Saturday, October 29, 2016

Global Apocalypse 2016?

I know I'm not the only one out there who is feeling an energy rising that is going to lead to the apocalypse.  It's a feeling that keeps stabbing at me, telling me that we are being lead down a path of no return.  It's a feeling that runs through my brain and body day and night. I know there are a lot of you out there who are feeling the same thing and who are not even telling their closest friends and family.

My feelings are that no matter which way the election tilts, violence will ensue and that will give the powers that be excuse to buckled don't their control and hence taking away much of our freedom.

The peaceful freedoms enjoyed by American citizens are on the brink of destruction.  We think we enjoy these freedoms but we are manipulated by media. The media are owned by the powers that are pulling the puppet strings. What is real and what is just the reality that we are being lead to believe.

Example # 1: "the latest craze in Moscow -- is to find the nuclear launch codes and deactivate a hidden red button, which has already been pressed by a mad Russian general." - CNN

The above is from CNN. Is this an actual situation or is it fear mongering? I don't know.  Do you? Unless we have an in into the situation, we won't ever know the truth. Can we actually believe any of the leaders that have told us anything about this situation?

The drill that Russia performed, the nuclear drill, that the media emphasized was preparing for an imminent disaster...was it really preparing for an imminent nuclear situation?

"state-run television has sent mixed signals about the drill. RT, which operates an English-language broadcast geared for Western viewers but funded by the Russian government, claims the drills are routine and held yearly since 2012, and that 4 October is the country's Civil Defense Day. RT claims that in 2013, a similar drill was even larger in scale:This year’s exercise is not exceptional in terms of scale. For example, the drill of 2013 involved over 60 million people."  - Snopes

Because of Russia's human rights abuses in Syria, it has been kicked off the U.N. Human Rights Council. At this point, I don't think that they care.

While I don't doubt that Russia is bound to instigate the nuclear cascade, I also wouldn't be surprised by other players, namely North Korea, Iran or China.  All of these have been colluding in recent years against the United States.

The war on faith is being felt on a global scale. Is that being publicized through the media?  No. Instead, what gets publicized is the instances where the agenda of the puppet masters is interrupted, showing what might happen to you if you don't comply. The fear mongering. The hate. The violence.

War on family has been executed since the dawn of man, but as of late, new demons have been mixing with old to push the agenda deeper, quicker. The process of pushing out family values and the family unit has been pushed by the agenda of the puppet masters through groups who have been posing as those who care about LGBT rights.  As we all know, the puppet masters don't actually care except that these groups help move their agenda forward, The victims of those people who get in the mix don't actually matter to these puppet masters.  Hence this...

"Over a period of a few decades, activists for the LGBT movement transitioned steadily from their initial demands for equal protection under the law to demands for gay marriage, to denaturing the very construct of humanity by insisting on a gender free society, to promoting the right to force society at large to accept as infallible an individual’s ability to discern and to declare one’s self to be whatever sex one chooses. 

To put it another way, the LGBT agenda will brook no contradiction from the rest of us mere mortals to argue about the inerrant inner light of the gods and goddesses who declare themselves to have divine ability to transform themselves into any sex they wish to be. The “right” to be or not to be man or woman resulted in the fanatical demand that bathrooms must be retrofitted to conform to “gender free” standards, meaning that in practice either sex could use public facilities as they wished, including those who are physically men but believe themselves to be women." -American Thinker

With the willingness to incite violence if either party wins the election, people are being drawn out and influenced to amp up the talk into action. 

Even with all of these things going on around us, we still have the choice to act well.  We have the choice to be good to each other.  We still have the choice to believe that the human race can change its course.

Encourage your neighbors to join you in preparedness. Prepare supplies of food and water that you can regularly rotate but would help sustain you and your family for days, weeks, months at a time if there were an emergency.  

Love one another.

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