Tuesday, March 31, 2009

912 Petition

We the People, in seeking Redress of Grievances, as is our right under Amendment I of the United States Constitution, ask this question of each branch of Federal Government:

“Where in the Constitution do you find authorization for each and all of the following?”

1. The redistribution of property by force and subterfuge; and the unequal application of tax laws amounting to punitive action against certain groups of American People and providing favored status to other groups

2. A paper money system that is morally and economically equivalent to counterfeiting

3. Willful and purposeful devaluation and destruction of American currency

4. Deploying military to fight undeclared wars

5. Targeting and labeling law-abiding American citizens as domestic terrorists

6. Declarations that disagreeing with policy is unpatriotic or disloyal to our

7. Intrusions into the privacy of law-abiding American citizens

8. Perpetual massive indebtedness to foreign countries

9. Infringement upon the rights of the People to keep and bear arms through oppressive regulation and taxation designed for the very purpose of infringement

10. Passing laws and taxes without deliberation and without reading the legislation; said action is tantamount to the American People not having any representation

11. Enacting ex post facto laws and Bills of Attainder

12. Granting Constitutional rights and privileges to illegal aliens and prisoners of war

13. Funding mercenary organizations that engage in voter fraud and paid harassment of law abiding American citizens

14. Maintaining and deploying armies in peace time on United States soil

15. Unprecedented and arbitrary federal power, through the United States Treasury, for government intervention into, control of, and confiscation of, private property, private industry including but not limited to banking, insurance, manufacturing, farming and other sectors of the private economy (current and proposed)

16. Requiring involuntary servitude or governmental service other than a draft during a declared war, or pursuant to, or as an alternative to, incarceration after due process of law (proposed)

17. Requiring involuntary servitude or governmental service of persons under the age of 18 other than pursuant to, or as an alternative to, incarceration after due process of law (proposed)

18. Acts regarding religion; further limitations on freedom of political speech; or further limitations on freedom of the press (proposed)

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