Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Rash of Pelican Deaths...

New reward offered in rash of pelican deaths

Rash of Pelican Deaths Have Volunteers Crying Foul
At one local beach though, dozens of pelicans are turning up dead.

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NORTH TOPSAIL BEACHN.C. - There's a new reward out to help get information on what's causing dead pelicans to wash ashore at Topsail Beach.
The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust is offering a 25-hundred dollar reward for information about the dead pelicans.
Around 150 brown pelicans have been found with various injuries since November of 2009.
There's been speculation that the injuries are human-inflicted, but a recent autopsy found there may be another reason behind their deaths.
Most of the birds were found on North Topsail Beach.

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