Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mass Exodus From Tokyo

Good lord. Look at the crap they’re reporting in the Sun:

Mass exodus from Tokyo

and BEN JACKSON, Environment Editor
A MASS exodus from Tokyo is under way as those left behind pray for the wind to save them from a new radiation nightmare.
The airport of Japan’s quake-hit capital was besieged as levels of the invisible killer soared to ten times the normal level there.
And that was before a FOURTH explosion and a fire at a stricken nuclear plant sparked fresh terror – that of a poison cloud of nuclear rain.
The leaking station was officially abandoned this morning after radiation levels around the plant “increased rapidly”.
Other international media sources are reporting similar stories of the masses fleeing from Tokyo. They based on internet hearsay or interviews with foreign residents of Japan.
Reality check:
  • There is no “mass exodus” being reported anywhere in the Japanese media. According to the Wall Street Journal, the only people rushing to the airport to flee the country are foreigners. (Could it have to do with the fact that they’re getting their information from sources like the Sun?)
  • Ten times the normal level of radiation is still insignificantly small and harmless.
  • Radiation levels in the immediate area around the plant increased today. Nobody has measured a dangerous increase outside of the 30km evacuation zone and there is no information about any “poison cloud of nuclear rain.”
  • The plant was not “officially abandoned” – workers temporarily left one area, but work has resumed.
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