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Who? What? Where? Leonid Elenin? E.L.E.? Niburu? X? Lies? Rumors? Confusion!!!!

Here's me questioning more and more the validity of who Leonid Elenin actually is because of various things...including this
November 17, 18 - Leonids Meteor Shower. The Leonids is one of the better meteor showers to observe, producing an average of 40 meteors per hour at their peak. The shower itself has a cyclic peak year every 33 years where hundreds of meteors can be seen each hour. The last of these occurred in 2001. The shower usually peaks on November 17 & 18, but you may see some meteors from November 13 - 20. The nearly last quarter moon may hide some of the faintest meteors this year, but this should still be an excellent show. Look for the shower radiating from the constellation Leo after midnight.

Notice the name of the meteor shower.  Who is this person that they have had in pictures and prefers to remain private...this Leonid Elenin?

On SPACEOBS.ORG  which is supposedly Leonid Elenin's site, here is the latest.  (just go to the site and attempt to click on the link for his name...nothing comes up.)

The long ion tail observed behind the comet Elenin

T. Lovejoy
On the picture taken by the well-known Australian astronomy amateur, Terry Lovejoy, which discovered his comet in 2007, is clearly visible long and thin ion tail stretching almost one degree! Which corresponds to the length of the tail is more than 3,000,000 km! Although this is not a record, the sodium tail ofcomet Hale-Bopp had a length of nearly 50 million kilometers! Comet Elenin will pass closest to the Earth on October 16 at distance about 35 million kilometers from our planet.

The diameter of the comet Elenin’s coma confirmed by visual observations from the Earth

M. Mattiazzo
My estimate the size of the comet Elenin coma was confirmed by visual observations of an experienced Australian amateur astronomer Michael Mattiazzo. August 19, he estimated the angular size of the coma as 4 arc minutes, which equal to  213,500 km in the linear size. The image of the comet, taken by Michael, on August 19 as you can see on the left and on own author’s site.
I remind, that in the next few days,  we have chances to see the comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) in the coronagraph COR2 field of view, which mounted on the STEREO spacecrafts.

Comet Elenin and asteroid 2005 YU55

L. Elenin
I have received many questions as to whether these two objects may collide, or whether they might come so close to one another that they can change their orbits to head directly for Earth. Categorically – NO. Minimum distance between the two objects will happen September 13 (three days after the comet passes perihelion), and that distance is 0.1688 a.u., on the order of 25,252,000 km – 10 million km less than the distance of closest approach of Comet Elenin to our planet, which will take place October 16.
As you know, May 21 was the closest approach of Comet C/2010 X1 to asteroid 1999 RQ176; the objects  passed all of 225,830 km from each other, more than 100 times closer than the minimum distance between Comet Elenin and asteroid 2005 YU55! After that encounter, new position measuments of the comet and asteroid 1999 RQ176 were obtained. On such a short timescale no influence was noted, which means it is practically nil. For that reason, we can absolutely precisely say that Comet Elenin and asteroid 2005 YU55 will pass by one another and it will not even be noticeable!

More information...from

Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) is a comet discovered by Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin on December 10, 2010. Leonid was using a robotic observatory near Mayhill, New Mexico at the time of discovery.

Leonid Elenin

Mr. Elenin is what would be generally classed as an amateur1 astronomer from Lubertsy City, Russia, near Moscow2. He is a graduate of the Moscow Aviation Institute3, works as a researcher at the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics (Russian Academy of Sciences)4, is married, and speaks both Russian and English. He volunteers with the International Astronomical Search Collaboration5, and runs a website at He has had a passion for astronomy since childhood, and studies minor Solar System objects and stars. He has discovered over 10 variable stars (and numerous asteroids), and as of 2010, a comet.

Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin)

On December 11th, 2010, Leonid Elenin posted news on his website of a "new and interesting object"6 discovered during a "routine survey of the sky on Dec. 10, 2010". The discovery was made at the independent Russian remote observatory ISON-NM, which is located near Mayhill, New Mexico. The observatory is operated under the Russian project ISON (International Scientific Optical Network). His observations were confirmed by Aleksei Sergeyev and Artyom Novichonok of Madinak Observatory, located in the Ukraine.
Initially the comet was thought to be a short period comet, with aphelion near the orbit of Jupiter, and a perihelion inside the orbit of Earth7. However, over a week after its discovery, the Minor Planets Center at Harvard published the orbital elements8, revealing that the perihelion would be near Mercury! It was still unclear as to whether this was a rogue (a one time event) or a periodic comet. Further observations and calculations show that its period is on the order of 10,000 years, and that this is likely its first pass through the inner solar system. This leads to the prospect of a very bright comet in 2011.

Hyperbolic Comet

According to the JPL Small Body Database9 C/2010 X1 is a Hyperbolic Comet, meaning that it will not return. However, Leonid Elenin has calculated10 that due to perturbations to the comet's orbit from the gas giant planets, that the orbit of his comet will be modified to a long-period elliptical orbit, and that it will return in about 10,000 years".


Comet Elenin is in an orbit that is close to the plane of the ecliptic. It is currently11 just past opposition12 and about 3 times farther away from us than we are from the sun. Click here for an illustration of the comet's orbit as of March 30, 2011
In August 2011, Elenin will become a naked-eye visible object, as it sweeps in, passing between the Earth and the Sun.
By September 1st, 2011, Comet Elenin will approach the orbit of Mercury, and it will reach Perhelion on September 5th. In just a little over a month it will have traveled from the orbit of the Earth to the orbit of Mercury. At this point it will be so close to the sun from our vantage point that it will be completely hidden. However, it will be visible on solar-observing spacecrafts such as STEREO and SOHO.
On October 17th, 2011, Comet Elenin will make its closest approach to the earth. However, its distance to the Earth will still be huge, nearly a quarter of the distance between the earth and the sun.
Leonid Elenin
Image Unavailable
Leonid Elenin, the discoverer of the comet that bears his name. (C/2010 X1).

Wild Claims

Instead of being excited about the possibility of a naked-eye visible comet, some people are making some very strange and wild claims about the comet, or about Leonid Elenin. Some people13 are apparently questioning whether Leonid Elenin is even a real person, despite the fact that he is acknowledged as a contributor in various scholarly journal articles since 2009.

Elenin is not a 'brown dwarf star' or 'black hole'

Brown Dwarfs are not stars14, but occupy the space between really big planets and really small stars. The range of mass for a brown dwarf is between 13 and 8015 times the mass of Jupiter (MJ). In addition, brown dwarfs are about the same size as the planet Jupiter16, and would be as visible as the planet Jupiter is.
Black Holes are stellar mass objects, and in the presence of gas (as in the Solar Wind) they are anything but black. A black hole would be pulling in the gas from the solar wind and accelerating it to near light speed, causing it to blast radiation in X-Ray frequencies as well as infrared and visible light. This would be very visible to every astronomer on the Earth.
If Comet C/2010 X1 was traveling with a massive object, it would be in orbit around that object, like a moon orbits a planet. Otherwise it would simply fall into it. We would see Elenin spiraling around this object in its orbit, rather than the smooth, graceful sweeping path it is taking now. Since we don't see this spiraling effect, Elenin is not traveling with a massive object.
In addition, a massive object would be causing changes in the orbits of planets. In particular, since Comet C/2010 X1 passed close to Saturn, the orbit of Saturn would have been changed. Since Saturn is exactly where it should be, Elenin is not that massive, and it is not traveling with an object that massive.

Elenin will not collide with the earth

At its closest approach, Comet Elenin will be 34 million kilometers ( 21 million miles ) away from the Earth. It will also be 4 million kilometers ( 2.4 million miles ) above the orbit of the earth. See this image showing that Elenin will be well above Earth's orbit, and this image, showing it will be well ahead of the earth in it's oribt and this video created by member obaeyensobaeyens using the orbital simulator AstroGrav. This is more than 90 times the lunar distance. While this is 'close' in terms of the solar system, it is also about as close as we get to the planet Venus.

The Earth will not pass through Elenin's Tail

A common misconception of comets is that the tail streams out behind the comet. Even if that were the case, the images and video above show that we would not pass through the tail. However, the tail of a comet does not stream out behind the comet's path, but rather points away from the sun. As such, the tail will never be in a position to cross the path of the earth.
Even if the earth were to pass through the tail of the comet, the only effect on the earth would be a nice shower of meteors. Perseid meteor shower occurs every year between August 9 and 13 when the Earth passes thru the orbit of Comet Swift-Tuttle. Comet Halley is the source of the Orionid shower in October.17

Leonid Elenin is a real person

Yes, it has been claimed that "Leonid Elenin" does not, in fact, exist, but that instead his name is a 'coded message'.18.
The poster finishes off a list of what they see as 'hints' in the circumstances with the statement:
You know the way TPTB operate. Everything is scripted well in advance and they use Hollywood to drop clues.
Or, it could be that the poster watches too many fictional movies and thinks that they are 'coded messages' from "The Powers That Be".

Official statements on Elenin

NASA on C/2010 X1

Don Yeomans on C/2010 X1

Don Yeomans has weighed in on the comet, saying:
"So you've got a modest-sized icy dirtball that is getting no closer than 35 million kilometers," said Yeomans. "It will have an immeasurably miniscule influence on our planet. By comparison, my subcompact automobile exerts a greater influence on the ocean's tides than comet Elenin ever will."19

NASA's David Morrison on Comet Elenin claims

"The comet never comes close to the Earth, but it is expected to be visible in binoculars during August and October. Part of the Internet chatter concerns its size. Comets are exceedingly small and enveloped in a tenuous cloud of gas and dust, so the only way to be sure of their actual dimensions is to visit with a spacecraft. This means its mass is less than one billionth the mass of the Earth. Needless to say, we will not be aware of the tiny gravitational pull from Elenin."
This is a quote from a David's answer to a question on the "Ask an astrobiologist" page. He has received lots of questions about Elenin as well.
In addition, Dr. Morrison has posted a YouTube video discussing C/2010 X1.

Ian Musgrave on Comet Elenin

Australian amateur astronomer Ian Musgrave has compiled a FAQ for the Worried on Comet Elenin.

Space Fellowship: Comet Elenin Poses No Threat to Earth


Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) is not a threat to the earth. It is not a 'brown dwarf star', nor is it being accompanied by a massive object such as a black hole or rogue planet. It is behaving exactly as a comet should behave, obeying Kepler's laws of Planetary Motion.

Default "Astronomer Leonid Elenin doesn't exist and I have undeniable EVIDENCE"

This is a link to the thread on ATS that speaks to this issue. I wanted to bring it over to PA because the Elenin/Dwarf Star issue is a hot topic and really should be discussed by all thinking people.

The best thread (and still very active!) on PA to read for background info is:

Proof that Comet Elenin doesn't exists! We have Nibiru instead!

Here is link to ATS thread:

Leonid Elenin doesn't exist and I have undeniable EVIDENCE that will settle this debate


Hello all, this thread should be the thread to explain all the mysteries behind Comet Elenin and its discoverer, Leonid Elenin. It took me a while to write and research all this stuff, but I had to get it done in an orderly manner as information about this matter is unevenly spread around.

Believe me, at first even I was sceptic about all this hysteria surrounding Elenin that I always debunked it. But after trying to search for its discoverer, Leonid Elenin, I'm afraid to say that this person doesn't exist and is indeed being played by an actor.


This is the mysterious Leonid Elenin
but check out the recent discoveries - theres no mention of his discovery of Comet Elenin (C/2010 X1).

I tried to search him on the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics (the place where he works) as normally anyone who makes an effort to have comets named after them and discover 10 variable stars, they should naturally be up somewhere on the university website - pretty much every university does this. I didn't find any mention of Leonid Elenin whatsoever anywhere on the university website. You can check for your selves here:

I then tried to look him up on the International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC) which keeps records of every discovery made by an astronomer. Again, I found no record of Comet Elenin (C/2010 X1) or its discoverer, Leonid Elenin.

I tried to search for Leonid Elenin on the International Scientific Optical Network observatory website (the place where apparently discovered Elenin C/2010 X1) and found a recent article in defence that Comet Elenin is not a threat and boy take a look what it says:

“Countdown to 500 comets. Comet Elenin”. By Alan Hale
July 15th 2011

This has, undoubtedly, been one of the most eagerly-awaited comets in recent years. It was discovered back on December 10, 2010 by Leonid Elenin, an astronomer in Lyubertsy, Russia (affiliated with the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics in Moscow), who is an accomplished observer of comets and who has in fact made several recoveries of expected periodic comets within the fairly recent past; this is his first comet discovery.

For a man who is supposedly an accomplished observer of comets, why can't I find this guy? He's not mentioned anywhere on his university website annd he's not mentioned on the IASC website.

The only time he has actually shown himself to the world is on RT news, but then again - he looks nothing like the image on this website



What is going on? Why is there so much mystery surrounding the man Leonid Elenin?
Several Mainstream newspapers and even NASA have debunked the hysteria around Comet Elenin. Why on Earth would he do some random, insignificant interview in Russia when most of the Comet Elenin hysteria is here in the West?!

In order to make Leonid Elenin a real person, they had to make a cover up article to show that he existed. I did find one, released on 8th

Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin, of Moscow, used the remotely operated ISON-NM telescope in New Mexico to observe the new Comet Ikeya-Murakami over the weekend.

But boy oh boy, did the people behind the cover up make serious mistakes. When searching for the Ikeya-Murakami (C/2010 V1) comet, once again Leonid Elenin is not mentioned or even credited and this is from the NASA website!

Hence, from all this evidence, I can safely conclude that the person called Leonid Elenin does not exist in reality and is just played by an actor. But why? Why must anyone create a fake identity to deceive the mass public about a mere harmless Comet called Elenin (C/2010 X1)


The most obvious theory about the cover up of planet destroyer Comet Elenin, is the name of the discoverer himself.
Leonid Elenin is hardly a Russian name - check any book/website about Common and Uncommon Russian names and nowhere will you find a name like that. The only comparison of names and nationality I can make is with the famous scientist Leonhard Euler - and that guy was Swiss!

So what happens if we separate key words from the name Leonid Elenin?
We get LEO, ELE and NIN

I'm pretty sure by now you already know, from various threads and forums that:

LEO refers to the constellation of Leo.
ELE refers to Extinction Level Event
NIN refers to the Ninth planet of our solar system (excluding Pluto)

Some might say this is clearly a coincidence but whats so special about NIN?

It has been long theorised by the Nemesis Theory (a currently legit Astronomical research topic) that there must be a twin companion of the Sun due to the statistical periodicity of mass extincition events here on Earth to be spaced roughly 26 Million years apart. iodicity_of_mass_extinctions

what do you think.... 

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