Friday, August 1, 2008

Meditation. Beating Symptoms of Lyme Through Mind Power.

As I sit here typing this post, I think about the fact that I was in a wheelchair during our family Disneyland trip in October, 2007 (just last fall). I also remember deep frustration during those many years while extremely ill and desperate for answers. I wouldn't turn back the clock and lose the experiences I had during those years. Without them I would not be the person I am today.

When I was finally diagnosed properly with Chronic/Late-Stage Lyme disease, the miracles of healing began. Now, here I am, a completely changed individual. The treatment of Doxycycline for four months, supplemental vitamins and minerals (Bio35), Noni Juice, Mangostein, wonderful family and spiritual support, and my mind-over-body meditation are the main contributors to my wellness success.

The mind-over-body-type mediation is something that I have practiced for over 15 years. However, when I was having coping issues during my years with chronic, misdiagnosed illness, I sought out counseling with a psychiatrist who specializes in Cognitive Therapy. This Cognitive Therapy approach greatly enhanced my mind-over-body meditation and changed my reality from "doom and gloom" to "positive no matter the circumstances".

This earthy experience is a one-time opportunity. Notice that I said "opportunity". The purpose of this earthly experience isn't for us to lay around, complain, abuse our bodies or minds, become mindless through too much TV and/or video games, let our bodies succum to illness and deteriorate, etc.

No. The purpose is for us to find and utilize our talents for the good of ourselves, our families, our communities, our country, our world. The energy we release mixes with the energy of others and creates our reality.

Therefore one question I always ask myself before thinking, speaking, or taking action is this...

"What kind of energy am I sending out to the Universe?"

Another question I ask myself is this...

"What energy do I want to surround myself with and what energy do I want to return to myself?"

In order to do this effectively, one must practice the consciousness of thinking, speaking, and taking actions. Doesn't it seem that there are many days, especially when feeling ill, that you unconsciously go through the motions of each day and that the days pass and you feel as if you are not really participating in this life, that you are just here?

Here is a process that will expedite your journey to wellness and keep you well if practiced regularly.

Take the following steps to initially launch your mind-over-body power.

1. Lay flat on your back.

2. Keep your legs relaxed and straight, feet approximately six (6) inches apart and relaxed.

3. Place arms, hands with palms up toward the ceiling, slightly away from your body. Your arms should be relaxed, your shoulders should be slightly back, elongating your neck.

4. Keep chin slightly down toward chest, however, your head must be relaxed and can be propped up on a regular size pillow.

5. Breathe slowly and deeply in through your nose, feeling the breath on the back of your throat and feeling the inhale in your stomach, instead of your chest. Focus on the breath. Note: Feeling the inhale in your stomach is relaxing and will help get you centered.

6. Breathe out slowly through your nose, again feeling the breath on the back of your throat. You should hear your breath against the back of your throat. Focus on the breath.

7. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Attempt to keep your mind centered on your breathing and not wander toward your list of things that need to be done, etc.

8. Now add positive, relaxing, self-talk. Start with visualizing each area of your body and how it is healed and perfect. Here is an example...

"My brain is perfect... The cells in my brain are rejuvenating and telling the rest of my body to heal and become perfect...I remember names, dates, faces, tastes, smells and everything I sense with ease and perfect detail...I can recall each and every one of these details with ease...My hearing is perfect...My eye-sight is perfect...My head and neck feel completely relaxed..."

9. Keep the deep breathing continuous as you progress with your positive self-talk.

"My glands and organs work perfectly...All of the cells in my body are rejuvenating and are healed and perfect...My shoulders are relaxed...My arms are relaxed...My hands are relaxed...I feel the positive universal energy in the palms of my hands..."

10. You continue your self-talk toward each of your body parts, imagining a perfectly functioning and healthy body. You tell yourself that you have energy and stamina to achieve all of your goals.

11. Continuing with the deep breathing, begin the self-talk that will bring more positive energy into your life. Here is an example...

"I have positive energy flowing through every cell in my body...My aura is full of positive energy...I am magnetized to positive energy and positive energy is magnetized to me...I am magnetized to positive people and positive people are magnetized to me...I am magnetized to positive situations and positive situations are magnetized to me...I am magnetized to positive opportunities and positive opportunities are magnetized to me...My positive energy shields me from all negativity..."

Continue this meditation each day, as well as reading uplifting literature, listening to uplifting music, taking walks, and other additional activities as your body and mind allow.

Test the results for yourself.

Remember that you have control over the way you think, even when it seems that the world is out of control. You have control in the way that you act and react to the world going on around you. You have more power than you may have ever thought you had and you can utilize it so that you can have more opportunities and joy during this experience on Earth.

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