Monday, October 29, 2012

Obama's New Campaign Stop. Campaign Speech at FEMA Headquarters.

As you can clearly see, or in the way that Obama would put it, "Let me be perfectly clear", Obama has taken the opportunity to finally "act" like a president as he places himself in front of (the pinned up edge, to make it visible) of an American flag in front of FEMA officials at the National Response Coordination Center at FEMA Headquarters to speak to the American people about the incoming super storm called Sandy that may be mixing with a Winter storm in a state near you.

I am not downplaying the behemoth storm.  That is not what this post is about and there will be follow-up posts on the severity of the storm and on storm tracking.

If you don't realize that this action is rare, you have been living under a rock or under the Obama spell.  Obama has not been in front of a camera, visiting a FEMA center, caring for the American people, or even acting presidential, telling the truth about something during his entire presidency, other than the casual photo-op type visits since August 2011, which have been post-storm visits.  This is definitely a campaign move that his staff must feel is going to touch more of the nation than a regular campaign stop using a stump speech.

Here is his, oh so presidential, appearance at FEMA.

What do you think about this appearance? The only other appearances he has made at the FEMA Command Center have been since August 2011, which obviously spells 

C A M P A I G N   S E A S O N   S T R A T E G Y 

and also makes me want to barf. Why can't we have a president that acts like a president even prior to being elected...hint, hint. Such as Romney addressing Libya for what it was and what the administration is still covering up.  Anyone else see something else with this?

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