Thursday, November 12, 2015

UFO, Friday the 13th, Indian Ocean

It's interesting that conspiracy comes from just about anything these days.  Yes, there are UFO's, some of which are most definitely not of this world or are very mysterious.   However, the end?
Here's information regarding the UFO that is to crash into the Indian Ocean on Friday the 13th.  

"MYSTERY OBJECT TO HIT EARTH ON FRIDAY THE 13TH: A piece of space junk named "WT1190F" is going to hit Earth on Nov. 13th (0620UT). It will burn up in the atmosphere off the coast of Sri Lanka, with some debris possibly reaching the water's surface. According to the European Space Agency, "its mass is not sufficient to cause any threat to the area, but the show will still be spectacular, since for a few seconds the object will become quite bright in the noon sky." Astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell told Nature that "the object is only 1 to 2 metres in size, and its trajectory shows that it has a low density, and is perhaps hollow. That suggests an artificial object, 'a lost piece of space history that's come back to haunt us." At the moment, suspicions are focused on old Moon missions. For instance, it could be a spent rocket stage or lunar module from the Apollo program. Perhaps the impact itself will provide some clues. Stay tuned!"

UFO to crash into the Indian Ocean on November 13: Is it the end?

"Here is all you should definitely know about it:
  • The object is set to crash in the Indian Ocean, around 65 kilometres off the south of Sri Lanka
  • It is up to 7 feet long. According to the scientists, it could also be a piece of rocket from a recent lunar mission, or a part of an Apollo program spacecraft that has been into the space for over 40 years, or even a piece of Saturn V rocket which enabled man to walk on the moon, which was reported orbiting Earth in 2002
  • The contact of this object with the surface of the Earth will be a rare opportunity to observe its impact
  • The object was rediscovered by astronomers at the Catalina Sky Survey, earlier in October
  • Astronomers at the European Space Agency (ESA) are now monitoring the space junk's journey
  • The agency said that WT1190F 'poses very little risk to anyone'
  • Its collision will also help scientists improve the understanding of how space objects, man-made or natural, interacts with Earth's atmosphere
  • Researchers also say that the object's movement suggests that it is hollow inside."

"Despite claiming to see a UFO/drone, no concrete evidence was discovered to support the claims. Officers of the Intelligence Bureau, Bureau for Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), Delhi Police, and the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) met to discuss the event and the IAF has been advised to keep strict vigil. It is interesting to note that the Delhi Police has prohibited the use of any laser beams or similar objects, by an individual or group, in and around the IGI airport. If eye-witness incidents are to be believed, this is a direct violation of the law. But the more important question is about the origins of these flying objects and laser beams. Some mysterious space junk, dubbed a UFO, is about to crash into the Indian Ocean on November 13, 2015. But the sightings at IGI were no ordinary space debris. It will be naive of us to dismiss this as an act of mischief. But to fuel theories regarding UFO sightings will only please the conspiracy camp, and upset the other lot."

Double Doubt The Following...
"The mystery metallic object is expected to crash into the sea on Friday, November 13, which is the third Friday 13 this year.
The high number of Friday 13s this year - there was one in 2014 and just one next year -  has sent some religious conspiracy theorists into overdrive.
They claim, while the impact may not lead to the end of the world itself, it could be a sign before the "Second Coming of Christ and Judgement Day."
Although astronomers have yet to identify the source of the mystery space debris, it is believed to have been part of something we once sent into space which has come back to haunt us."

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