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Islamic Terror Attacks for August 2012 & the Truth About Political Islam

By Kerry Patton:
By now, people realize that something very mysterious is taking place globally. That something isn’t just a default caused by elected officials—inept protectors.  No.  It is a very complex unseen phenomenon called subversion.  And, it’s happening right before our very eyes.
Earlier in the week, it was noted that Spain could be on the brink of a civil war. Many Spaniards protested claims made in the article and even more claimed I knew nothing of which I was speaking.  Maybe I don’t but that is subjective and truth be told, I admit I know very little about the geo-political atmospherics taking place in places like Spain.
But, I do know how subversive activities work through years of studying and operating against aggressive and incredibly threatening agents who have done everything to destroy not only the United States but our allies across the globe.
What I do know is the fact that a global series of protests have unfolded over the past year. How did these protests come together? What sparked hundreds of thousands of persons around the globe to actually take to the streets in protest? What were they actually protesting about? Do they even know why they were protesting?
This is how subversion, or what my very good friend Kent Clizbe calls in his book Willing Accomplices as covert influence, works—something the Russians have mastered. Subversion is very active yet striking persons in an incredibly passive, almost nonchalant, way. Again, you cannot feel the activity, taste it, touch it, or smell it—you can only be conditioned to it.
Many living in this world have embraced a very unique subversive action meant to overthrow current nation states. But these passive players often have no clue what or who is truly behind the ordeal nor do they truly understand why they truly are participating in activities they would normally have nothing to do with.
When grass roots initiatives blossom into large scale global endeavors, it is easy to infiltrate institutions along with social or political systems. The Muslim Brotherhood is doing this every day as we speak and we know this due to their document of infiltration operations known as The project.
But others have sought to infiltrate institutions and have succeeded long before the Muslim Brotherhood had. The Communist party spread throughout the world and infiltrated virtually every global institution known.
But infiltrating an institution is only part of the subversive game. Remember the Russian Spy network which Anna Chapman was part of? Their entire intent was to infiltrate powerful institutions like the US government and our media. Once they infiltrated and got the ear of some high ranking persons, they would socially condition those assets who would later embrace a threatening ideology.
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Kerry Patton, a combat disabled veteran, is the author of Sociocultural Intelligence: The New Discipline of Intelligence Studies and the children’s book American Patriotism. You can follow him on Facebook or at
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STATUS UPDATE:  I have been moved to a safe house while the FBI investigates numerous death threats against me,  4 Pakistani newspapers wrongfully published that I was “the filmmaker” behind “The Innocence of Muslims”.  An Islamic terrorist organization has ordered my death, and a bounty has been placed on my head.  This rumor, associating me with the film, was intentionally planted by those who wish to silence me, after I published several articles, naming names and making connections between THE ISLAMIC CENTER OF MURFREESBORO, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.  PLEASE SUPPORT ME AS I’VE GONE UNDERGROUND: -  I will not be silenced.  I may have physically gone underground, but I will continue to write these articles, use radio, and any and all media to expose the truth about Political Islam and those who try to advance this brand of tyranny in America.

List of Islamic Terror Attacks For August, 2012

2012.08.30PakistanQuetta30Sunnis spray a car carrying a Shia judge with
automatic fire, killing three occupants.
2012.08.30AfghanistanBaraki Barak510Islamic radicals fire a rocket into a bus stop,
killing five civilians.
2012.08.30ThailandYala10A Buddhist trader sitting in his truck is shot and
beheaded by Muslim militants.
2012.08.29ThailandYala10Islamic ‘separatists’ shoot a man in the head as he
is eating noodles.
2012.08.29AfghanistanLogar10A woman is killed inside her home by a Taliban
2012.08.29SyriaZamalka70A family of seven Christians, including three
children, are shot in the street by ‘Liua Islam’.
2012.08.29GeorgiaLapankuri30A doctor is among three people who die trying to
rescue innocent hostages taken by Islamic radicals.
2012.08.28DagestanBelidzhi76Influence by ‘Islamist literature’, a border guard
murders seven fellow soldiers.
2012.08.28DagestanChirkey70A female suicide bomber takes down a 74-year-old
Sufi cleric and six others at his home, including a 12-year-old boy.
2012.08.28AfghanistanKandahar420Four civilians are sent to Allah by Fedayeen
suicide truck bombers.
2012.08.27AfghanistanMusa Qala170Fundamentalists interrupt a party and behead two
women and fifteen men for dancing to music.
2012.08.27PakistanQuetta32Sectarian Jihadis fire on a car carrying Shia
civilians, killing three.
2012.08.26NigeriaGashua10A group ‘committed to the Prophet’s teachings’
attacks a local bank, killing the guard.
2012.08.26IndonesiaSampang212‘Mainstream’ Muslims stop a group of Shia children
and teachers, and proceed to hack at least two to death.
2012.08.26AfghanistanPailoch30A ‘girl and two boys’ are shot to death by the
woman’s brother for committing adultery.
2012.08.25IraqMosul30Suspected al-Qaeda muder three people.
2012.08.25AfghanistanGereshk16A girl is killed by a Taliban rocket attack on her
2012.08.25AfghanistanGosfandi10A civilian is left dead following an ambush by
Islamic militants.
2012.08.25PakistanBara78Seven members of a family are crushed to death when
their home is hit by a Lashkar-e-Islam mortar shell.
2012.08.25AfghanistanPanjwayi53Five local troops are killed Sunni fundamentalists
in a roadside blast.
2012.08.25AfghanistanSistani10A civilian bleeds to death following the detonation
of this car by Islamic radicals.
2012.08.24LebanonTripoli341A Sunni sheikh is shot dead by Shia gunmen. Two
other people are killed in the same sectarian clash.
2012.08.24DagestanKhasavyurt11Islamic ‘militia’ shoot one person to death.
2012.08.24IraqKhan Beni Saad13A Sunni bomb targeting a Shiite family kills one
2012.08.24PakistanBatwar28Women and children are among the casualties when
Islamic militants open up on a village with automatic weapons.
2012.08.24IraqBaghdad612At least six people are murdered when Islamic
terrorists throw grenades into a hotel.
2012.08.24IraqBaghdad38Sunnis fire mortars into a group of Shiite
worshippers, killing three.
2012.08.23PakistanBakwa20Two local security guards are murdered by Sunni
2012.08.23SomaliaMogadishu312An al-Shabaab attack leaves three dead.
2012.08.23AfghanistanSpin Boldak60Three children and two women are among six civilian
blown into bits by a Taliban bomb.
2012.08.23AfghanistanAhmad Khil30Hardliners kidnap and kill three local soldiers who
were on their way home to visit families.
2012.08.23SudanKassab Camp120At least one person is reported killed when Arab
milita invade an African refugee camp and rape dozens of women.
2012.08.23PakistanChakwal20A couple that eloped without the girl’s family’s
permission is snatched and hung from a tree.
2012.08.23PakistanHangu30Three policemen are ambushed and murdered by
Islamic militants.
2012.08.23DagestanMakhachkala110Five civilians are among eleven reported dead from
Islamic terror attacks between the 11th and 17 of the month.
2012.08.23TunisiaSidi Bouzid07Salafists attack people drinking alcohol with
knives and sticks.
2012.08.22LebanonTripoli425Four more people die in clashes between Sunni and
2012.08.22DagestanMokok13A soldier is killed by a Muslim sniper.
2012.08.22PakistanJoharabad12A Muslim mob attacks a brothel, killing the owner’s
2012.08.22PakistanIslamabad20Video surfaces of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi beheading
two abducted Shiites.
2012.08.22DagestanBabayurt10A policeman dies from wounds suffered during an
earlier ‘insurgent’ attack.
2012.08.21PakistanFaisalabad10A Muslim perpetrator is strongly suspected by the
minority community in the targeted torture and murder of a
14-year-old Christian boy.
2012.08.21PakistanQuetta112Islamists are suspected in a bombing that leaves
one dead.
2012.08.21ThailandNarathiwat11A 34-year-old civilian is picked off in a Muslim
2012.08.21LebanonTripoli875A clash between Sunnis and Shia leaves eight
civilians dead.
2012.08.21NigeriaBiu10Boko Haram gunmen assassinate a worshipper inside a
mosque at close range.
2012.08.21NigeriaBorno10Islamists open fire on a rival cleric, killing him
outside his mosque.
2012.08.21NigeriaGoniri20Gunmen shouting ‘Allah Akbar’ burn down several
buildings and shoot two villagers to death.
2012.08.21ThailandNarathiwat12Muslim gunmen ambush a bus carrying civilian,
killing one.
2012.08.20IndonesiaCisalopa40Four people are murdered on accusation of heresy.
2012.08.19AfghanistanKabul30Authorities accuse the Taliban of beheading three
people during Ramadan.
2012.08.19BangladeshSunamganj030Two groups of devout Muslims clash at a mosque over
a disagreement over prayers.
2012.08.19IngushetiaMalgobek710A Fedayeen suicide bomber enters a funeral and
slaughters at least seven mourners.
2012.08.19IraqBaghdad41Four persons are killed in a bombing targeting a
Sunni cleric.
2012.08.19PakistanKarachi161A bloody shooting at a cafe is one of several that
leave sixteen dead at the hands of sectarian Jihadis
2012.08.19AfghanistanLashkar Gah38Islamic bombers kill three people at a cemetery.
2012.08.19AfghanistanFarah20Two brothers are shot to death in their car by
Taliban gunmen.
2012.08.19YemenAbyan32An al-Qaeda suicide bomber takes out three souls.
2012.08.19PakistanHaripur06Six people are attacked by fundamentalists for
watching television during Eid ul Fitr.
2012.08.19AfghanistanKandahar11A terrorist in police uniform shoots a soldier in
the back.
2012.08.18YemenAden219An al-Qaeda rocket attack and suicide bombing
leaves over twenty people dead.
2012.08.18AfghanistanGrish10The Taliban assassinate a local official with a
2012.08.18AfghanistanHerat412Fundamentalist bombers murder four people at a
crowded market.
2012.08.18DagestanKhasavyurt08Suspected Islamists enter a rival mosque and open
2012.08.18PakistanMichni40Four young men are brutally gunned down by radical
2012.08.18IraqKirkuk54Five local security forces at a checkpoint are
riddled with bullets by Mujahideen.
2012.08.18IraqMosul60Muslim terrorists kill six family members in their
2012.08.17AfghanistanKinisk20Two Americans are shot in the back by a Taliban in
police uniform.
2012.08.17PakistanKarachi218A bus carrying Shiite students is hit by a bombing
that leaves at least two dead.
2012.08.17PakistanQuetta55A Shahid suicide bomber takes out five Pakistanis.
2012.08.17PakistanSadda00Militants bomb a market, killing at least one
2012.08.16IraqKirkuk16Terrorists bomb a family home, killing one member
and injuring six.
2012.08.16IraqBaghdad2658A Religion of Peace blast at a Shiite produce
market leaves twenty-six dead.
2012.08.16IraqHusseiniyah742Sunni car bombers take down seven Shiites.
2012.08.16IraqTuz Khurmatu14A woman is killed, and her children injured by
‘insurgent’ bombers.
2012.08.16IraqDaquq625A Shahid suicide bomber snuffs out the life of six
other souls.
2012.08.16PakistanKamra11The Taliban kill at least one defender in an
assault on an airport.
2012.08.16IraqKut570A Mujahid car bomb leaves five Iraqis dead.
2012.08.16TunisiaBizerte05Salafists attack a music festival, pummeling
attendees with swords and sticks.
2012.08.16PakistanQuetta30Three members of the Hazara religious minority are
exterminated by Sunni gunmen.
2012.08.16PakistanRawalpindi250Twenty-five Shiites are pulled off a passenger bus
by Sunni extremists and shot and beheaded.
2012.08.16IraqMosul322Various sectarian attacks leave at least three more
2012.08.16IraqZafaniya3457Nearly three dozen people, mostly women and
children, are slaughtered by a car bomb at an amusement park.
2012.08.16NigeriaMaiduguri10Boko Haram shoot a community leader to death at a
2012.08.16Iraqal-Garma43Four local cops are machine-gunned at point blank
range by Mujahideen.
2012.08.15IraqBaqubah29A Jihad car bomb leaves two dead.
2012.08.15AfghanistanPeshawar60Six Taliban victims are found tortured and stuffed
into gunny bags.
2012.08.15PakistanKurram331Three security personnel bleed out following
separate bombings by Muslim radicals.
2012.08.15IraqMuqdadiya725Ramadan car bombers send seven Shiite souls to
2012.08.15ThailandYala11Muslim militants shoot a 47-year-old to death at a
tea shop.
2012.08.15AfghanistanBagh Sara09Three grenades into a rival mosque where people are
2012.08.15PakistanKarachi10Sipah-e-Sahaba gunmen take down a Shiite.
2012.08.15AfghanistanHeart015Taliban bombers leave fifteen shoppers at a market
bloody and maimed.
2012.08.15IraqQahataniya20Two brothers are murdered in their house by Sunnis
for being members of a religious minority.
2012.08.15NigeriaKaduna10A Boko Haram bomb intended for a moderate imam goes
off prematurely, killing a passerby.
2012.08.15NigeriaMaidugui10A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills a commuter.
2012.08.14PakistanSangar12An innocent person is murdered during an attack by
2012.08.14EgyptAsyut10Salafis storm a Christian-owned store and murder
the owner.
2012.08.14IndonesiaSukabumi10A cleric is murdered by members of an Islamic sect.
2012.08.14NigeriaBeaver Ridge Canaan90Nine people are slain by Boko Haram Islamists.
2012.08.14DagestanKhasavyurt21Suspected Islamists shoot two police officers to
2012.08.14PakistanSahiwal10A 14-year-old Christian girl is gang-raped and
murdered by five Muslim men.
2012.08.14DagestanBuinaksk10Islamists blow up a car, along with an occupant.
2012.08.14PakistanOrakzai518Five innocents are cut down by a Taliban ambush on
a police patrol.
2012.08.14ThailandNarathiwat11Muslim ‘insurgents’ shoot a local villager several
times in the head and torso.
2012.08.14AfghanistanKunduz1230A bomb planted on a motorcycle at a crowded bazaar
sends a dozen shoppers to Allah.
2012.08.14AfghanistanZaranj36110Four coordinated suicide bombers slaughter three
dozen people, including women and children.
2012.08.14ThailandYala10A 52-year-old plantation worker is cut down by
Muslim gunmen.
2012.08.13AfghanistanIshkamish50Islamic hardliners blow up five locals.
2012.08.13NigeriaGombe11A guard is killed during a Religion of Peace
assault on a Catholic church.
2012.08.13PakistanCharsadda20A young couple is shot to death by the woman’s
family for marrying without their permission.
2012.08.13PakistanKarachi30Three people are murdered by the Tehreek-e-Taliban.
2012.08.13PakistanSaro Wano11A preacher is machine-gunned in his mosque by
Religion of Peace rivals.
2012.08.13EgyptSinai20A man and his son are shot to death by Islamists
shortly after denouncing them.
2012.08.12ThailandPattani10Suspected Muslim terrorists murder a 55-year-old
sleeping in his truck.
2012.08.12IraqBaghdad20Two charity workers are assassinated by religious
2012.08.12PakistanMiranshah33Sunni terrorists kill three local soliders with a
roadside bomb.
2012.08.12PhilippinesAlip24Two people at a banana plantation are mowed down by
Muslim militants.
2012.08.12AfghanistanAlishang40Four Afghans are dismantled by a Taliban roadside
2012.08.12IraqSuleiman Bek80Eight more Shiite teens are rounded up and murdered
by Sunni gunmen.
2012.08.12AfghanistanPanjwai44Four people are cut down by a Taliban ambush.
2012.08.12PakistanMera Kachuri20A father and son are brutally tortured to death by
militant Muslims.
2012.08.12SomaliaMogadishu10A radio journilist is assassinated by suspected
2012.08.12IraqJurf al-Sakhar35Mujahideen bombers take down three Iraqis.
2012.08.11ThailandPattani10A 41-year-old plantation worker is riddled with
bullets by Muslim ‘separatists’.
2012.08.11AfghanistanDelaram110A Taliban in police uniform surprises eleven local
cops and shoots them to death.
2012.08.11IraqAmerili70Sunnis ride into a town, single out seven young
Shiites and execute them in cold blood.
2012.08.11SomaliaMogadishu22Two Somalis bleed to death from shrapnel injuries
suffered during an al-Shabaab attack.
2012.08.11PakistanBara41Four local tribesmen are ambushed and killed by
Lashkar-e-Islam militants.
2012.08.11SyriaJdeidet Artouz10A journalist is murdered following threats from
2012.08.11AfghanistanJambaran11Religious radicals assassinate a tribal chief in
his home.
2012.08.11PakistanPeshawar10A guard at a mosque dies preventing a shooting
rampage by rivals.
2012.08.10AfghanistanMusa Qala61Women and children are among six civilians torn to
shreds by a Taliban bomb.
2012.08.10IndiaMoominabad10The Islamic Movement of Kashmir murders a retiree
outside a mosque.
2012.08.10ThailandPattani10A 28-year-old man is shot off his motorbike by
Muslim ‘separatists.’
2012.08.10YemenMukalla21Two men are killed following an al-Qaeda car bomb
2012.08.10IraqDujail40al-Qaeda gunmen take down four Sunnis.
2012.08.10IraqMosul570A Shahid suicide bomber targets a Shiite mosque,
slaughtering at least five worshippers.
2012.08.10Iraqal-Muqdadiyah32Mujahideen bombers send three Iraqis to Allah.
2012.08.10PhilippinesJolo10A Christian man is gunned down by Abu Sayyaf
terrorists on his way home from church.
2012.08.10IraqHaditha30Terrorists kill three members of the same family.
2012.08.10PhilippinesDatu Unsay10A local cop is slain by Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom
2012.08.10NigeriaKombul43Four Christians are cut down in their homes by a
Muslim raid on their village.
2012.08.10AfghanistanBalkh10A female school principal is murdered in her own
home by suspected fundamentalists.
2012.08.10Syriaal-Bab30Unarmed men are thrown from a roof to shouts of
‘Allah Akbar’.
2012.08.10LebanonAkkar19Religious clashes leave one dead.
2012.08.09AfghanistanHelmand30Three American soldiers are invited to dinner by
local police, and then murdered.
2012.08.09PakistanUpper Dir20Two border guards are murdered during a Taliban
2012.08.09IraqBaghdad219Islamists bomb a marketplace, killing two patrons.
2012.08.09DagestanBotlikh50Islamists open fire on a group of police, killing
2012.08.09IraqFallujah44Children are among the casualties when Islamic
‘insurgents’ blow up a family home.
2012.08.09IndiaBaktoor10Islamic militants kill a border guard during an
infiltration attempt.
2012.08.08NigeriaOkene30A woman is among three people gunned down by
terrorists ‘chanting Islamic praises’.
2012.08.08IraqBaiji80Islamic State of Iraq members enter a home and
exterminate a family of eight.
2012.08.08IraqBaghdad11The minister of Culture is assassinated in an
attack that leaves his wife badly wounded.
2012.08.08IraqSuwayra1330Sunni car bombers massacre thirteen Shiite
worshippers at a packed religious ceremony.
2012.08.08SomaliaMogadishu82An al-Shabaab roadside bomb leaves eight dead.
2012.08.08AfghanistanAsadabad43Four people are slain by a Fedayeen suicide bomber,
including an aid official.
2012.08.08SyriaHourani13One person is killed during a clash between Sunni
and Shia.
2012.08.08DagestanEndireiaul01A former imam is shot after coming out against
2012.08.07IraqHamiat36Three children are pulled into pieces by bombs
planted in two homes.
2012.08.07SomaliaGarowe10A local lawmaker is shot to death outside a mosque
by al-Shabaab.
2012.08.07SyriaHoms160Sunni militia attack a housing complex for
religious minorities, killing sixteen.
2012.08.07PakistanShah Khan20Two tribal elders are murdered by suspected
2012.08.07AfghanistanPaghman93Hardline Islamists blow up a civilian minibus,
sending nine souls to Allah.
2012.08.07ThailandPattani09Nine school guards are injured by a Muslim bomb.
2012.08.06SyriaDamascus60Sunni terrorists massacre an entire Shiite family
in their home, including hanging the youngest child.
2012.08.06ThailandPattani10A non-Muslim motorcycle repairman is shot in the
head by Islamic ‘insurgents’.
2012.08.06ThailandPattani10Four Muslims murder a 55-year-old man with a
2012.08.06PakistanJamrud10Hardliners fire into a truck, killing the driver.
2012.08.06PhilippinesShariff Aguak21Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters kidnap, torture
and execute two local soldiers.
2012.08.06DagestanTsuntinsky21Islamic snipers pick off two local cops.
2012.08.06AfghanistanCharsadda13The Taliban tie a landmine to a donkey that fatally
injures a local cop.
2012.08.06IndiaSendabal12A youth dies when two groups clash at a mosque over
a prayer disagreement.
2012.08.06NigeriaMaiduguri10A church pastor is shot to death in his home by two
2012.08.06AzerbaijanTashkent02A mother and her physically disabled daughter are
severely beaten in their home by radicals who urge them to embrace
2012.08.06IraqHillah40Four Iraqis on a minibus are torn to shreds by
‘insurgent’ bombers.
2012.08.06IraqKhanaqin22Sunnis bomb a Kurdish family home, killing two.
2012.08.06Iraqal-Haswa313Jihadi car bombers take out three Iraqis.
2012.08.06IraqBaghdad20Two local officials are murdered by Mujahid gunmen.
2012.08.06NigeriaOkene209Sharia proponents enter a church and open up on
members with machine-guns, slaughtering at least nineteen, including
the pastor.
2012.08.06ChechnyaKhankala33Three local soldiers are killed by a Fedayeen
suicide blast.
2012.08.05SomaliaMogadishu10al-Shabaab gunmen assassinate an airport manager.
2012.08.05EgyptSinai167Gaza Jihadists cross the border and murder sixteen
Egyptian border police.
2012.08.05SyriaJdaidet Artuz10A Shiite film director is assassinated by Sunni
2012.08.05NigeriaMaiduguri40Four people are shot to death in their homes by
Boko Haram Islamists.
2012.08.05IraqTuz Khurmatu42Jihadi bombers send four Iraqis to Allah.
2012.08.05PhilippinesMaguindanao111At least one woman is killed when Bangsamoro
Islamic Freedom Movement members overrun a Catholic village.
2012.08.05PakistanGilgit24Two passengers bleed out from splinter injuries
after Islamic militants toss a grenade into a bus.
2012.08.05PakistanMilwat10Lashkar-e-Islam militants murder a peace committee
2012.08.05PakistanBahawalnagar43A woman and her daughters are hacked to death with
an axe by her husband and sons on suspicion of ‘relations with
2012.08.05AfghanistanBamiyan612Taliban ambush and kill four Afghans and two NATO
troops coming to their defense.
2012.08.05IraqMosul30Suspected al-Qaeda open up point-blank on three
local cops.
2012.08.05PakistanFaizabad312A Religion of Peace bomb kills two children and a
2012.08.05NigeriaDamaturu79Seven Nigerians are disassembled by a Shahid
suicide car bomber.
2012.08.04AfghanistanGhormach312Taliban fundamentalists toss a bomb into a market,
sending at least three souls to Allah.
2012.08.04YemenJaar4937An al-Qaeda suicide bomber blows forty-nine
funeral-goers into pieces.
2012.08.04AfghanistanGala Joy810Eight are killed when two groups of Islamists work
out their differences.
2012.08.04PakistanGilgit10A 34-year-old Shiite farmer is tortured and
beheaded by Wahhabi radicals.
2012.08.04ThailandPattani10A 57-year-old cop is ambushed and killed by Muslim
2012.08.03PakistanRisalpur1123Mujahideen plant a bomb on a child’s tricycle at a
market, which rips eleven people to shreds.
2012.08.03AfghanistanDaulatzai023Two dozen people are injured when Mujahideen set
off a bomb at a rival mosque during prayers.
2012.08.03SyriaDamascus10al-Nusra terrorists kidnap and execute a television
2012.08.03AfghanistanKunar20A woman is among two people killed in attack by
Sunni hardliners.
2012.08.03IraqDhuluiyah44Four Iraqis are torn apart by an ‘insurgent’
roadside bomb.
2012.08.03IraqBaghdad511Drive-by Jihadis take down five Iraqis.
2012.08.03KenyaNairobi19An Islamist throws a grenade into a supermarket,
killing at least one.
2012.08.03YemenSanaa10Suspected al-Qaeda gunmen strafe a car with
bullets, killing the driver.
2012.08.03SyriaDamascus2117Militants with al-Qaeda ties are blamed for sending
mortars into a refugee camp, killing at least twenty-one.
2012.08.03Saudi ArabiaQatif21A clash between Sunni and Shia leaves two dead.
2012.08.03PakistanCharsadda02Two workers are injured when Islamists throw a
grenade into a humanitarian agency helping flood victims.
2012.08.02AlgeriaRoubane40al-Qaeda claims credit for shooting four border
guards to death.
2012.08.02DagestanKizilyurt11One police officer is dead and another loses a leg
to Religion of Peace attacks.
2012.08.02PakistanAkhorwal10Tehreek-e-Taliban gunmen murder a local man.
2012.08.02IraqBaghdad932Women are among the casualties when Sunnis bomb a
market in a Shiite neighborhood.
2012.08.02IraqBalad30Three Iraqis are blown to bits by an ‘insurgent’
2012.08.02IraqTikrit40Four policemen are machine-gunned at close range by
Sunni terrorists.
2012.08.02JordanBaoun10A 22-year-old divorced woman is stabbed to death by
her brother for not submitting to his control.
2012.08.02IraqKirkuk40Muslim terrorists enter a home and cut the throats
of a father, mother and two daughters.
2012.08.02IndiaKasargod10A Hindu leader is shot to death by Muslim
2012.08.01Pal. Auth.Tulkarm10A Palestinian man stabs his teenage daughter to
death in a suspected honor killing.
2012.08.01PakistanLahore023Twenty-three casualties result from Islamists
bombing a fruit market.
2012.08.01PakistanMochiwala11A woman is shot to death by her brother on
suspicion of illicit relations.
2012.08.01ThailandPattani10Muslim gunmen murder a local official on his way
home from work.
2012.08.01PakistanHyderabad10A young woman is shot to death by her brother for
marrying of her own free will.
2012.08.01YemenAbyan50Five people die during an al-Qaeda grenade and
gunfire attack.
2012.08.01SomaliaMogadishu60Six guards are taken apart by two Fedayeen suicide
2012.08.01SomaliaMogadishu10A comedian is shot to death after mocking Islamists
on stage.
2012.08.01SomaliaMogadishu10At least one other person is killed when two
suicide bombers detonate.
2012.08.01PakistanLagharai Thal10Religious radicals gun down a school teacher.
2012.08.01PakistanTandlianwala20A woman is strangled by her brother over ‘loose
2012.08.01AfghanistanJalrez40Four civilians are kidnapped and murdered by the
There is a reason we call it Islamic terrorism, and it isn’t
because we falsely attribute motives to the terrorists, but
because Islam is the stated purpose and aim of the terrorists. 
Daniel Greenfield

Quran (8:12) - "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them"
- Muhammad, the self appointed prophet of Islam.

Obama appeases Muslim Brotherhood Eric Allen Bell
Our Free Speech is under attack. Government and media are becoming more and more Sharia-compliant. And they're not being so subtle about it lately.
VIEW : Freedom of loss — Mujahid Kamal Mir
Why these societies have to protect desecration of the most revered figure in the world’s fastest growing religion in the garb of freedom of speech or expression is anyone’s guess

Without wasting our time and effort to go into the worthless details of Eric Allen Bell (the director of the film), Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (the producer, who is a Coptic Christian immigrant from Egypt and and not a Jewish American) and the imbecile Terry Jones ( advertiser and supporter ), let us conclude something. That there is a unanimous opinion across the globe that it is a film of questionable artistic merit, backed by a group of bitter bigots whose only agenda was to incite hatred and violence by smearing the character of our beloved Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Mohammed (PBUH), who not only was, is and will remain one of the most influential and revered figures in the planet’s history, but also a messenger of compassion, peace, harmony, justice, humanity, brotherhood, empathy and love. His teachings and personality are held more dear by approximately 1.6 billion humans on the globe than their own lives. Along with Allah, Mohammed (PBUH) is the name that unites Muslims across the length and breadth of world, irrespective of their class, creed , nationality or sect. Any attempt under the veil of satire or freedom of speech to undermine, ridicule or mock the Holy Prophet (PBUH) will be considered as a direct offence and attack on the sanctity of Islam and a reckless inflicting of severe emotional distress to its followers, which will create hysteria and a threat to world peace. Period.

It is understandable that the film was dubbed into Arabic to be brought to the attention of the Arabic-speaking world by a Coptic Christian blogger, Morris Sadek, with malicious intent, but what service to Islam was done by broadcasting it on September 8 by Sheikh Khalad Abdualla, a televangelist on Al-Nas, an Egyptian television station? Sheikh and Al-Nas should be held as much responsible for fanning the hatred and perpetuating violence as Basseley, Bell and Jones. The video link of this esoteric movie on YouTube, which would have died its own death and could not even have found 200 viewers got more than 20 million hits in a matter of three days. It is now a rage on the Internet having more than 1,000 links and is being dubbed in more than 20 languages with footnotes, all thanks to relentless marketing done by a channel and a televangelist in the country ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood struggling for political gains against its rival forces. The world would have been a better place if it had never been marketed or shown as one just wonders about the merits of airing such a trailer on their TV channel. They were cognizant of the fact that it would only result in fanning hatred and instigating global violence as the film has no social value and is far beneath any reasonable standard of movie making even if we dismiss all religious connotations. It does not include a single artistically redeemable aspect with atrocious directing, terrible sets and acting consisting of ‘blank eyes and strained line readings’. The way Al Nas televised the reprehensible video gives you an idea of the depths TV channels would swoop to to get eyeballs, however appalling and deplorable the content be. But unfortunately, its role has been completely ignored by the academics or mainstream media, highlighting the reaction of the Muslim world but turning a blind eye to the role of this channel that is highly condemnable as well as punishable.

As for the filmmakers, they enjoy full immunity as per the First Amendment as under US law it is unconstitutional to censor or punish such expressions even as contemptible and loathsome as this film. Freedom of speech in short means freedom to express the most despicable views. The US government cannot pick and choose which expressions to authorise and which to prevent. Therefore, whomever will be churning out such videos in future, which I am sure would already be lined up as angry birds to be unleashed on the media because the kind of hype and reaction such content creates will definitely ensure quick bucks. It will have full protection under US law and one should assume that the practice will flourish unabated not only in the US but Europe as well. Charlie Hebdo’s publication of the caricatures of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is just the first among equals.

What the general public in the west has failed to understand is that their freedom of expression is being abused by such people indulging in such disgraceful acts and all those defending such acts are either naive, irrational or ignorant. In contrast, the violent reactions by Muslims against this ‘freedom of expression’ are sharply condemned by western media and termed as a calamitous activity, depicting Muslims as extremists and perpetrators of violence while completely turning a blind eye towards the ignorance and intolerance purveyed by their own. For brevity, the less one writes about the reaction and fallout of this video in the Muslim world the better it is as it is for all to see it 24/7 on all TV channels. We do not condone violence but one cannot expect sanity to prevail in the societies of 57 Muslim countries having less than 600 universities combined when the same is not prevalent in the societies that are considered developed, enlightened, moderate and educated. Why these societies have to protect desecration of the most revered figure in the world’s fastest growing religion in the garb of freedom of speech or expression is anyone’s guess. What is the need when you can have a trillion other subjects that do not cause aggravation and vexation to a quarter of the planet’s population to indulge in such provocative measures and then expect the world to be at peace? These are exactly the kind of acts that provide popular logic and hiring grounds to organisations like al Qaeda and the Taliban to procreate hate in minds that are already volatile. The western world is not helping the cause either.

Why the western world cannot make an amendment to their laws of freedom of expressing such notions that result in worldwide mayhem is a question any normal person would ask. Having read debates in the leading western journals and publications, the conclusive common argument is that they do condemn such acts as they are in bad taste, but their freedom to question comparative faiths and ideologies will become passive and redundant if such infringements on their liberties would be put into action. Any campaign to limit their freedom will have an unprecedented opposition that no western government will be willing to take on. Civil society in the west will not comply with any such clampdown as they consider it an intimidation of their right to freedom of expression. What the west fails to realise is that we share the same ecology, regardless of ideology, and to be considerate to other’s faith should not be viewed as a threat to their freedom. We as a Muslim society would be as tolerant to the west’s freedom of expression and as considerate as they would be to our sanctity and reverence to faith, and for every Muslim in the world, Abul Qasim Mohammed Ibn-e-Abdullah (PBUH) is faith personified.

Whether sanity prevails in the west and saner heads make the general public understand and maintain a fine balance remains to be seen. Otherwise, we are merely hoping against hope. We do believe that a right to condemn is not a right to violence but it is easier said than done. Condoning such heinous acts in the garb of freedom of expression would certainly be an ignorant thing to do if people in the west love their children too.

The writer is a businessman and a social activist based in Lahore. He can be reached at and on Twitter at @Mujahidkmir


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