Monday, May 16, 2011

Meteor Mystery, Strange Lights, UFOs, Official U.S. Letter Regarding Comet Elenin Preparedness.


What was this?

The following letter is official according to what I have found online.  However, I have not verified it completely.  It is very interesting and if it is not official, someone spent a lot of energy and had a lot of knowledge in order to create something like this that would be a hoax.  A note here...we don't know if Elenin will do any damage to Earth.  We don't know if Elenin will continue on its current path.  There are so many people panicking out there regarding Comet Elenin and they really shouldn't.  Those spending their time panicking regarding the IMPENDING DOOM of Comet Elenin could better use their time preparing for any emergency.  Start with 72 hour kits and encouraging your family to educate themselves (together is better) on the emergency plans you create for standard emergencies, such as fires, floods, earthquakes and accidents.  Start and continue to work on your food storage and water storage.  You should add to this each time you do your regular grocery shopping and add the things that you would typically use.  For me and my family, this has served us well in times of "economic drought".

If Earth impact by Comet Elenin or any other major catastrophy does occur, you can only control what you do, how you act and react, and your preparedness.  In a disaster like a comet impact, even if it is just the tail, you won't be able to do anything except what I have mentioned above anyway, so start living and stop panicking.
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