Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Which of These Videos Are Real UFOs???

Don't believe all of the UFO tales that you hear...

UFO Squadron Over Krasnoyarsk May 12, 2011 

Glowing UFO Over Angers, France May 14, 2011

Multiple sightings over Amsterdam

Beijing sightings

Pay attention....there are those out there that are attempting to make people panic...

The above was found on various sites.  Is this all just a game?  Is there someone playing with the population of earth, playing on their emotions, on their beliefs?

What is the best way to view these "UFO Sightings"?  We have no way to know which ones, if not all of them, are frauds.

Panicking is not the answer.  Are you prepared for the emergencies that are actually likely to happen?  You should prepare with first, gathering a 72 hour kit for each member of your family and then proceed to gather a general food storage.

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