Friday, April 8, 2011

High Frequency Active Auroral Program

Using the weather as a weapon of mass destruction. 3.6 million watts collectively...broadcasting up, not out. that they can located the underground enemy bases...

The extra low frequency waves are at the same frequency of brain waves. The brain can be influenced by these signals.

Physicists say that you can do all of the things that are claimed that HAARP can do.

HAARP connected to the Northern Lights.

People involved refuse to be on camera regarding HAARP.


First Iraq War...evidence that the Iraqi battlefield was irradiated by HAARP just before the invasion. The troops gave up in mass.

sleep prevention
causes anxiety
upsets bowels

The machine should be shut off because it is too dangerous to use. Good luck with that.

A formula for global terrorism.

Government Compartmentalization.
Even the people that work there don't really know everything that is going on.

Who are the secret keepers of HAARP and who are the puppets?

Go visit during the next open house...once every two years.

In the middle of Alaska..nowhere land...but has double security gates.

Eastland patents. His son never intended for HAARP to be used as a weapon. HAARP was indended as a defense no offense.

Resentment over how our money is being spent with the idea that HAARP tells everyone that they are studying the Northern Lights....yeah, right.

Mind Control? HAARP & Mind Control.

Manipulate weather
Knock airplanes out of the air
Knock out the satellite
Chinese and Russians are pursuing this technology

1977 Treaty....are we violating it?

What can HAARP do to manipulate your mind.

HAARP can transmit radio waves that effect peoples minds...effect the way people think.

1960's mind control was the unibomber.

Covert War.

Wagging war when you don't even know a war has been waged.

Death Ray?


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