Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Middle East...questions and more questions

Today's topic is the current political crisis in Pakistan. By now you should know that Pakistan is in a "State of Emergency". Actually, this is true in more ways than having one just being declared. Its a nuclear country with an out of control military extremist dictator. You can't trust this character or make deals with and Islamic Extremist like this. This situation in the Middle East continues to become further complicated when it seems as though it could not become more complicated.

The First Post states that "...the Israeli government has served notice on the White House that is must take pre-emptive action against Iran's sites of nuclear weapons development - or Israel has apparently given Bush a deadline of six months." All this comes with the appointment with the new Israeli Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Strategic Affairs. This rumor has happened at the same time as the rumor that Iran is supposedly accelerating their nuclear program.

If you didn't think our military could spread more thinly, well Turkey is expecting us to help them attack the Kurdish rebels (PPK) who are launching cross-border assaults from northern Iraq so that we can continue to use the airspace and relationship between the two countries to bring our military in Iraq things as simple as water. Of course, it remains to be seen how the relationship comes out in the end due to the wonderful moves of congress to speak out against the massacres carried out against Armenians by the Ottoman Empire. Nice move.

If my readers have more information on these topics or comments I'd love to hear from you.

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