Friday, September 9, 2011

Geomagnetic Storm With Electrical Ground Currents Detected In Norway. Multiple M-Class Solar Flares In The Past 24 Hours. How To Prepare For A Super Geomagnetic Storm.

GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A polar geomagnetic storm (Kp=5) is in progressfollowing the impact of a CME around 1100 UT on Sept. 9th. This could be the first of several hits from a series of CMEs expected to reach Earth during the weekend. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras after nightfall. Aurora alerts:textvoice.

Update: Electrical ground currents caused by the storm have been detected in Norway.

ACTIVE SUNSPOT: Sunspot 1283 is producing flares so intense they are visible through solar telescopes in backyards 93 million miles away. Amateur astronomer Andy Devey photographed this one, and M6-class eruption, from Barnsley UK on Sept. 8th:
The magnetic canopy of sunspot 1283 has an unstable "beta-gamma-delta" configuration tthat harbors energy for more powerful eruptions. NOAA forecasters estimate a 75% chance of M-flares and a 25% chance of X-flares during the next 24 hours.

3-day GOES X-ray Plot3-day Estimated Planetary K-index graph

3-day GOES Magnetometer Hp component plot

The GOES Hp plot contains the 1-minute averaged parallel component of the magnetic field in nanoTeslas (nT), as measured at GOES-13 (W75) and GOES-15 (W89). The Hp component is perpendicular to the satellite orbit plane and Hp is essentially parallel to Earth's rotation axis. If these data drop to near zero, or less, when the satellite is on the dayside it may be due to a compression of Earth's magnetopause to within geosynchronous orbit, exposing satellites to negative and/or highly variable magnetic fields. On the nightside, a near zero, or less, value of the field indicates strong currents that are often associated with substorms and an intensification of currents in the Earth's geomagnetic tail.

Noon and midnight local time at the satellite are plotted as N and M. Default scaling is 0 to 200 nanoTesla. Non-default scaling to include infrequent extreme values is lableled in red to emphasize the change in scale.

For real time monitors, click here...

Recommended Actions Immediately Prior to Massive Solar Storm

Emergency preparedness prior to the imminent storm...
1. Extra Batteries
2. Gasoline
3. Cooking Fuel
4. Prescription Medicine
5. Liquid Cash
6. Water
7. Bleach
8. Food
9. Can Opener
10. If you commute via subway, or other electrically depended corridor, you should carry a pair of supportive walking shoes.
11. Avoid elevators when you know that the storm is coming
12. Airlines – Avoid flying during a massive solar storm with a similar intensity to the Great Solar Storm of 1859. If you chose to fly, you will expose yourself to higher levels of nuclear particle radiation and the electronics within the aircraft will also be subjected to greater failure rate due to this radiation exposure.
13. Have an emergency back-up way for communication and a meeting spot for your loved ones that is planned in the case of emergency.
14. Radio  Battery powered or hand crank radios ar e a vital communication/ informational link during a major blackout.
15. Rechargeable batteries
16. Disconnecting Power
17. Automatic Back-up Generators
18. Buckets for carrying water
19. Vitamins
20. Toilet paper
21. Reading books
22. Prepare to take care of your pets as well.
23. Climate needs, i.e., extra water in warm/hot climates, extra blankets and gas or wood fireplace during cold climates.
24. Garage Door.  Know how to open it without power.

You'll be glad that you prepared ahead of time in the case of any emergency.

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