Monday, November 19, 2007

Digg...Ten Articles I Appreciate

This week, I am concentrating on giving.

Today, I'd like to point you in the direction of a site I use for networking, Digg.

My network of friends who have submitted articles of merit on Digg deserve some appreciation.

Forgive me if this blog's writing isn't fabulous, as I should be taking a "sick day". But again, there are so many who are less fortunate that I feel a drive to move forward and to give you a message this week, about the importance of giving.

There have been a few (and many I have not had an opportunity to read) articles on Digg that I appreciate in the past few days, and that I think are helpful and uplifting from different perspectives.

Here they are (in no particular order)...

Can Chocolate Save the Environment?
A rather unique solution to rainforest preservation through the introduction of Cocoa trees that shows that many Latin Americans are taking tropical deforestation seriously... and doing something about it! Excellent article.
How Chocolate Can Save the Planetby Joanne Silberner

The Building Blocks of Success in Blogging and Photography
time and content - the two high ranked factors to success in almost any web related activity. Brian also mentions networking and kindness to others as key factors)
The Building Blocks of Success in Blogging and Photography

10 Easy Ways to Save Money Without Much Effort
It seems the methods for earning money tend to take more effort than saving money. This is why most people will tell you that it’s not what you earn but what you spend. In fact, it’s both. Earning more will be more of an obstacle for most people while saving more is easily controllable. I say do both...

Why you have no need of an eBook about Google AdSense secrets
If you have a site with AdSense to monetize your traffic but you are not satisfied for the obtained results (in terms of revenues), you have not to fall in the temptation to buy an eBook about Google AdSense secrets...

Help Save Lives This Holiday Season
Drive Safer Sunday is a new microsite created in order to raise awareness about the the dangers in holiday driving. Please take a look and pass along to loved ones.

What to do if your house is flooded
Handy guide on what to do should disaster strike this festive season
There's water everywhere - what should I do?

Earn As you Write is an article submission site which allows you to insert your adsense code within the article. This way you can write article and earn money through adsense through natural ways. With you can earn as you write. We at allow you to place your ADSENSE CODE within the article.
Welcome to Resource School - There are now 123 Excellent Articles in our Database from 56 Authors

Take Action and help Bangladesh!
An estimated 15,000 people died in Bangladesh from the powerful cyclone Sidr. Though you may not be able to be there to help, donate toward one of eight organizations and impact your world.

Serendipity 3 Popular NYC Restaurant Has Rodents
Serendipity 3, the high end restaurant that was just in the news for featuring a $25,000 dessert delight has been shut down due to an infestation of rodents.

A Better Alternative to Monetizing your Blog
Get paid to blog is not easy as others may claim. That is especially if you are considering this on a full time basis as your primary source of income. You need to have the basic writing skills, a good blogging platform, plenty of time to spare optimizing your blog, and most of all an excellent blog advertising partner.

I have appreciated all of my network who have read my articles and given feedback to me. I hope that my site and my writing improve because of their contributions. There will not be a joke of the day (as I feel kind of like I'm it...ha, ha), but I hope to continue that tomorrow.

Have a great start to a Thanksgiving week and remember to keep giving.

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