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Chemtrails. Do you believe in them?

Chemtrail Evidence Grows, According to Researchers

Chemtrail Evidence Grows, According to ResearchersIn a recent radio interview, investigative reporters and film producers G. Edward Griffin and Mike Murphy presented evidence and theories concerning the much debated topic of chemtrails, the lingering, cloud-like aerosols that can often be seen in the skies. During the interview on nationally syndicated Coast to Coast AM, the two researchers discussed all the information they gathered for their new documentary called “What In The World Are They Spraying?”, a film they hope will spread awareness about the issue of chemtrails.
According to Griffin, “chemtrails” are different from “contrails” in that contrails (condensation trails) dissipate quickly in the air, while chemtrails linger and sometimes billow out, turning a clear blue sky into a hazy, milky one.
In their research, Griffin and Murphy discovered that chemtrails are essentially being sprayed on on a worldwide basis, and are certainly being seen in every state within the U.S., and every NATO country.
During the interview, the two researchers discussed geoengineering (weather modification), explaining that it’s a quickly developing industry that involves aerial spraying. The proposed geoengineering agenda, which specifically involves spraying aluminum into the air to battle global warming, states that its proposals are only future plans. Coincidentally, high levels of aluminum are already being found in the environment, leading many to believe that geoengineering is already being conducted without the knowledge or approval of the world’s general population. What’s alarming to Griffin and Murphy, and many others who investigate chemtrails, is the fact that aluminum is very toxic to both humans and the environment.
Discussed in the interview were tests that have been carried out which analyzed air, soil, rain, and snow samples. These tests have shown that over the past decade or so, metals such as aluminum, barium, and strontium have gradually been accumulating in the environment globally and aluminum especially has reached extremely high, dangerous levels.
Mike Murphy shared the example of snow in Mt. Shasta that 9 years ago registered only 7 parts per billion of aluminum, which recently was found to have an incredible 61,100 parts per billion. He explained that this was 61 times over the government allowed level for water, and that unfortunately, hikers that climb the mountain and consume the snow for hydration are “literally poisoning themselves”.
At one point during the interview, G. Edward Griffin posed the looming question, “Where are these chemicals coming from?” The answer, Griffin and Murphy say, is chemtrails. Of the plans for geoengineering to combat global warming, Griffin remarked, “They tell us everything that’s happening but they’re always using it in context that they’re ‘going to do it’, instead of that they ‘are doing it’”. And according to Murphy global warming “is an excuse to sell these programs to an unsuspecting public”.
In the radio interview Murphy also cited the US Military’s report Owning the Weather in 2025, which shows further evidence that government doesn’t consider chemtrails an impossible, paranoid conspiracy theory, but a legitimate plan with tangible benefits. Murphy explained, “there’s a lot of power, and a lot of military applications with these programs.”
Another piece of evidence causing suspicion of chemtrails is the irregular flight patterns of the planes that spray the aerosols, which often fly in zig-zag or grid patterns that don’t follow any official FAA flight patterns. Also, it has been found that organic gardens around the world are starting to see a decline, which could be the result of the toxic substances in chemtrails changing the pH level of soil. According to Mike Murphy, the idea that GMO seed companies could profit off of designing seeds and crops that can withstand the potentially toxic nature of future soil is a possible chemtrail agenda.
Murphy and Griffin have their theories concerning the motives behind the chemtrails in the skies. They say that chemtrails are part of a multi-agenda program that likely includes some, if not all, of the following:
- weather modification
- depopulation
- warfare
- making money
- global governance
When asked about the cost for such an inevitably massive project, Griffin said, “It’s hard to imagine. These planes are flying up there all day, seven days a week, ongoing for years, and it’s global, so it’s got to be an incredible amount of money, but yet it doesn’t show up on the budget anyplace.” Griffin went on to say that the program is probably on “some black budget operation concealed in some military allocation that you’re not allowed to question because it’s supposedly classified, or something like that.”
For more details and information, listen to the full interview:

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