Monday, November 14, 2011

5.2 Quake Hits Turkey. New Earthquake.


Van, Turkey (CNN) -- The death toll from Wednesday's 5.6-magnitude earthquake in eastern Turkey has risen to 40, the government said Sunday.

A much deadlier 7.2 magnitude quake that tore through Van last month left 604 people dead, officials said.

Twenty-six people have been rescued as a result of Wednesday's quake.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited the Van region Saturday, as a heavy snowstorm hampered rescue efforts.
Turkey's earthquake victims struggling

The sleet, snow and plunging temperatures also worsened conditions for hundreds of thousands of earthquake survivors living outdoors.

Freezing temperatures were expected to continue Sunday, with a bit of warming ahead Monday and Tuesday.

"It's not possible for us to survive the winter here. The Van winter is very cold and there's a lot of snow. Living in these shelters is impossible," Cezmi Fazla said.

He stood outside a small hut his family constructed out of Styrofoam and plywood.

The hut was on the road outside Fazla's house, which was still standing but badly damaged after the earthquakes. Ten to 15 family members slept in the hut every night, including his wife and youngest child, as well as his father and brother.

Fazla said he sent his three oldest children to relatives in the western Turkish city of Izmir after the first earthquake

"We haven't gotten any aid," he said. "We got a lot of support from the people of Turkey, packages with everything from clothes to toothpaste. But the elected officials, the nongovernmental organizations are not making good use of it and were not good at coordinating those efforts. So people feel very panicked. That's made a lot of people uncomfortable."

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