Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Earthquake Foreshocks In Four Areas Of The World. Preparedness Is Key.

Included below are this hour's pictures of what earthquakes have happened around the globe, in clusters, during the past seven days.

Remember that the new theory on Japan's quakes is that the quakes that occurred prior to the 9.0m were foreshocks.  There is the distinct possibility that the clusters of earthquakes that we are seeing in the regions shown below are foreshocks to something much higher in magnitude.

In the picture above, notice the recent cluster in the area of Indonesia.  Could this mean that in the next couple of weeks there could be some seismic activity that shakes Indonesia to its knees like that of 2004?  Let's hope not, but it it certainly something to watch based on new conclusions for the large Japan earthquake of 2011.

Again, remember that the new theory for the giant and horrific 9.0 magnitude earthquake for Japan is that the 7m quakes prior to the huge one were foreshocks.  Could this be happening again?  They experienced a 7.0 magnitude quake on June 10th.  Isn't that quite reminiscent of what happened prior to the 9.0?  Not only that, but they are experiencing quite a cluster in that area that flows all of the way down to the Indonesia area.

North America itself is not experiencing a huge amount of quakes this week.  However, there seems to be quite a cluster going on between North and South America.  This in addition to the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.  However, everyone needs to be vigilant in emergency preparedness for earthquakes because they seem to happen in spurts.  Therefore, North America needs to remain conscious and not let their guard down regarding this matter.

The 7.6 magnitude in the Kermadec Islands and New Zealand this week, along with the constant earthquake action there creates the logical conclusion that the movement will continue and perhaps there may be larger quakes there.  Pray for those people in New Zealand who have been experiencing these destructive forces more often than not as of late.

To summarize, we cannot accurately predict the earthquakes, but using the new theory from the Japanese quake, we can likely conclude that there is a large percentage of a chance that there will be a very large and very destructive quake in at least one of these four areas within the next couple of weeks if the uptick in quakes within these swarms continues. 

WARNING!: BAD THINGS HAPPEN - One Thing Can Prepare for Nearly Any Emergency - Find Out What Can Get You Ready

WARNING!: BAD THINGS HAPPEN - One Thing Can Prepare for Nearly Any Emergency - Find Out What Can Get You Ready

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