Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Signs from lack of seasons.

Watch the signs...since the beginning of the year alone there has been a mix-up of the seasons all over the globe.


"Yea," he replied. "The weather has been very weird lately. Just last week we went from 20 degrees on one day to 70 degrees the next. Everybody went from parkas to golfing in 24 hours. Weird."

Weird indeed.

After a terribly uncomfortable night in my Wilmington hotel (they turn all the AC units off in the hotels during winter, because, you see, it is supposed to be COLD in Delaware in winter), I awake to a rainy, humid day. My client picked me up at the hotel and the first thing he said to me as I jumped into his car for the ride to the office... "Weird weather man. Did you bring an umbrella?" I laughed and told him that "Weird weather" was the mantra of the week, and shared my story with him.

Later that day, as I was facilitating a meeting with a group of government employees, I noticed that their attention was no longer on me. Everybody was looking past me, out the windows. I stopped talking and slowly looked outside, and to my surprise noticed that it was snowing! Huge, beautiful white snowflakes fluttering to the ground! And just yesterday I was uncomfortable because of humidity and heat. This morning it wasn't even it is snowing?

Weird weather!



Weird weather around the world

In the middle of the desert, snowflakes are falling. Of all places, it was snowing this morning in Baghdad, which made headlines in publications like the New York Times and TIME Magazine. Some people interviewed said they've never heard of snow in Baghdad while others say it's been at least forty years.

That alone is a strange enough incident. But get this. It's spring-time in New York City. How's that for topsy turvy. This week, when New Yorkers should have been bundled up in their wool scarves and rubber boots, they've been walking around in t-shirts.


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Twelve dust storms barreled into the southern Rockies from the deserts of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico so far this year. In contrast, four storms hit the mountains all year long in 2003. Eight occurred in each of the last three years.
The Thin Green Line


Meteorologists at Environment Canada are all abuzz about an ominous, dark, fast moving cloud that passed over much of Yarmouth County between 7 and 9 p.m. on April 28.

Meteorologist Serge Deschamps says the cloud seems to be what is known as a roll cloud. The report created quite a stir in the office.

“It is very rare phenomena. All the right conditions have to be set up and I guess you had it set up yesterday,” he said.
Prison Planet


The forecast this morning was clear skies in the Southland. What did we get? Lightning, hail, and a little rain.



A rare outbreak of tornadoes moved across the Midwest in January 2008. These tornadoes destroyed homes and caused trains to blow off their tracks.



The weather has been incredibly strange in the tropics. It has been unusually cool and rainy. Yesterday a violent thunderstorm ripped through and it rained most of the day. Usually rains last ten minutes and they move on.

During the night there were violent winds and the patio was covered with windblown debris.


We had a tornado on February 18, 2009. The next weekend it snowed. The weekend after we had a deluge of rain. Then sunny weather and in the 70's. I know I'm missing a few weeks in between, but the weather has been from one extreme to the other.

This weekend we had an earthquake, in Georgia! Today the forecast is for snow and temps in the lower 30's to 28.

This is crazy!


February 2009

In North Korea, Kim's birthday means festivals with singing soldiers, dancing in the street, a few extra handfuls of rice for workers and sweets for children. The North said "a mysterious moon halo" was seen above Mt Jong-il just before the birthday.



After the wettest winter on record and the driest May on record, the kind citizens are experiencing what looks to be the wettest and coolest June on record. Many of them are wondering if they will ever get to put up any hay.


Well now, isn't this interesting! We are to have SNOW in June in the Sierras centered on Lake Tahoe, as seen in the map below. The blue area in northern California is under a snow watch. Who wants to bet that this will be front-page news across the country on main-stream media? California legislators need to be aware of this as they continue writing the AB 32 regulations, which are predicated on a disappearing snow pack due to global warming.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Snow In New Jersey Today?

Is it really going to snow in New Jersey today? Yep!!! Enjoy the New Jersey snow today! And watch out for hail. What a weird weather forecast...

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