law this week. On Wednesday, Obama unveiled a $75 billion program aimed at halting the surging level of mortgage foreclosures in the wake of the worst slump in housing in decades.

For the week ending Feb. 7, the states with the largest increases in jobless applications were Kentucky and Arkansas, which blamed the jumps on rising layoffs in the mining, trade and manufacturing industries. The biggest decreases were recorded in California and Tennessee, which reported fewer layoffs in the construction, trade, service and manufacturing industries.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fed downgrades economic forecast for this year

Associated Press

WASHINGTON: The Federal Reserve on Wednesday sharply downgraded its projections for the United States' economic performance this year, predicting the economy will actually shrink and unemployment will rise higher.

Under the new projections, the unemployment rate will rise to between 8.5 and 8.8 percent this year. The old forecasts, issued in mid-November, predicted the jobless rate would rise to between 7.1 and 7.6 percent.

The Fed also believes the economy will contract this year between 0.5 and 1.3 percent. The old forecast said the economy could shrink by 0.2 percent or expand by 1.1 percent.

The last time the economy registered a contraction for a full year was in 1991, by 0.2 percent. If the Fed's new predictions prove correct, it would mark the weakest showing since a 1.9 percent drop in 1982, when the U.S. had suffered through a severe recession.

The bleaker outlook represents the growing toll of the worst housing, credit and financial crises since the 1930s. All of those negative forces have plunged the nation into a recession, now in its second year.

"Given the strength of the forces currently weighing on the economy," Fed officials "generally expected that the recovery would be unusually gradual and prolonged," according to documents on the Fed's updated economic outlook.

Against that backdrop, unemployment — now at 7.6 percent, the highest in more than 16 years — will keep climbing and stay elevated for quite some time, the Fed predicted.

Fed officials anticipated that unemployment would remain "substantially" higher than normal at the end of 2011 "even absent further economic shocks."

The Fed forecast calls for the jobless rate to dip to between 8 and 8.3 percent next year, and to between 7.5 and 6.7 percent in 2011. All those projections are worse than the Fed's previous estimates and would put unemployment higher than the normal range around 5 percent.

Employment is usually the last piece of the economy to heal once the country is out of recession and in recovery mode. Businesses are usually reluctant to ramp up hiring until they feel confident that any recovery has staying power.

Under the Fed's new projections, the economy should grow between 2.5 and 3.3 percent next year. Fed officials "generally expected that strains in financial markets would ebb only slowly and hence that the pace of recovery in 2010 would be damped," according to the Fed documents.

Fed officials, however, predicted the economy would pick up speed in 2011, growing by as much as 5 percent, which would be considered robust.

Still, given all the economy's problems, there are risks that the Fed's forecasts could turn out to be too optimistic.

And a few Fed officials — none are identified — feared that it could take five or six years for the economy and employment to get back into a sustainable mode of health.

On the inflation front, the weak economy should mean that companies will keep a lid on price increases this year as they try to lure skittish consumers.

The Fed expects prices to rise between 0.3 and 1 percent this year, down from a projection of between 1.3 and 2 percent in the fall. Prices will pick up slightly in 2010 and 2011 as the economy strengthens.

For now, Fed officials are more worried about falling prices, than rising ones.

The Fed didn't use the word "deflation," which is a dangerous bout of falling prices, but officials noted "some risk of a protracted period of excessively low inflation."

Falling prices sound like a gift at first — at least to consumers. But a widespread and prolonged decline can wreak more havoc on the economy, dragging down Americans' wages, and clobbering already-stricken home and stock prices. Dropping prices already are hurting businesses' profits, forcing them to slice capital investments and lay off workers.

America's last serious case of deflation was during the Great Depression in the 1930s. Japan was gripped with a period of deflation during the 1990s, and it took a decade for that country to overcome those problems.


Why would the United States welcome nuclear waste from other countries? Unless it's for the all mighty dollar, there is no plus side.

H.R. 5632 was introduced in March 2008 to prohibit the importation of certain low-level radioactive waste into the United States but never made it past Introduction and was cleared from the books.

Now, H.R. 515, the Radioactive Import Deterrence Act has been introduced (January 14, 2009). It has presently made it through Introduction and is now in Committee. The committees it is in are the House Energy and Commerce committee and the House Ways and Means committee.

Who is for the dumping in Utah? Orrin Hatch, U.S. Senator from Utah. Why would he be in favor of the over 1600 tons of Italian Nuclear Waste being disposed of in Utah? It could be because of the $24,400 contributions from Energy Solutions for the 2008 election cycle and $23,400 for the 2006 election cycle.

For facts on the nuclear waste issue for Utah, click here.

To give the Nuclear Regulator Commission feedback stating that we believe it is wrong to be dumping nuclear waste from other countries in Utah or any other state, click here.

Please give Senator Hatch feedback stating your disapproval of his desire to accept nuclear waste in Utah (or any other state), by clicking here.

For information from the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, click here.

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Happy President's Day!

According to, "Washington's Birthday is the official name designated to what many of us know as President's Day. During the month of February the birthday of two of our greatest President's takes place. Both George Washington who was born on Feb. 22nd and Abraham Lincoln born on Feb. 12th.

However, Washington's birthday has been publicly celebrated since he was in office, before Abraham Lincoln was even born. Much of the debate over the name of the holiday springs from the fact that state's can follow their own holidays how they see fit and many of them chose to also honor Lincoln, calling the celebration President's Day.

It was in 1968 that the term President's Day came up for legal consideration in the Congress but was shot down, though the holiday was moved to fall between the two President's birthdays. Again in the 1980's there was a resurgence of the term with advertisers which solidfied the holiday name in American culture. Today, few Americans perfer to call the holiday Washington's Birthday in lieu of President's Day."

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732. When he was born, America was not a nation yet. It belonged to England, a country across the ocean. People in America didn't want to belong to England so they fought to become a separate country. George Washington was an American general in the war. America won the war and picked a new name for itself: The United States of America. George Washington was elected to be its first President. --

There are multiple sites that you can find for crafts and activities to do with your children during this holiday by simply doing a search on "President's Day". Take this opportunity to educate your children on each President of the United States of America and their contribution to our country. It's great to have the time with your child or children, so take advantage of the resources available and turn it into a learning/teaching experience. You may be surprised at what you will learn by their side.

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Mormon Messages.

Mormon Messages is a YouTube video channel that is the official channel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"Each week, Mormon Messages provide short video segments about the Church's basic beliefs, as well as inspiring stories and messages of hope. Watch these gospel-centered videos and then share them with family, friends and those of other faiths."

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Freedom and Democracy.

"Freedom exists only where the people take care of the government." -- Woodrow Wilson

"Democracy is a very simple principle, and those who speculate about its meaning are those who are not quite willing to accept it. The dictionary defines it as "the rule of the people." Not much more need be said about it." -- Bernard Smith

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Incident Watch. North Korea Test-Launching Long-Range Missles.

According to the Global Incident Map, the newest threats include all of the following...

Feb. 4, 2009 - IDAHO - Ada County Assessors Office Hazmat Scare A Hoax

Feb. 4, 2009 - COLORADO - 2 Apparent Pipe Bombs Found Behind Medical Clinic

Feb. 4, 2009 - TEXAS - Laredo Police Respond To Several False Bomb Threats

Feb. 4, 2009 - TEXAS - Austin Police Bomb Squad Investigates Suspicious Item

Feb. 4 2009 - TEXAS - I-45 Reopened After Bomb Disposal - 2 Pipe Bombs Found In Culvert

Feb. 4, 2009 - FLORIDA - Miami - Bomb Squad Called To Government Center package

Feb. 5, 2009 - MAINE - School In Poland Evacuated After More Than A Dozen Fall Ill

Feb. 5, 2009 - OHIO - Christian School Evacuated After Bomb Threat

Feb. 6, 2009 - UTAH - Man Arrested For Airport Bomb Joke

Feb. 8, 2009 - WASHINGTON State - Bomb Threat At Hospital In Burien

Feb. 8, 2009 - CALIFORNIA - Possible Bomb Reported In Tuolumne County

Feb. 8, 2009 - MASSACHUSETTS - Police Find Cache Of Weapons And Bomb Materials

Feb. 9, 2009 - WEST VIRGINIA - Bomb Found In Raleigh County Bank

Feb. 9, 2009 - KENTUCKY - Police Detonate Suspicious Package In Shively

Feb. 10, 2009 - OHIO - White Powder Mailed To Local Govt Office

Feb. 10, 2009 - NORTH DAKOTA - Bomb Threat Prompts GF County Office Building Evacuation

Feb. 10, 2009 - GEORGIA - Bomb Threat at Government Building

Feb. 10, 2009 - COLORADO - Suspicious White Powder Found At Federal Building In Fort Collins

Feb. 10, 2009 - NEW MEXICO - Powdery Substance Found At City Hall Mailroom - Ruled Harmless

Feb. 10, 2009 - CALIFORNIA - Ecoterrorists Allegedly Targeted UCLA Van

Feb. 10, 2009 - CALIFORNIA - Bomb Squad Explodes Device In Redwood City

Feb. 11, 2009 - OREGON - Police Evacuate Macys - Bomb Squad Called - 2 Packages

Feb. 10, 2009
By Jon Herskovitz

SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea appears to have made further preparations to test its longest-range Taepodong-2 missile as well as short-range missiles.

Here are questions and answers as to why North Korea might test launch one of its missiles:



If the launch is successful, North Korea will have a missile with a maximum estimated range of 6,700 km (4,200 miles), designed to carry a nuclear warhead that could hit U.S. territory, although not the continental 48 states. This would, for the first time, pose a direct security threat by the North to the United States.

The North, which already has hundreds of rudimentary missiles, would be able to test its multi-stage rocket systems and increase its ability to produce long-range missiles.


The only time North Korea has fired the missile was in 2006 when it managed just a few seconds of controlled flight and broke apart in less than a minute.

It has a crude multi-stage design and poor guidance system and takes weeks to prepare for launch. U.S. spy satellites can easily monitor the preparations and it should be relatively easy to destroy long before launch.

Experts have said North Korea does not yet have the technology to miniaturise a nuclear device to use as a warhead. But the North has been working on placing biological and chemical weapons on missiles.


North Korean short-range missiles, thought to number in the hundreds and with ranges of about 100-150 km (60-95 miles), can hit all of the Seoul area and many U.S. military bases in South Korea. They have been successfully tested.

North Korea times its short-range missile launches for periods of increased tension to send political messages. A launch would be intended to grab the attention of new U.S. President Barack Obama and could dominate the agenda of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is making a trip to Asia next week.

The North is also trying to put pressure on South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, who took office a year ago and has angered his destitute neighbour by cutting off what once had been a free flow of unconditional aid.


North Korea has several hundred Rodong missiles, with ranges that can hit all of South Korea and most of Japan. A launch of one of these ballistic missiles would violate international provisions and be much more provocative than a short-range test.


Another failed Taepodong-2 launch would be a major embarrassment for Pyongyang which has little beyond its military threat to win concessions from the outside world. That, and the high cost for the impoverished state, may make it reluctant to risk a second launch.

Its leaders may be happy to simply imply a threat by moving around missile-related equipment, knowing it will be seen by U.S. intelligence and raise alarm within the new U.S. government.

On the other hand, the international community has few options left to punish the North for a launch of any of its ballistic missiles. North Korea is already subject to U.N. sanctions stemming from its July 2006 ballistic missile test that included Rodong missiles and the Taepodong-2 and a nuclear test a few months after that.

The United States has already called for a suspension of aid promised under a six-way nuclear deal while Japan and South Korea have blocked channels that sent cash and food.


A short-range missile launch could happen at any time.

The North may time a Taepodong-2 or Rodong launch to coincide with a meeting on March 8 of its Supreme People's Assembly. Its state media has been heralding the event and the role leader Kim Jong-il will play. Kim suffered a suspected stroke in August that raised questions about his grip on power.

It would be difficult for the North to launch a Taepodong-2 by the time of Kim's 67th birthday on February 16. Another possible date is April 25, the anniversary of its Korea People's Army.

(Editing by Alex Richardson)

Stimulus pared to $789 billion in race for deal - Associated Press

By DAVID ESPO, AP Special Correspondent

WASHINGTON – House and Senate negotiators agreed to pare economic stimulus legislation below $800 billion and reached for a final deal with the White House on Wednesday on a bill designed to create millions of jobs in a nation reeling from recession.

"Time's getting short," said Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, one of a handful of Senate moderates whose votes are crucial to the bill's passage.

As if to underscore the urgency, President Barack Obama said executives at Caterpillar Corp. told him they would rescind some of the 22,000 layoffs they recently announced once the stimulus is signed into law.

Several Democratic officials said there was an informal deadline of Wednesday afternoon for at least tentative agreement on an overall bill, a time that coincided with a scheduled formal meeting of House and Senate negotiators.

The real decisions were made in Capitol office suites where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other key lawmakers, often joined by White House officials and their own aides, worked late Tuesday night and picked up again in the morning.

Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., one of the negotiators, said there was agreement to hold the bill to $789 billion, tens of billions below the cost of both the House and Senate bills that had cleared in recent days, and that 35 percent of the total would be in the form of tax cuts.

The reductions in the bill's size caused grumbles among liberal Democrats, who described them as a concession to the moderates, particularly Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., who are under pressure from conservative Republicans to hold down spending.

The principal components of the emerging measure included money to help victims of the recession, as much as $44 billion in aid for states, which face cuts of their own as a result of lower tax receipts, and the president's proposed tax cut for lower and middle-income wage earners.

Officials said there was agreement to accept the White House's call to provide the tax break to workers who pay Social Security taxes but do not earn enough to owe income taxes, although it was possible the amount would be scaled back somewhat. The president sought $500 for individuals and $1,000 for couples.

Working to accommodate the new, lower overall limit of the bill, negotiators effectively wiped out a Senate-passed provision for a new $15,000 tax credit to defray the cost of buying a home, these officials said. The agreement would allow taxpayers to deduct the sales tax paid on new car purchases, but not the interest on loans for the same vehicles.

It also appeared a compromise was in the works on the administration's demand for school construction funds. Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, told reporters that $6 billion would be set aside, and officials said it would be limited to repair and modernization work.

With numerous demands for the funds in the bill, lawmakers worked to satisfy competing demands.

A Senate-passed provision giving $10 billion to the National Institutes of Health for research — a favorite of both Harkin and Specter, appeared likely to survive.

The officials who described the negotiations did so on condition of anonymity, saying they were not authorized to disclose the details of the closed-door negotiations.

Obama has spoken out repeatedly in recent days to urge Congress to act quickly in the face of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

"We're at the doorstep of getting this plan through Congress, but the work is not over," he said in Springfield, Va., where he visited a construction site.

Even after the measure becomes law, he said, the challenge will be to effectively make use of the funds in an "endeavor of enormous scope and scale."

Republicans, too, took note of the size of the bill, and they said it included billions that would be wasted.

The original House bill, with a price tag of $820 billion, passed without a single Republican vote.

The $838 billion Senate bill that cleared on Tuesday had the backing of only three of 41 Republicans — but that was enough to give it the 60 votes it needed.

Collins told reporters she hoped fellow GOP lawmakers would reconsider when the final compromise comes to a vote "rather than just reflexively oppose this."

She said the negotiators had "tightened and scrubbed it" to eliminate wasteful spending.


Associated Press Writers Andrew Taylor and Ben Feller contributed to this story.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

God In America

With God being taken out of many arenas around America, it is important to realize that the Founding Fathers realized that the liberty and freedoms of the United States of America was made possible by our Supreme Creator, or "God".

So, where is God in Washington (as many people are asking that with the current circumstances)?

The Washington Monument.

"Laus Deo" is inscribed on the East face of the aluminum point which crowns the apex of the Washington Monument. "Laus Deo" means "praise (be) to God". "And from that vantage point one can also easily see the original plan of the designer, Pierre Charles l'Enfant ... a perfect cross imposed upon the landscape ... with the White House to the North, the Jefferson Memorial to the South, the Capitol to the East, and the Lincoln Memorial to the West." --

While there is no evidence of God or Jesus located in the United States Constitution, we do have the words "one Nation under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance.

According to, the following is the history of how those words were placed into the pledge.

"The Pledge of Allegiance was written in August 1892 by the socialist minister Francis Bellamy (1855-1931). It was originally published in The Youth's Companion on September 8, 1892. Bellamy had hoped that the pledge would be used by citizens in any country.

In its original form it read:

"I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

In 1923, the words, "the Flag of the United States of America" were added. At this time it read:

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

In 1954, in response to the Communist threat of the times, President Eisenhower encouraged Congress to add the words "under God," creating the 31-word pledge we say today. Bellamy's daughter objected to this alteration. Today it reads:

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Section 4 of the Flag Code states:

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag: "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.", should be rendered by standing at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. When not in uniform men should remove any non-religious headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart. Persons in uniform should remain silent, face the flag, and render the military salute."

According to, "the vast majority of the framers of our Constitutional system were church-going, professing Christians. Dr. M.E. Bradford of the University of Dallas researched their church membership and found that 28 of those 55 delegates were Episcopalian, 8 were Presbyterians, 7 were Congregationalists, 2 were Lutherans, 2 were Dutch-reformed, 2 were Methodists, and 2 were Roman-Catholic." There are only three out of 55 that were called "deists" or skeptics.

This same source states that "Not only were those founding fathers actively affiliated with Christian churches, but they looked to the Bible as their primary source of authority."

The Federalist Papers were a series of essays written by John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison that were published in local newspapers in New York to explain the Constitution and to urge people to support its ratification.

One of the statements recorded from John Jay..."On one occasion I was at a party with several atheists. They spoke freely and contemptuously of religion. During the course of it, one of them asked me if I believed in Christ. I answered that I did, and that I thanked God that I did. Nothing further passed between me and them or any of them on that subject."

Alexander Hamilton, prior to his duel with Aaron Burr, wrote in his last letter to his wife, "The scruples of a Christian have determined me to expose my own life to any extent rather than subject myself to the guilt of taking another. This much increases my hazards and redoubles my pangs for you. But you would rather I should die innocent than live guilty. Heaven can preserve me, and I humbly hope will. But on the contrary event, I charge you to remember that you are a Christian. God's will be done. The will of a merciful God must be good. Once more, adieu, my darling, darling wife. Alexander Hamilton".

If anyone attempts to state that God is not part of the origins of America, that is completely false. God IS the ONLY reason we have the liberties and the freedoms that are currently part of our daily lives in the United States of America.

Along with the knowledge that we have a Supreme Creator, which means that we are not the "all powerful" ones, Christianity insists on higher moral standards for the people governing the Nation. Without God as a component in this government system, the moral standards of our governing authorities are quickly disintegrating.

By concluding that we are "one Nation under God", moral standards will be elevated to a level that is expected of those who are supposed to be speaking on behalf of the citizens of this "indivisible" Nation for "liberty and justice for all".

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hello!? Hear US...Your Constituents!

As many of my regular readers know, I am very much against the "stimulus package", "rescue package", "spending package", or any other name you give what is going on in Washington right now. The whole thing just gives me a stomachache and makes my head feel like it's going to explode!

Is it just me, or has Washington gone completely insane...completely twilight-zone madness! If it was not clear prior to elections that there needs to be a massive overhaul in Washington, it should be completely clear with the current situation.

It seems that each of the "Representatives" and/or "Senators" have some of their own debts to pay-off and they are doing so on the taxpayers dollar. All of these companies they have election connections with are receiving "stimulus" through the current package. They are giving no thought to those who they are supposed to be speaking for. It's just a huge spending orgy! Where is our voice?!!

Obviously, we could shout from the rooftops that we are disgusted with what is going on with the special interest sections of this package (that seem to consume the larger portion of the package), but who would care? Senators? President Obama? Hello?!!

Even if this "pork" is legal, isn't it unethical? In my book, illegal and unethical fall into the exact same category...just plain WRONG!

Why is it that members of Congress get to keep their jobs and even offer themselves a raise when they have not been representing their constituents (which is their job and should be their #1 priority because that is the only reason they have a job in the first place)!?

How hard is it to put rules and regulations on money that is given out in "stimulus" so that we don't wind up losing $78 Billion like we did in the TARP (along with the other portions that went toward company luxuries and salaries, etc.)? What is going on? Is it just me or does it seem like the country has gone mad?!!

First, I had more faith in the people than to think that they would vote for such knuckleheads to begin with...I was wrong. Secondly, I had faith that they must have someone working on TARP that would keep track of the money and make sure it was used in a way that would actually go toward helping the American people. Again, slapped in the face, I was wrong. I am beginning to see that I cannot have faith in the system that is currently in place (or not in place as the case may be).

The question now is, what can we do to save our country?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

$150 Million In Stimulus To The Honeybees?

This is an important letter that was sent to me by Senator John Cornyn, Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

"Natasha --

The seriousness of our economic situation is no joking matter.

Which is why Republicans stuck together to block the Senate Democrats from using the Economic Stimulus Plan to pay off their special interest debts and fund wasteful programs.

But we're not in the clear yet. We need your help today to stop the Democrats from trying to force bloated, wasteful spending into a much needed stimulus proposal. Please follow this link to sign our "Stop the Waste" petition.

We need to get the economy going again and create new jobs.

But the $800 billion plan the Democrats brought to the Senate was riddled with wasteful spending and pork-barrel special interest payoffs that would have left a mountain of debt for future generations.

The Democrat plan included $70 million for super computers to research climate change, $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts, $335 million to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, $150 million to insure honeybee farmers, and $20 million to remove fish barriers in rivers.

We need to make sure the Democrats know that Americans are tired of playing politics with our future -- by signing the "Stop the Waste" petition, you can make your voice heard.

By sticking together and standing for our principles, we've forced the Democrats to come back to the bargaining table and come up with a stimulus plan that is targeted on economic growth and jobs and that won't mortgage our future by piling up pork-barrel spending.

Now, we need to make sure the Democrats actually keep their end of the bargain.

Please help us continue our groundswell of opposition to their ideas of wasteful, bloated proposals by forwarding my email to at least five of your friends and family members.

We need stimulus for our economy, but as a taxpayer, I'm not willing to write a blank check to the Democrats in Congress and hope they'll spend it wisely.

So please help us remind the Democrats that voters are outraged by their wasteful proposals and demand a common-sense stimulus plan with spending targeted only on initiatives that will grow the economy.

The Democrats plan to act soon. Please don't delay in making your voice heard. Click here and sign our pledge today. Thank you.


Senator John Cornyn
National Republican Senatorial Committee

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Obama's Justice Pick Supports Porn Rights


Obama's Justice pick supports porn 'rights'
Ogden's clientele, legal arguments, raise alarms

Posted: February 03, 2009
8:58 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

President Obama has expressed his belief the U.S. Constitution should be interpreted through the lens of current events and now he's apparently preparing to install as a senior official at the U.S. Justice Department a lawyer who goes one step further, advocating for constitutional protections for abortionists, pornographers and protesters.

The evaluation of Justice Department nominee David Ogden, who would be deputy to Attorney General Eric Holder, comes from Fidelis, a consortium of organizations working to promote religious freedom, values of human life and the institutions of marriage and the family.

"Ogden is an abortion-on-demand absolutist. He opposes common sense restrictions on abortion, including policies that have significant support from the American people, such as parental notification by minors," the organizations said in a report today.

Also, "Ogden is an absolutist on pornography and obscenity. He opposes common sense restrictions on the ability of pornography peddlers to sell their products. He believes pornography users have a constitutional right to view pornography at a public library."

Additionally, "He believes private property owners' right to exclude protesters from their property must yield to the protesters' free speech right."

And he "supports a 'living Constitution' that changes to fit the latest fad of the intelligentsia," the report said.

Ogden's belief system appears to align with the sentiments expressed by Obama earlier. WND has reported Obama believes the Constitution is flawed because it does not mandate redistribution of wealth and he says the Supreme Court should have intervened years ago to accomplish that.

Obama also repeatedly has stated his desire for empathetic judges who "understand" the plight of minorities. In a 2007 speech to Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider, he said, "We need somebody who's got the heart, the empathy, to recognize what it's like to be a young teenage mom. The empathy to understand what it's like to be poor, or African-American, or gay, or disabled, or old. And that's the criteria by which I'm going to be selecting my judges."

Fidelis called Obama's nomination of Ogden, who was described as a "skilled manager" when his name was suggested for the Justice Department's No. 2 post, a "major mistake."

"David Ogden is a hired gun from Playboy and ACLU," said Brian Burch, president of the pro-family group. "He can't run from his long record of opposing common sense laws protecting families, women, and children. The United States Senate has a responsibility to the American people to insure that Mr. Ogden's full record is fully reviewed before any vote on his nomination."

The group's extensive research on Ogden cites his work on behalf of homosexuality in Lawrence vs. Texas, for Playboy and Penthouse on issues involving pornography and his representation of a company that distributes videos titled "Bubblegum cuties," "Sweet young things," "Young girls" and "Fresh and young."

"He has opposed filters on library computers protecting children from Internet smut, and successfully defended the right of pornographers to produce material with underage children," Burch said.

"Ogden even sued the federal government in an attempt to publish Braille versions of Playboy magazine – at taxpayer expense, of course," he said.

The report said Ogden has argued for the treatment of traditional definitions of marriage as a "social prejudice."

"At a time when America's families are under increasing assault, Mr. Ogden is a dangerous choice for a position whose responsibilities include the enforcement of our nation's laws," Burch said.

Fidelis spokesman Joshua Mercer told WND one of the major worries is that children should be protected from online sex predators and Ogden's position goes beyond free speech absolutism.

"There is no such thing as free speech to yell 'fire' in movie theaters," he said. "Child porn is not free speech either. It's disheartening that the president would pick someone with that kind of radical views of human sexuality. You don't want him as the No. 2 at Justice."

According to the Washington Post, which reported on Ogden's work leading the transition team at the Justice Department, he has "sterling Democratic credentials" and knowledge of the department from his work as chief of staff to ex-Attorney General Janet Reno.

Ogden, a partner at WilmerHale in Washington, D.C., also ran the department's civil division under President Clinton.

But among other criticisms, has reported Ogden authored a brief in the U.S. Supreme Court arguing there were no negative effects from an abortion.

He wrote, "When women do experience regret, depression, or guilt, such feelings are mild and diminish rapidly without adversely affecting general functioning." He blamed those who have "negative" responses to abortion on "pre-existing emotional problems."

That would align with Obama's campaign statement that he didn't want his daughters "punished" with a son or daughter.

Fidelis, which has a Catholic-based value system and includes a flagship 501c4 group for lobbying and public education, a political action group, a Center for Law and Policy and the Fidelis Media Fund, has released its research online, calling Ogden an "Obscene Choice."

The report, replete with links to Ogden's actual court pleadings, confirm he has sought to push homosexuals in the military, extend racial preferences, oppose parental abortion notification, fought the Children's Internet Protection Act and more.

"In all of these cases he has demonstrated a troubling approach to judicial decision-making. Ogden supports a 'living Constitution' that changes to fit the latest fad of the intelligentsia," Fidelis said. "He believes that judges should rely heavily on social science when making decisions, that they should be 'compassionate' and partial to 'suffering' litigants, that they need not follow the Founders' intent for the Constitution, and that they should consider 'worldwide consensus' and international law when making their decisions. Click Here For Remainder of Story at www.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Patriotism and Protectionism

With the conflicts being considerable during these days of various stimulus or rescue plans and the economic issues severely affecting the United States of America and virtually every other global economy, it is important to understand the terms being tossed about in media discussion, often times being undefined and misused.

What is protectionism?

"Protectionism is the economic policy of restraining trade between nations, through methods such as tariffs on imported goods, restrictive quotas, and a variety of other restrictive government regulations designed to discourage imports, and prevent foreign take-over of local markets and companies. This policy is closely aligned with anti-globalization, and contrasts with free trade, where government barriers to trade are kept to a minimum." -- Wikipedia

What is patriotism?

"Patriotism is commonly defined as love of and/or devotion to one's country...Among the ancient Greeks, patriotism consisted of notions concerning language, religious traditions, ethics, law and devotion to the common good, rather than pure identification with a nation-state...Scholar J. Peter Euben writes that for the Greek philosopher Socrates, "patriotism does not require one to agree with everything that his country does and would actually promote analytical questioning in a quest to make the country the best it possibly can be."...individual responsibility to fellow citizens is an inherent component of patriotism...Patriotism implies a value preference for a specific civic or political community." -- Wikipedia

Essentially this means that to want to have products and services created by our own country, this amazing United States of America, and to desire to have those jobs available to our citizens is essentially patriotic. We are not necessarily saying that we do not want to have success in other countries or that we do not want to continue to trade with other countries. However, we are saying that we want our own country to thrive and our own citizens to live well, with availability in our economy for their means to be met with honest work on products and services we can be truly proud of.

The desire to promote products and services that are made in the U.S.A. is a patriotic duty, a desire for America to succeed and flourish.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Americanism and Protectionism Revived.

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Dallas Federal Reserve President Richard Fisher warned on Monday against "Buy America" provisions in a proposed fiscal stimulus law and said it could lead to devastating trade protectionism.

"Let me just be blunt. Protectionism is the crack cocaine of economics. It may provide a high. It's addictive and it leads to economic death," Fisher told C-Span television in an interview for its "Washington Journal" program."

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will meet again on Monday with top regulators and also with the chairman of the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee to discuss how to move ahead with an economic recovery plan.

The Treasury department said Geithner will meet Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chairman Sheila Bair and Comptroller of the Currency John Dugan to continue talks on financial and regulatory reform.

Treasury said the meeting with Bernanke, Bair and Dugan was to "continue ongoing discussions about financial and regulatory reform."

The Obama administration is trying to come up with a plan for stabilizing the banking system at the same time that it is attempting to persuade Congress to approve a nearly $900-billion stimulus plan through Congress by mid-February."

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Facing opposition from Republican lawmakers to parts of his economic recovery plan, President Barack Obama called Democratic Congressional leaders to a meeting on Monday to drive home his message of urgency.

With hundreds of thousands of Americans losing their jobs, many their homes, and a rapidly shrinking economy, Obama is under pressure to move swiftly to get his nearly $900 billion plan through Congress by mid-February.

Senior Republican senators warned on Sunday their party was unlikely to back the stimulus bill without changes to cut waste and to ensure the package provides an immediate boost to the deteriorating economy."

Illinois Wouldn't Receive Stimulus With Blago In Governance

There is an interesting piece of information that I ran upon regarding a link between Blago, impeached Governor of Illinois, and the stimulus/rescue package. Did you know that Illinois would not receive any stimulus money unless Blagojevich was ousted?

"None of the funds provided by this Act may be made available to the State of Illinois, or any agency of the State, unless (1) the use of such funds by the State is approved in legislation enacted by the State after the date of the enactment of this Act, or (2) Rod R. Blagojevich no longer holds the office of Governor of the State of Illinois.The preceding sentence shall not apply to any funds provided directly to a unit of local government (1) by a Federal department or agency, or (2) by an established formula from the State."

Did he receive proper and lawful treatment? I'm not sure.

Illinois Wouldnt Get Any Stimulus Money

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sabbath Day, February 1, 2009

Change is all around us. These changes are but the beginning of what is to come.

Keep hope strong because the end of times is near. Keep faith in our Lord Jesus Christ that you will be protected and that your family will be protected.

Prepare yourself, your home, your life, so that you will be optimally prepared for what is to come. If you do these things, you will have no reason to fear.

Prepare your spirit. Read your scriptures, attend meetings, attend the temple, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Prepare your home, utilized all of the emergency preparedness resources available to protect yourself and your family from emergencies (large and small) and from disasters.

Prepare your personal and family economic circumstances so that if you lose a job you will not be in debt and lose your home as well.

Prepare so that you will have The Spirit involved in all of your relationships and in your involvement and interaction with your fellow men.

There is a great divide growing. Even those in The Church are being divided by the developments of recent days and years. Prove yourself strong and valiant and live according to what you know to be correct and add every needful thing that the Prophets and Apostles add to the task.

Even the hardest of times on this earth are only for a short time and we will never be asked for more than we can give.

The rewards will be such that we will look back at our time on Earth and know that either we could have done more or that we did all we could and lived to the fullest. The time here is short and is winding down.

When you see your Savior and your Father in Heaven again, will you be looking forward to running to them with outstretched arms or will you be dreading it, cowarding because you knew you didn't fulfill your highest measure of yourself while on this Earth.

Even with the end of times coming upon us and speedily making its path known, our time could be sooner that we leave this Earth. Your time could be in the next second, the next hour, the next day, month or year. Prepare yourself on a daily basis.

We live in a human existence, so realize that you will be searching for perfection throughout this life. It is in the learning of the lessons, often by our mistakes, that we grow. Everyone on this Earth is human and makes mistakes, no matter what their office in The Church or in the land. Realize that and constantly search for your own lessons toward perfection. No one is better or lesser than you. We are all in this experience together.

Get involved in the world around you and know that by serving your fellow men you are serving your Savior, serving your God. Prove yourself to be the highest measure of self while on this Earth. Your rewards will be eternal.

I testify of these things and that it is not time to live in fear, but that it is time to live in hope, faith, and righteous actions. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.