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Anonymous Att-hacks U.S. Agencies & Begins "Operation Last Resort" Page # 3


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Coroner is dead! What did he know? by Fred Brownbill.

We hear today of yet another very strange death in the saga of the sudden death of Andrew Breitbart, a man I was shocked had a sudden major heart attack and died.  You all know he was an investigative jounalist with no fear and bought real news, truth  and breaking stories via his website, Breitbart News. 

Many of these stories and breaking news articles did not show this regime of Barack Hussein Obama in very favorable light, nor many of the agencies that he supported like planned parenthood etc. He gained many enemies for these exposés, and though relatively young but fit, while out walking at night, suffered a sudden and major heart attack and died.  The coroner who did the autopsy, Michael Cormier from the Los Angeles County Coroners Office, told us about the heart attack in his released report, but there has always been an air of uncertainty especially among those of us that knew Breitbart.

Now, according to the Los Angeles Times, the coroner who was 61, was taken to the  Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank from his North Hollywood home and was in tremendous pain and vomiting before he died.  The hospital staff had suspicions about his death and notified the Los Angeles police department.  Foul play has not been ruled out and it appears that Cormier died from poisoning.  His deputy coroner has performed his autopsy but the results have not been released as they say they are waiting for toxicology results.

God Bless America. 


A private investigator has been unable to find the only eyewitness to the sudden death of 

media innovator and conservative activist Andrew Breitbart.

The apparent disappearance of Christopher Lasseter, who says he saw Breitbart drop to

the sidewalk in front of a restaurant, adds to the mystery surrounding Breitbart’s march 1 


On the day the Los Angeles County coroner released Breitbart’s autopsy report, a 

photographic technician at the coroner’s office died suddenly of suspicious causes.

In addition, at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., just three 

weeks before Breitbart’s death – where he promised to unveil “damning” new video

evidence of Barack Obama’s radical past that would change the election – Breitbart gave 
WND  details of his upcoming revelations. He claimed to WND that he had a video showing 

radical Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers and Barack Obama at Harvard planning 

revolution in the United States. But the video, aired just after he died, was of Obama 

introducing a radical Harvard professor, and the general response was flat. Filmmaker Steve 

Bannon, appointed executive chairman of the Breitbart News Network after Breitbart’s 

death, has insisted to WND that the media mogul died of natural causes and to suggest 

anything else is irresponsible.

“Breitbart had an enlarged heart,” Bannon told WND. “He had been hospitalized for the problem last year and told to lose weight that he did not lose.” Bannon, formerly a Breitbart News Network board member, told WND that for months prior to his death, Breitbart had been working overtime to finalize a refinancing of his news agency.
“He died of natural causes,” Bannon said. “The family wants the matter put to rest, and WND is beginning to irritate me suspecting foul play.”
In addition to Bannon, Laurence Solov, formerly president and chief operating officer, was elevated after Breitbart’s death. Solov took Breitbart’s place as CEO. An eyewitness disappears After recruiting the assistance of private investigators, WND found that Lasseter, the 26-year-old witness who saw Breitbart drop dead, is no longer residing at his last known address in California. ..
He was unsure Lasseter was still residing at the address and considered it possible that Lasseter had moved. On March 1, Crime File News reported Lasseter was walking his dog in Brentwood, Calif., when he saw Breitbart cross the street from the Brentwood Restaurant.
Breitbart was walking without apparent distress when he stepped on the curb “and fell like a sack of potatoes,” Lasseter said. He noted that Breitbart’s skin color was bright red, which is not typically associated with heart attack victims. Paul Huebl, who writes for Crime File News, reported April 22 that he interviewed Lasseter and added the detail that the witness was disturbed by Breitbart’s color. As a former Army medic, Huebl knew that most heart attack victims turned blue. Coroner’s assistant dies On April 20, Los Angeles County Chief Coroner Craig Harvey released the autopsy report on Breitbart, listing the cause of death as heart failure resulting from an enlarged heart and some heart disease. Harvey noted no prescription or illegal drugs were detected and only a small amount of alcohol was found in Breitbart’s system at the time of death. While the coroner concluded no foul play was suspected, his report made no attempt to explain why Lasseter observed Breitbart’s skin was “bright red” at time of his death. ...

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