Saturday, August 13, 2011

Is Comet Elenin Going To Be An Extinction Level Event? ...Or Will It Take More Than One Of These Objects? Part 1 of 3

What's the real story with Comet Elenin? Here is a diagram of the sizes and distances of the listed space objects below it. I know it may be small because of the numbers of objects and distances from Earth. Let's start with the technical stuff regarding these space objects.

Although this graphic isn't the easiest to see, here is the data, including dates for the comets and asteroid possible E.L.E.s in the upcoming months.

  • Earth - 7,900 miles in diameter

  • Asteroid 2005 YU55 -574 feet in diameter -191,084 miles from Earth - nearest Earth November 8, 2011, 47,773 miles between this asteroid and the Moon at its nearest to Earth trajectory

  • Moon - 2,158 miles in diameter - 238,857 miles from the Earth to its Moon

  • Comet Honda - 1749.7 yd diameter - 5,592,340 miles from Earth - nearest Earth Mid-August 2011-.26 the distance from Earth to Elenin at its nearest to Earth trajectory

  • Comet Elenin - 124,274 miles diameter - 21,375,169 miles from Earth - 89.5 x distance to Moon - 16 x size of the Earth 

  • Sun - 864,938 miles diameter - 92,955,825 miles from Earth

Diameter Comparison

574 feet - Asteroid 2005 YU55
1749.7 yd - Comet Honda 
2,158 miles - Moon
7,900 miles - Earth 
124,274 miles - Comet Elenin
864,938 miles - Sun

Closest Earth Trajectory In Miles From Earth

191,084 miles - Asteroid 2005 YU55 
238,857 miles - from the Earth to its Moon
5,592,340 miles - Comet Honda
21,375,169 miles - Comet Elenin
92,955,825 miles - from the Earth to its Sun

Approx. Date Closest To Earth

Mid-August 2011 - Comet Honda
October, 2011 - Comet Elenin
November 8, 2011 - Asteroid 2005 YU55

There is a question of whether these objects will cross paths and exactly what that will do to their trajectory and/or to our orbit, or the orbit of the other planets in our solar system.  Additionally, there is concern that we will travel through the debris tail of Comet Elenin, which is said to be hundreds of miles long.

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