Monday, June 15, 2009

Layoff Letterman! It's in bad taste!

Lay Off Letterman! It's in bad taste! Don't blame it on your writers. You are the one who delivered the lines and continue to promote them.

Palin eviscerates Letterman
After Letterman made crude sexual jokes about Palin looking like a 'slutty flight attendant' and her 14 year old daughter getting knocked up by Alex Rodriguez, Sarah Palin fought back -- and she is absolutely destroying the lame late night host. To demonstrate their seething hatred for Palin, many in the mainstream media are still trying to find the negative for Palin in this spat. Olbermann called her a 'delusional maniac' and Yahoo had this headline running all day calling her solid interview with Matt Lauer 'awkward' -- but all in all it's a fairly universal decision for Palin. Even Joy Behar and Barbara Walters took Palin's side on the matter today on The View. Glenn talks about how Palin is getting the best of it with Letterman.
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Why can these guys get away with such poor taste and have most people in the media support them? Doesn't this remind you of Perez Hilton? We all know where that led in regard to Carrie Prejean.

Prejean, who also appeared on "Geraldo at Large," stood by her belief she was stripped of her title due to her political views.

"They are not going to tell the truth on a lot of things. I've heard I've missed 52 missed appearances. Since the press conference was only a month ago, that would be two a day," said Prejean.

She also says Lewis asked her to give him a "response in writing" over a Playboy partial nudity photo shoot — a request that "absolutely shocked" her.
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So, essentially, the only way you can succeed in this world of ours is if you defame someone else's name or you hold a place on the planet as a victim and martyr, expect special attention and have zero values. Anyone else have a point of view on this subject matter?

It's sad that these type of issues have come to mean so much because there are so many REALLY important things, such as pay monitoring by the Treasury, beginning with TARP companies.

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