Monday, September 5, 2011

RED ALERT:Proof Elenin Shifted Earth's Axis & Disrupted Jupiter

General transcript of video as follows...

Black Project One. FBI CIA Alert.  Could Elenin somehow had an effect on Jupiter's massive surface?  First, let's watch this video report on the matter.

"...developments on Jupiter has transformed the appearance of the Solar Systems largest planet.  One of the main...TWO main cloud belts on Jupiter has completely disappeared.  Now, we're not talking about fading here folks.  It has completely disappeared.  Take a look at these two pictures.  They say it's a big event, but they are monitoring the system very closely for we do not yet fully understand what is going on.  Of course not!  We do not understand what is going on!  We have not lived for millions of years to see all of the stuff going on with the planets.  Something might be going on with the solar system that we don't quite know about."

They show pictures of the belt in 2009 before the belt disappeared and then in 2010 after the belt has disappeared. 

"Look at that.  The belt has completely disappeared.  Now what would trigger something to make that disappear?  In my opinion, it's probably something to do with the weather patterns...that doesn't stop right there.  Could it be a global event?..."

Using NASA's own JPL database browser, let's take a look at the alignment of Jupiter and the Comet Elenin between the months of October 2009 and March 2010.  This time period is when Jupiter's surface was apparently whipped into a frenzy.  Could the Brown Dwarf Star Elenin somehow be related to Jupiter's loss of one of its two prominent surface belts.  Scientists have been stunned and disturbed, trying to figure out what mysterious cosmic force might have caused sufficient turbulence on Jupiter's surface to cause this massive planet to lose one of its prominent stripes of gasses and clouds during those nine months....

(notes on the JPL animation)

...Notice that Jupiter and Elenin were in exact alignment as well as in approximate alignment much of the time during October 2009 and March 2010.  These are the exact months Jupiter was mysteriously disturbed. 

Note that on this exact date of February 27th 2010, Earth's axis shifted and Chile experienced the massive quake.  On this date, February 27th 2010, Earth was in exact alignment with Elenin, causing earth's axis to shift.  This is certainly no mere coincidence. 

Well, as you can see, there is much more to Elenin than what is being reported to the masses.  ...

Seek Truth.

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