Saturday, November 17, 2007

Blogging for Public Consumption...Writers Must Have "Thick Skin"

Learning the ropes of writing for public consumption comes at the cost of a writer's self-esteem if they are not able to stand behind their writing and have a "thick skin".

Writing a weblog and publicizing it can be risky for anyone, but especially for those who utilize their own opinion in their writing.

Be prepared for comments from readers that range from complimentary to deranged.

The public has complete freedom to give their comments and personal anecdotes regarding your writing content, style, and even your profile picture.

My blog is an example of a writer using her right to state her opinion via the Internet. It's a risk, but I feel a bond with my readers, as well as a strong passion for the topics I write about.

With strong subject matter, I expect and accept strong criticism and place it where it belongs. At times, it may change my opinion or open my views on the subject matter I choose to write about.

The creative process is a beautiful process. Most of us, who start writing for public consumption, write because of passion.

The passion may or may not be for writing itself. We may write instead because we have a passion for a certain subject matter and want to share our passion with others.

Whatever the passion, when strong criticism is given from a consumer, a weblog writer must return to the passion, to the feelings of why they began writing and sharing in the first place.

Stay in the game. If your passion is strong enough and if you are regimented enough, which equals...

...Consistency in writing
...Consistency in advertising
...Consistency in publicizing
...Consistency in reading and researching
(in no particular order)

...your invested time will pay off and your self-esteem will thrive in the process.

As a weblogger, I am learning the skills of writing, advertising, publicizing and researching and appreciate my readers' patience and sharing my development journey.

I greatly appreciate the network of bloggers I am creating and the tools that have been created to gather them.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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