Monday, November 5, 2007

What's up with this blog?

My goal with writing this blog is to provide vital information to the public regarding news and issues that may not be receiving proper coverage by the mainstream media outlets. It is ever amazing to me the topics that continue to have repeat media coverage on mainstream news. Frustrating as it is, I can't complain and then do nothing. Thus, first as this nerd girl's hobby of reading, writing and investigating issues, this blog is born (...Oh, I am hoping to be a proud parent!).

However, I must give credit where credit is due. My inspiration, letting me know that I have a voice and I shouldn't be afraid to use it, is Glenn Beck. As you all may know, he has his own show on CNN. I'm a loyal fan of his show, so if you don't like Glenn, you won't like me. He is truly an inspiration and role model (...and I obviously give him much praise.)

This week will be construction week for my blog site, including photos, ads, content, etc. Thereafter I look forward to regular successful blogging sessions with plenty of your (respectful) comments to make the information even more interesting. Happy reading. Hope to hear from you!

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