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ACORN's Nuts Funding Occupy Wall Street? Obama's Got Some Explaining To Do.

ACORN Connection to Occupy Protests Implicates White House

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Douglas V. Gibbs, LA Political Buzz Examiner

November 6, 201
The radical "community development" organization that goes by the acronym ACORN never went away. As a community organizer, Barack Obama embraced the organization early on. During his presidential campaign ACORN was instrumental in voter intimidation and dubious voter registration practices for Obama. Barack Obama has had an intimate and long-term association with ACORN. The group has successfully kept its national profile low, except on a couple occasions where the organizations corruption was exposed momentarily.

The connection to Barack Obama, however, is undeniable.

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House Oversight Chairman Calls for Probe into ACORN Role in Occupy Wall Street

Published November 07, 2011
House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa is calling for an investigation into allegations that ACORN-related group New York Communities for Change "engaged in fraud through its participation in the Occupy Wall Street protests."

In a letter dated Monday, Issa, R-Calif., called for U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch of the Eastern District of New York to launch a probe into allegations first reported by that NYCC may have "solicited donations from union members under false pretenses and misappropriated those funds to support the protesters."

In an Oct. 26. report, quoted sources within NYCC who said that the group -- run and staffed by nearly all former ACORN employees -- was asking for donations for specific charitable purposes, including for the teachers union and PCB toxin testing in New York City schools.

However, those donations were being rerouted to pay for Occupy Wall Street protests, the sources said.

Issa requests Lynch to "investigate these allegations to determine if they have merit and prosecute any wrongdoing accordingly."

When asked to comment on Issa's letter, Lynch's spokesman Robert Nardoza would only say, "I have no comment as it is a matter of policy that we do not confirm/deny or discuss investigations."

A spokesman for NYCC did not immediately return's request for comment.

Issa's letter quotes from the initial report. In that report, sources described how staff members collected door-to-door for the PCB campaign but then pooled the money and sent it elsewhere.

"We go to Freeport, Central Islip, Park Slope, everywhere, and we say we're collecting money for PCBs testing in schools. But the money isn’t going to the campaign," one source told "It's going to Occupy Wall Street, and we're not using that money to get schools tested for deadly chemicals or to make their kids safer. It’s just going to the protests, and that's just so terrible."

Issa also referenced a second report, which quoted sources inside NYCC saying the organization had fired employees and shred reams of paper in response to the original report. 

Issa said ACORN's history of corruption is concerning, but what's worse is NYCC's fraud.

"NYCC misused the money of hardworking union members," he wrote. "NYCC allegedly tried to destroy evidence and hide the organization's ties to ACORN. NYCC allegedly has initiated a campaign to shred documents and intimidate employees to prevent them from discussing the organization's involvement in the Occupy Wall Street protests," Issa wrote.

"The alleged misconduct by NYCC, and the subsequent efforts to cover it up, merits scrutiny from the United States Attorney's Office," he wrote. 

Rep. Michael G. Grimm, R-N.Y., supported Issa's call for an investigation.
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ACORN heirs deny funneling cash to Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street protesters march around Zuccotti Park on Nov. 7 in New York. | AP Photo
Former leaders of ACORN say they played a role in organizing a rally last month. | AP Photo Close
A top Republican today tried to link the defunct community organizing group ACORN to the Occupy Wall Street movement, demanding that one of Acorn’s successors be investigated for “fraud” for allegedly raising money for other causes and giving it to the protesters.

But while former leaders of ACORN say they support the Occupy movement and played a role in organizing a rally in support of it last month, they dismiss House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa’s charges that they’re behind it as wishful thinking.

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