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Lyme Disease IS A U.S. Government-Created Bioweapon. Now Governments Deny The Existence Of The Epidemic.

Is Lyme Disease A Bioweapon Created By The United States?

Biochemistry of Lyme Disease: Borrelia burgdorferi Spirochete/Cyst 
by Prof. Robert W. Bradford and Henry W. Allen

Listing 2: History of Lyme Disease

Effective antisyphilitic, Salvarsan, (syphilis, a spirochete disease) discovered by Paul Ehrlich, MD.

Ehrlich awarded Nobel Prize for the arsenic-containing compound to treat syphilis.

Highly classified US Government animal disease research laboratory, Plum Island, in close proximity to Lyme, CT.

First Lyme symptoms, 14-year old boy, Lyme, CT.

Lyme disease first recognized by Allen Steere, MD, in Lyme, CT.

The causative Lyme spirochete was discovered by Dr. Willy Burgdorfer.

Borrelia burgdorferi was named after Dr. Willy Burgdorfer.

American Biologics' Bradford Variable Projection Microscope (BVPM) images of Lyme spirochete and cyst forms.

Dr. Robert Bradford, through the Bradford Research Institute (BRI), an independent research entity, funded by American Biologics, is the developer of Bismacine,TM a chemical compound of bismuth. This formulation has shown to be effective at the Ingles Hospital against the spirochete and cyst forms of the Lyme organism.

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Biochemistry of Lyme Disease: Borrelia burgdorferi Spirochete/Cyst 
by Prof. Robert W. Bradford and Henry W. Allen

Once the cause of Lyme disease was known, it seemed that a treatment modality would soon follow and the problem would be solved. Unfortunately, as history has shown, this was not to be the case...

...Spirochetes in general are difficult to treat for several reasons: They have the ability to burrow into or between cells and hide, gaining protection from the immune system. Both Bb and Treponema pallidum, the causative agent for syphilis, have highly unusual outer membranes, and the molecular architecture of these membranes is responsible for their ability to cause persistent infection. 

...also has a three-layer cell wall, helping to determine the spiral shape of the spirochete. This distinctive cell wall resembles those of Gram-negative bacteria, although Bb does not stain Gram-negative but is stained by silver stains (containing silver nitrate). This characteristic may be related to the purported treatment of Lyme disease by colloidal silver.

...a single flagella, attached to each end of the spirochete, running the length of the organism and surrounded by it. This feature is significant in relation to immune protection, since most bacterial flagella are highly antigenic. Still another difference in Bb structural architecture is a clear gel-like coating surrounding the bacteria, giving it protection from the immune system. one of the most immuno-suppressive infectious agent, affecting cellular immunity, humoral immunity, and natural killer (NK) cell population...

...A typical cell wall reproduction time for Streptococcus or Staphylococcus is less than 20 minutes, while the total reproduction time of Bb is from 12-24 hours. Most antibiotics inhibit the formation of cell walls and are effective only when the bacteria are dividing with the formation of new cell wall. With the slow replication time of Bb, an antibiotic would have to be present 24 hours a day for one year and six months to be present during the cell wall reproduction period....

There are basically two mechanisms by which Bb can survive within the host and remain for long periods of time, unknown by the victim. Because of these processes, a person infected by Bb can remain unsymptomatic for long periods of time and then suddenly, without warning, begin to experience symptoms once again. One of these mechanisms involves the invasion of tissues by the spirochete. The tip of the organism has the ability to bind to cells, spin and twirl until it stimulates the cells own enzymes to digest a part of the membrane, finally allowing entry. Once inside, the spirochete results in either the death of the cell or takes up residency within. It may lie dormant for years, protected from both the immune system and the action of antibiotics. 

...Some spirochets become coated with fragments of B-cell membrane and escape detection by the immune system by masquerading as a B-cell. Most of the antigenic proteins in Bb (those in other bacteria mark the microorganism for destruction by the immune system) are found on the inside of the inner membrane where they cannot contact those WBC that detect invaders...

...a second strain having different surface antigens will take up residence in a different tissue where it escapes detection and survives. For these reasons and others, it becomes apparent that this particular spirochete has evolved disguises and biological techniques to guarantee its survival and thwart any attempts to circumvent it...

...It has been demonstrated that Nitrous Oxide (NO) is toxic to Borrelia burgdorferi, the causative organism of Lyme disease. Therefore, any inhibitor of PDE-5 is a potential therapeutic agent for Lyme disease. Inhibitors of PDE-5 in common use today are the drugs sildenafil (more commonly known as Viagra), Levitra, and Cialis. Whether these drugs act therapeutically against the Lyme spirochete has not been demonstrated clinically and remains unknown... one of the most immunosuppressive infectious agents known and, as a result, many secondary infectious agents are found...

Listing 4: Inhibitors of Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) and its Toxin
Glycyrrhizic Acid (Licorice Root) Biorizin™
Glutamylglutamate (Glu-Glu Dipeptide)
Nitrous Oxide (NO) (Arginine Stimulates Production)
Silver Ion
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Major Diseases Linked to Lyme Spirochete (Lyme Disease)

Lyme Spirochete Found in the Brain of MS Patients
The causative organism of Lyme disease, Borrelia burgdorferi, has been found in the brains of many victims of multiple sclerosis (MS). The antibiotics minocycline, tinidazole, and hydroxychloroquine are reportedly capable of destroying both the spirochetal and cyst form of Bb. Because of this apparent correlation, it is proposed that double-blind clinical trials be performed to confirm this finding.17 (See Listing 5.)

Listing 5: Lyme Disease Linked to Four Major Diseases
Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's, Systemic Scleroderma and Arthritis

The spirochete 
Borrelia burgdorferi has been found in the brain of many Alzheimer patients. Also in the brain, antigens and genes of Bb have been co-localized with beta-amyloid deposits.

The spirochete 
Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) has been found in the brain of many multiple sclerosis (MS) patients along with amyloid deposits. MS has been linked to Lyme disease both seasonally and by location.

The spirochete 
Borrelia burgdorferi has been found in the blood in systemic scleroderma. Treatment with antibiotics effective against Bb returned the skin to normal.

Only certain strains of Bb are capable of causing the symptoms of arthritis.
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US Government Admits Lyme Disease Is A Bioweapon

The existence of the Lyme disease epidemic is officially covered up in the UK, its myriad presentations 
routinely misdiagnosed as everything from "M.E." to MS to hypochondria. This is the first admission by a 
US government body that the cause is an incapacitating biowar agent

SAN ANTONIO (AP) -- The $10.6 million Margaret Batts Tobin Laboratory Building will provide a 22,000-
square-foot facility to study such diseases as anthrax, tularemia, cholera, lyme disease, desert valley 
fever and other parasitic and fungal diseases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified 
these diseases as potential bioterrorism agents.".

So, for the first time, a
US government body admits that Lyme disease is a biological warfare agent. 
This is the reason that hundreds of thousands of men, women and children around the world have 
been left to rot with wrong diagnoses, or have had their Lyme disease acknowledged but been told
that it is an "easily-treated" disease, given 3 weeks' antibiotics, then told to shove off when their 
symptoms carried on after that.

In Britain the existence of the epidemic is denied completely, and virtually no effort made to warn or 
educate the public about the dangers of ticks, which carry the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi.

The Borrelia genus has been a subject of biowar experimentation at least as far back as WW2, 
when the infamous Japanese Unit 731, which tortured and experimented on live prisoners, studied it.

The reality is, Lyme disease is for many a chronic, horrendous, incapacitating disease 
producing crippling fatigue, constant pain, loss of memory, possible paralysis, psychosis, 
blindness and even death.

It was an ideal biowar agent because it evades detection on routine tests, has an enormous range of 
different presentations, and can mimic everything from ADHD to multiple sclerosis to carpal tunnel 
syndrome to rheumatoid arthritis to chronic fatigue syndrome (M.E.) to lupus to schizophrenia. Enemy 
medical staff would never know what had hit them, nor even that ONE illness had hit their population,
rather than an unexplained rise in dozens of known conditions.

Honest doctors and scientists who tried to treat or research Lyme disease according to ethical principles 
have been viciously persecuted by government-backed organisations in the US, Europe and elsewhere. 
Many specialists in the US were threatened with loss of their license or had anonymous, false allegations 
sent to the medical board, which tied them up in mountains of paperwork and legal fees...some were forced 
out of medicine or even driven to suicide.

Instead, medical disinfo agents, most of whom have a background in military/biowarfare units, such as 
Dr Allen Steere, Mark Klempner, Philip Baker, Edward McSweegan, David Dennis, Alan Barbour etc were 
enabled to assume top positions in Lyme research , CDC, NIH etc from where they issued false information , 
covering up the true seriousness and chronic nature of the disease, and comdemned untold numbers to a 

If you have read the information above,  you may find it interesting, but chalk it up to conspiracy hype.
However, as a person who is living with late-stage Lyme disease, I can tell you that it is not blown out
of proportion and that it is not conspiracy hype.  

I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, then chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, early Alzheimer's, Parkinsons,
Multiple Sclerosis and many other illnesses before they diagnosed me correctly with Lyme.  Over those
many long years, I was treated with very strong medications that will affect me for the rest of my life.
Additionally, the damage done by the Lyme will also affect me for the rest of my life.  It affects the
neurological system and migrates, creating symptoms that mimic many different diseases.

Medical bills get out of control.  The government created it and so they should pay for the many, many
treatments and the disability that comes with it.

I am posting this information so that there is more that may understand the disease, its origins, and may
find the treatments they need to have a life that is more fulfilling and less painful, along with peace-of-mind
from knowing what you actually have. 

Thanks for reading!

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