Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cannot Stop Thinking of the Loss In Connecticut. Love.

Dedicated to the families who lost children in Connecticut today
December 14, 2012
Original - by Natasha Call


Where to begin.  Where to end.
Your baby moving and growing safely in your womb.   Love.  Safe.  Nurturing.
Beginning at the opening of life.  Development.  Fascinating.  Amazing.
New life in your arms.   Miracle of birth.  Safely in your arms.  Happiness.  Euphoria.

Where to begin.  Where to end.
Speaking in babbles and bubbles until the first word is spoken.  Laughter.  Anticipation.  Appreciation.
Beginning the intellectual growth to full sentences.  Prideful.  Share.  Happiness.  Unconditional love.
Safely telling you when something isn't right or something is great.  Praise.  Love.  Relief.

Where to begin.  Where to end.
The life you brought to this earth only an arms distance away.   Incredible.  Safe.
Beginning to crawl and then walk away from that arms length.  Pride.  Fear.  Love.  Smile.
Distance grows, but safely an eyesight away.   Adoration and love.  Amazing.Where to begin.  Where to end.
Giving distance as school starts.  Heart hurts.  Crying.  Missing.  Praying.  Loving.  Longing.
Beginning independence.  Proud.  Sharing.  Deep worrying.  Encouraging.  Anticipating.
Shares experiences of learning and growth.  Magnets on fridg.  Crayon on wall.  Adore.  Amazing Love.

Where to begin.  Where to end.
Distance  again as I take you to school to learn and have fun.  Smile.  Love.  Run.
Beginning to drop off.  Think of your sweet smile.  I love you.  I adore you.  I encourage you.  Kiss good-bye.
Angels prepare for your entry into heaven as I leave.  Love.  Look at the magnets on the fridg and the crayon on the wall.

Where to begin.  Where to end.
Call from school.  Alarmed.  Your life from conception running in my mind.  Oh my love!  Hurry!  Worry.
Ending?  Where are you?  My baby.  My child once safe in womb, once babbling, crayon on wall, magnets on fridg.
Gone from your tiny shell?  Angels surround.  Gone?  No Graduation?  No Wedding?  No Babbling grandbabies?

Where to begin.  Where to end.
Praying.  Hold you one last time. Love.  Birth. Crawl.  Walk. Talk. Crayon on wall.  Magnets on fridg.  Kiss your forehead.
Beginning.  A new angel now in heaven.  My baby had love.  My baby had me.  I had my baby.  Mine forever.
Gone only from sight.  Never to forget.  Safe again.  Beginning to end to beginning. Love ever after.   Just a new chapter.

Where to begin.  Where to end.
Fly free my little angel.  No more fear my dear.  Love.  All encompassing love, light.  Heaven your new playground.
Beginning.  Play with your angel friends.  Run.  Fly.  Explore Heaven.  Please don't forget my love.  Memories forever.
Visit.  Kiss my cheek.  My baby angel.  Unconditional love.  One day we will be together forever.   Another new chapter.

by Natasha Call


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