Thursday, May 21, 2009

Think Your Money Is FDIC Insured?

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Today BankUnited FSB became the nation's 34th bank to fail this year. Bank
failures are nothing new, but this one will cost the FDIC $4.9 Billion per the
FDIC press release issued Thursday, May 21. BankUnited had assets of $12.8
Billion and deposits of $8.6 Billion.

The takeover group is led by the infamous Carlyle and Blackstone investment
groups. The take-away for the average Joe Public - is this:

The FDIC started 2008 with $53 Billion in its insurance fund, and this number
is now less than $11 Billion. This translates to mean that less than a quarter
of every $100 you have in a bank account is now FDIC "insured."

It does not take a genius to predict that the FDIC insurance fund will be
depleted this year, and a public bank closing (or "bank holiday" - as if it were
some sort of twisted vacation) is likely this year.

Source: Liberty Maven

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