Friday, February 10, 2012

Censored Earthquake. Location: Near Scientology Vault.

The following is from a site that I adore that provides information regardless of the backlash it brings...


2/9/2012 — Science Scandal near Scientology Vault — USGS censors Wyoming Earthquake

Like it never happened….
Watch the video here:
Below: screenshot of the USGS feed BEFORE being deleted from the list — also a google earth overview of the area.

In the vicinity of the earthquake epicenter is a VERY large coal mining operation, a dormant volcanic cone, fracking/oil well drilling sites, and also the Scientology bunker / vault.  the only thing missing from the equation is a nuclear power plant.
The USGS has decided to remove this one from the list — one second it is there — the next second it is gone.  PLUS the link removed.

Be safe if you live in the area!  The signs of movement along the edge of the craton (laurentia) are picking up.

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