Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pole Change. Weather Change. Strange Observations.

February 17, 2012 -- winter in the midwest United States -- most of us have noticed or heard people talking about this "warm winter" the United States is experiencing.

Today -- blossoming flowers and buzzing honey bees !!! In St. Louis Missouri USA in February .

Keep in mind, flowers and bees in a place where February NORMALLY produces negative fahrenheit temperatures -- frozen rivers and lakes.

The north pole has shifted northwest into Siberia -- warmer latitudes have moved northwest along with the pole... bringing unnaturally (unseasonably) warm weather further north along with this change.

Read more on the north pole shift to siberia russia here:

The USDA has issued NEW growing guidelines based upon this "new" warm weather.... according to the Department of Agriculture.. plants that used to grow in New Orleans will now grow in northern latitudes hundreds of miles further north... in areas like missouri-- kentucky -- north carolina . This is per the US Government , not a wild unfounded rumor.

Here is the post on the USDA new growing guidelines:

The weather in 2012 is definitely bizarre. The southern portion of the United States is usually cold during January. Today's temperature touched 60 degrees. Something is wrong. Seagulls should not be basking in a parking lot, nor should the temperature be anywhere above 40 degrees.

This is some strange weather we are having here in Quad Cities Iowa! 55 degrees and still no snow on the ground! Strange but beautiful weather. Nice day to take the dog for a walk in the woods.

Today's Animated Jet Stream

Jet Stream Archive


Real Beam Finder, so-called

College of DuPage Doppler Radar

Melburnian's had a dramatic end to Christmas Day yesterday with wild storms hitting the city and some suburbs experiencing hail the size of golf balls. As a result The Lost Dogs' Home has taken in many lost dogs who have escaped in terror from their homes. We ask that anyone who has lost their pet in yesterdays storms please visit The Lost Dogs' Home at 2 Gracie Street, North Melbourne. Our open hours can be found here

Also we want to take the opportunity to remind all pet owners to make sure that their pets are microchipped, wearing a collar tag and that your contact details are up-to-date. The National Pet Register can help pet owners with any pet identification queries and can be contacted on 1300 734 738. Pet owners can also get a free pet ID tag by going to

With New Years Eve fast approaching please plan to to make sure your pet will be safe this year and that they are fully identifiable.

Watch this report from the Channel 7 News.

On January 29th, 2011 a very wild thunderstorm blew into town. A combination dust storm and severe thunderstorm, it brought devistation to many of the residents. Winds were clocked at approximately 125 kmh, tearing roofs off of homes, downing thousands of trees, knocking down power poles and lines and leaving this small town without power for four days, two deaths and a huge clean up bill.

The video was made on an iphone, so please dismiss the poor quality and the rotation at the beginning.

After a green Christmas and a just a touch of white on New Year's Eve,
2012 has many in Wisconsin wondering about the lack of snow.

Andy Choi reports.

I could post on and on. The strange weather is worldwide.

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