Saturday, February 5, 2011

Floods, Cyclone and Now Fire...How much more can Australia Take?

How much more can Australia take?...

Bushfire in NE Perth rages out of control

06 February 2011 | 09:16:07 AM | Source: AAP
A bushfire emergency warning has been issued for areas of Perth's northeast suburbs.
A bushfire emergency warning has been issued for areas of Perth's northeast suburbs, as a fast-moving fire rages out of control.
At 4.55am (WST) the Fire and Emergency Services Authority (FESA) issued the warning for Brigadoon, Baskerville, Millendon, Red Hill and Herne Hill, in the city of Swan.
The fire, which started at 9.14pm (WST) on Saturday, has burnt 650 hectares and is being tackled by 150 firefighters.
FESA says there is a threat to lives and homes and people are being warned that they are in danger and need to act immediately to survive.
If the way was clear people should leave immediately for a safer place and take their survival kits with them, FESA said in a statement.
It was too late for people to prepare their homes and the safest option was to leave.
"The bushfire is moving fast in a northwesterly direction. It is out of control and unpredictable," FESA said.
Embers were likely to be blown around homes and spot fires were starting up to one kilometre ahead of the fire. Flames were higher than roof tops.
The Department of Child Protection has set up a relocation point at Swan Park Leisure Centre. If people were going there, they were advised to leave in a westerly direction towards the Great Northern Highway.

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