Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dinosaurs Farted Themselves Into eXTINCTion? Seriously a New Theory!

Can you believe this?   I laughed so hard about this one!!!  I'm going to tell you the "story" in my own words, with the facts involved, but the story that I refer to is found on Fox

Dinosaurs 'gassed' themselves into extinction, British scientists say

Okay, so British scientists have a new theory on how the dinosaurs became extinct.  

"What's that!", you say?

They say that dinosaurs literally FARTED themselves to their extinction, LOL!!!  

My husband and I were reading this in bed last night and were laughing so hard that we were almost crying.

We all know that scientists create "theories".  But, aren't there measurements and calculations?  Yep.  There were actual researchers that calculated the methane gases that might have been "oopsed" out of dinosaurs.  They calculated just how much gas was "let out" per year and say that it was enough to warm the planet and kill off the dinosaurs.

Just how did they compare the farts of the dinosaurs to the farts of today?  I sure wouldn't want to be part of that research team!

What happened to the asteroid theory?  What happened to the pole shift theory?  What happened to the volcano theory? What happened to Al Gore's theory on Global Warming?...and for that matter, is Al Gore behind this new theory?

Seriously!  How did scientists mathematically calculate the amount of methane relieved of farted by dinosaurs?

Did the scientists measure the methane excreted by cows and then divided that by the ton of the animal and multiplied that by the guessed tonage of each dinosaur, migrating the math, and farting the numbers out for a new scientific theory?  What a mammoth task!  

Have the scientists farted out a number for the gasious global warming caused by the farts of humans?  After all, didn't Al Gore say that it was the human population's consumption that was the problem?

How much longer do we have?  Will our farts end us all?  What can save us?  

Pretty soon, we'll be gassing into recycled plastic vacuum seal bags and the new NASA project will be to take those up to space and release the gasses into space, only to add to the already abundant space junk with the recycled plastic bags.

What do you think about this new gas bomb theory?

Really.  We want to know!

This is seriously a story that is seriously out there in the science community...  Seriously.  Just "Google" it.  I didn't believe it at first either.

Have a fantastic day!

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